Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little fun

Had a brain f@rt earlier, and thought I would pass on this monster of an idea for a Liberal National Anthem. Would be great for the next leadership convention.

I reserve the rights of course, so better hurry before the Western Alliance adopts it for a Victory song after the next election. K?

On that note, was this really written for Peter McKay?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Irving Oil firing a warning shot?

Good morning Comrades, some interesting developments on the political front lately. Besides the antsy positions of a number of political entities, it appears Mr. Kenneth Irving has something for them to mull over. Below is a CBC article based on statements made by Mr. Irving at the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers conference held in Saint John N.B. recently.

Read the article carefully and take particular note of Mr. Irving's position on how no-one can predict future energy trends. What is Mr. Irving trying to say exactly and who is it that he speaks for?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taxation (To be continued......) and Attack Ads

Well maybe it's not quite that bad, but close!

On the subject of those putrid attack ads that both major parties seem intent on badgering our sensibilities with, I would like to offer some inspiration on the subject.

Now if you politickers have a sense of humor, imagine this picture;

Harper to one side in cap and gown, complete with tassle receiving a diploma from Paul Martin bearing the inscription "Liberal Economics 101"

Next to him is Ignatieff, complete with Beanie.... hugging his latest text, "Politicking for Dummies".

There is a little orangey colored dog yapping at their feet and a stately looking gentlemen with nice hair stands smiling while reaching for his paycheck. He is mumbling something about getting a pension for the rest of his life.

Now that's a political cartoon worthy of Giles.