Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3,676 comments on latest Mulroney article, and then there's Rait

Don't know if you caught the Mulroney article on Yahoo news yesterday, but judging from the extraordinarily high volume of comments still being made regarding this issue, I think the mob wants blood. I didn't read all three thousand six hundred plus, but the twenty something I did read, were sufficient to indicate the mood of the mob. Mulphoney (was the term one poster used) is becoming the Canadian poster boy for sentiment regarding the recent economics. Couldn't happen to a more appropriate person in my view.

The odd curiosity is, the public now seem to be highly favoring the lovable Black Forrest troll, Onkle Karl. How amusing wot?

Then there is the Lisa Rait debacle. Fer cripes sakes, know when to cut your losses. If der Harper can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps he should pay a tad of attention to the election results from Nova Scotia. The Peebles are in a foul mood, and defending the incompetent isn't an endearing activity.

I'm not posting links Comrades, as I'm sure you are sufficiently apprised of these situations by now.

I would give some attention to the Liberalies as well, if they had accomplished anything other than blustering while using correct vocabulary. I suppose the ineffective approach that continues to plague the Liberals, would only serve to embolden the Repenters, er Reformers; ... oh whatever. I can imagine that the thought of voters choosing the Libs who can't even manage to run a good bluff these days, would be a great source of amusment for Harper.

I wonder how much comfort there is in being seen as the least worst pick?

Later Comrades.


  1. Lunk headed patronage at it's finest;

    I visited the dead animals a few moments ago, for the first time in many weeks, looking for any signs of acknowledgment of the Rait debacle and wasn't disappointed.

    Below is a comment from Ted on the one piece I found on the that subject and it got them going in fine style.

    "Standard Response Protocol:

    1. Blame it on media bias - check

    2. Blame it on the Liberals - check

    3. Attack the non-conservative messengers of any sort - check

    4. Deny there is "any connection to the matter" with the PMO (be very precise here for the sake of plausible deniability, don't say "the government" or "the Conservative Party") - check

    5. If one of our own - like with Riddell, Casey, Stronach, Turner, etc. - say they were always a Liberal in disguise or a Liberal plant - check

    6. Start talking about the sponsorship scandal and Chretien's promise to eliminate the GST - pending
    Posted by: Ted at June 8, 2009 5:44 PM "

    For the responses of some, who do occassionally indicate some degree of intelligence, you will have to proceed to this link;

    Here is a somewhat typical response, which is often found when the brain washed have no logical arguments to offer and resort to praying to the Gods' of patronage to make it stop.

    From EBD

    "I respectfully ask commenters to not respond, except perhaps in passing, to Ted. He consistently -- and not just on this thread -- composes standard-issue, stereotyping, dumb arguments to put in his imaginary opponents' mouths, and then he responds, in effect, to himself.

    There's no solid grounds at this point for accusing Ralston of anything but egregious, flapping-on-the-poles, bald-assed ineptitude. So don't take Ted's bait, please, or pull on the other end of the proverbial rope.

    I stand by the wisdom of batb's original comment, that "you'd think that if your father is a fundraiser for Michael might be *MORE* careful in the carrying out of your duties as communications secretary for a CPP MP."

    Verily. I think that's the point here, that Ms. Ralston's profoundly careless behaviour opens her up to suspicions.

    Hey, let's have a contest: let's see how many comments can go by without any reference to Ted.
    Posted by: EBD at June 8, 2009 6:32 PM "

    To wit I say;


  2. "Standard Response Protocol:"

    Agreed, Conservatives, when it comes to distract dismiss deny can`t compare to the Liberals.

    Libs are so slick you`d almost think they were telling the truth.

    Don`t blame me, I voted none of the above.

  3. "Start talking about the sponsorship scandal and Chretien's promise to eliminate the GST - pending"

    You gotta love neither side will talk about the legality of the issue. One Party, in the spirit of acknowledging the abandonment of the rule of law, levels an illegal tax severing our legal confederation of provinces while the other gets elected to restore confederation by returning the power of direct taxation on the people to the provinces.
    Out west, fast becoming the Republic of Cana, (lol not really) word is we`ll serve the old Canada, Da,(really) that we are no longer obligated nor will respect the rules of confederation as the federal government has abandoned them with an illegal federal policy. Case closed, no legal need to even hold a referendum, just a letter of intent from the provincial government, bye bye.
    economic conditions will

  4. Latest poll on who would make the best PM, easterly moo or the merican

    none of the above 45%

  5. Comrade, my continued admiration for your ability to wade into the SDA cesspool. My gag reflex keeps me at a distance.

  6. Republic of CanaJune 11, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    "Comrade, my continued admiration for your ability to wade into the SDA cesspool. My gag reflex keeps me at a distance"

    Such a bunch of bull.
    Fact, political hacks get hungry on bashing the opposition into losing, you thrived at garts place. Here you distract with `incremental change` while offering no change.

    Cana and Da get closer to reality all the time and we get insults, "Repenters, er Reformers:"

    lol, and you wonder why I support Generation Upurs and not Generation Me.

