Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A topic

Topics of the day;

So many to choose from. So many shrouded in smoke. How is an ode Country Boy to know which is worthy?

I know this, flogging the Horse known as Real Estate in perpetuity, represents little more than a Gypsy Queens efforts with her Crystal Ball.

The recent comings and goings in Iran has captured the Comrades spirit. I'm looking forward to Truth and Justice; over brutality.

Anyone can engage in brutality as in the case of Burma, . Only the gifted and truly devout, may speak clearly, earnestly and without thought for personal ambition.

I haven't picked a side there, but I'm hoping for the Ancient culture to show the World the way it's supposed to be done.

There's, is a truly Ancient culture that has traversed just about everything that a society could. So isn't it now time for them to remember?

I suppose it should be time, if it weren't for the ugliness of the souls of some many men; and women. If it weren't for the Zionists. If it weren't for age old Arabic/Persian realities?

And we in the New World have what attachment to all of that exactly?

I dunno, I'm just an ode Country Boy. Ask Mr. Harper, and Mr Ignatieff. They seem to be able to reconcile how it is that we, the Peebles of this Dominion of Canada, or New France, whichever one's preference may be, need to be involved in millenniums old conflicts and some very, very ugly and nasty goings on.

I note, neither were ever, ever front line Soldiers. Neither were ever, ever Medics attending to the dieing. I note these things.

I remember what it is to become involved in the hatreds of other peoples, other countries.

Albeit that I know little in the great scheme of things, this I do know. Pissing in other people's Worlds, just because you can, usually doesn't end well.

Many of the People, both in Iran and Canada and the rest of the this grand and most beautiful planet are speaking,. It is my hope, that good minds are listening.

Otherwise, I may well spend my last dollar in honor of those gone before me, and travel to the Volga, so's an ode Country Boy might piss into the the same river as did Men, far Greater than he.

Pro Patria


  1. Wars are like the economy: manipulation of the many for the benefit of the few.

    Clausewitz told us that war is the continuation of policy by other means. Being only a soldier, he didn't know that policy itself is the continuation of something else. I don't think that he'd be happy in his profession to-day.

    Pro Patria.

  2. Live blogging from the Guardian.UK on the Iranian situation.


    There is a picture collection and video montage in the first few postings. One of the pictures shows a person holding a sign that says, "Where is my vote?"

    Wasn't that the question many Americans were asking a few years ago? Small world sometimes, eh?