  7. Robert,

    I don't wonder at anything you do, say or support. I have learned to ignore the lashing out of a man who barbecued himself in a personal custody/support case in court 10 years ago, has blamed the justice system and federal government ever since, and thinks that he has singlehandedly stopped investment in Canada through his "no justice, no investment" doctrine.

    Oh yes, and he is going to save Canada by having the provinces appoint the federal government anytime soon, and will save the global economy through magnetic levitation. And meanwhile he tries to prove his superiority and amuse himself by heaping invective on anyone who doesn't agree with him.

    Does that put you in the picture, Robert? Oh, and the man's name is Garth, not "gart". Try to get at least that much straight.

  8. Well Herb, I consider it something between my civic duty, personal entertainment and sheer nosiness. At the end of the day, it's often good for a laugh, sometimes cause to deliver a much deserved thumping to the kitchen table and occasionally, there are posts from some very intelligent people.

    Once one accepts that the blog topics are merely intended to incite, inflame and pander to the far right mindset in language that even a moron could understand, then one is free to seek a gem or two hidden within the bulk of the drivel. Sometimes it's even a bit of fun to bait the buggers. Lol...

    I used to do that at Gart's sometimes as well. You may have noticed. Never fails to catch a trout it seems. Remember Ed the Hun? Poor old Ed, he was so sincere in his stupidity. Guess I should also take responsibility for referring to Garth, as Gart. More of my Okie ways I suppose.

    I guess that pretty much sums it up Comrade. Tomorrow is another day.

  9. BBQ myself, lol, typical troll. Turn the conversation away by making it personal. Just to show folks how big an asshole you are Herb there are 1.5 million fatherless children in Canada. Vancouver being the worst is the gang capital of the world. Tell us again how this federal government initiative has anything to do with one custody case, mine, lol, only you can`t see how idiotic your statements are.

    Bottom line Herb, you can peddle all the bs you want here, it`s free and i`ll continue to post the facts. that`s what the international investors look at, no some raving from an agent of a corrupt broken system.

    btw have you looked at our work over the last decade compared to investment, of course not, you`re just making broad based statements with 0 facts.

    Thanks for the heads up on the name. I`ll rephrase. Garths place was a bashfest of which you took part in attempting to bash the opposition into losing.

    You can`t get away with the same bs here because #1, unlike gart, doesn`t delete anything that proves the trolls wrong.

    btw why complain about a transportation makeover when your best idea is incremental change which you as yet have to even offer one small one. btw it`s not just the global economy but it`ll save the global environment as well.

    lol, You truly are a resident of Da

    "amuse himself by heaping invective on anyone who doesn't agree with him"

    roflmao, give me one example or go fuck yourself...

    This message authorised by the Republic of Cana

  10. Republic of CanaJune 11, 2009 at 7:08 PM

    "inflame and pander to the far right mindset in language that even a moron could understand"

    oh my, lol.

    socialism will save capitalism

    erase the disgrace

    put as back in power and then we`ll tell you the program

    we`ll cure the overspending with more spending

    a few millions missing, it was good for the country

    fix heath care for a generation

    I have to stop before I rotf

    As Charles knows, beware they walk among us, roflmao, the far right????

  11. Republic of CanaJune 11, 2009 at 8:22 PM

    "Well Herb, I consider it something between my civic duty, personal entertainment and sheer nosiness."
    Herb might not remember that our discussions have absolutely no impact on the subject. For instance no one here thinks keeping the western liberals in power serves any purpose so defend the Liberals or bash the Conservatives, it won`t change anything so why bother pretending it`s anything more than you have described.
    Sure there are a few unsavoury types like Herb who bashes the thinking like the maglev concept because the poster doesn`t support the Liberal crooks but in the end and even if he succeeded in clearing this site of everyone that didn`t agree with him it wouldn`t change a single thing, not even a single vote for those too dumb to realize voting only authorizes the corruption to continue. It seems Herb can say I`m wrong when I`m part of the majority, he stands with 50% less but as long as he makes enough noise he thinks no one will pay attention to the facts.
    Herb really is a pathetic troll and his contribution to this site and your country amounts to 0.

    Redemption can be yours Herb but first you must repent and apologize to the majority of morally correct Cdns that refuse to support a broken system.

  12. Republic of CanaJune 12, 2009 at 1:01 AM

    "thinks that he has single handedly stopped investment in Canada through his "no justice, no investment" doctrine."

    I never tire of simplicity of the spin.

    I didn`t do anything, single handed or otherwise. As I`ve explained I didn`t instruct, persuade, convince or in any way create the influencing factors that have lead to the complete failure of confidence by investors. The factors that they acted on are based on sustainability. As we know the next generation is faced with serious increased responsibilities just being outnumbered by seniors. When all the issues are factored in the odds are the next generation will be Generation Upurs, hardly an indicator of sustainability. Not only did we supply the data we supplied web sites to see if any refutable info comes up in debate. The lack of investor confidence is based on the facts, not on any urging on my part, all I did was supply the data, yet to be refuted, recently proved out in Vancouver.
    Herb is giving investors a fine example of distract, dismiss, deny with the data is even more damming now.
    To date Harpers biggest failure is the failure to restore any confidence in investors, gone completely now for 3 years.

    But hey, lol, this is just something I `think` I did, it has nothing to do with the facts, the highest number of parent denied children abused by sole custody, in Cdn history.

    Herb, you can`t deny the results.
    2005, police admit defeat on crime.
    2007, Vancouver named property crime capital of NA, 4 times higher than NYC. Harper the coward refusing to acknowledge the number of abused Cdn children.
    2009, Vancouver named gang capital of the world. Now he`s too big a coward to admit he's a coward.
    All the personal slagging you throw around won`t change or hide the results of corrupt federal policy so without justice, restoring investor confidence in a non starter.
    Personally I`ve always felt the west would separate before a corrupt federal government turned into a just one, Cana, Da. Watching western separation interest rise with the Liberals in the polls I am rooting for a Lib majority, the fastest way to justice.

    lol, take your pick Herb

    no justice or no investment

  13. Heat up the frying pan Martha, the Trout are biting.

    New Product Alert.

    The latest Burger offering in the world of fast food is to be called the Mc Phoney. It's very fishy, extra cheesy and if you wait several years to pay for it, you may get it for half price.

  14. Comrades, I just had to share this with you. It came to me via a little boy from Newfoundland and it was signed Danny Jr.

    A little boy in Newfoundland wanted $100.00 to help his parents buy some oil for the winter. He prayed for weeks, but nothing happened.

    Then he decided to write God a letter requesting the $100.00.

    When the post office in Ottawa received the letter to God , Canada North Pole, they decided to send it to Prime Minister Harper

    Harper was so touched that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy a nice new $5.00 bill.

    Harper thought this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy in Newfoundland .

    The little boy was delighted with the $5.00 bill and sat down to write a thank-you note to God, which read:

    Dear God: Thank you very much for sending the 5 bucks. However, I noticed that for some reason you sent it through Ottawa and Harper and those assholes deducted $95.00 in taxes.

  15. "Heat up the frying pan Martha, the Trout are biting."

    poppavox on Oct 16 2007 wrote;

    that partisan debate that goes on, screw the children, screw the
    future of Canada, trade it all to just once screw the opposition."

    Gang capital of the world. You seem to have exceded expectation #1

  16. "I would give some attention to the Liberalies as well, if they had accomplished anything"

    You can give credit where credit is due. The coalition headed by the Liberals force deficit spending by demanding 30B of it to start. Just because the Obama economic plan on curing over spending with more spending failed and our situation makes our chances less favourable, Liberals have and are doing more than blustering.
    On the Harper side he is crediting his plan on his spending for putting our economy to recovery mode. lol, now that will bite him bigger than failure to get the Republicans to support a spending plan.
    btw that sizzling in the pan isn`t fish, its a bunch more Cdn ass frying while you`re dipping you pole.

    Starting then at garts and continuing now.... Deficit spending isn`t a plan, it`s a I hope this shit works. Obama did not hold UE at 8%, it has failed. Our economy is in recovery mode,,, really I must have nodded off and been dreaming of news of another big layoff.

    btw #1, Replacing fishing with this political sparring between left and right brings fishing down to unfair levels, far below even that of a poacher.

  17. The definition of Poaching, my dear Mr.Trout is much more complicated than you may realize.

    Why, simply ask an Aboriginal Canadian if you don't believe me. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from your inquiries to that source, might I refer you to either your local provincial authority, or the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

  18. Thanks for the header #1 but I found an excellent definition on federal poaching on provincial authority. More to the point I was attempting painting fishing with the same brush doesn`t elevate politics from the ditch level, it only degrades fishermen.
    Perhapts comparing politics to clubbing seals would be closer, although not much, to imaging the political scape. As you continue to distract from this point perhaps Cdn asses frying in the pan is more to your flavour, just thiunking.

  19. Republic of Cana said... "As Charles knows, beware they walk among us, roflmao, the far right????"

    Speaking of which --

    The far right were Hitler's stormtroopers in WW2, and there will always be variations on that theme. Dictatorial henchmen such as Pinochet, Bush Snr. / Jr., to a lesser extent Thatcher, Reagan, etc.

    The opposite with the hard-nosed Communists is also true, and that will always be the case, never-ending. What goes around comes around.

    As a species, we haven't learned much more than to choose a side and fight with them, based on what they say. It becomes a classic case of "Do as I say, follow orders blindly and without question".

    Not once do these dumb-balls bother to do their own research and investigation for themselves, try to figure out that life itself is but a short, fleeting and thoroughly enjoyable experience -- as long as one doesn't get caught up in useless trash talk.

    With all the garbage happening now, I guess WW3 is only a hop, skip and jump away now.

  20. "WW3 is only a hop, skip and jump away"

    bullets and body bags, the beat goes on

    Saturday June 13, 2009

    The Pentagon notified Congress it planned to sell $74.5 billion worth of U.S. military equipment to 25 countries in 2008, nearly double its proposed arms sales from 2007. Iraq accounted for $18.7 billion of that total.