Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another whack at the Long Gun Registry Piniata

I submitted this post to a prominent liberal bloggers site recently, and it never appeared.

CENSORED, I guess.

"Much to do about nothing in the end, I expect, given the chances of finding enough support among the ranks of the opposition seems slim. Still, thanks for not using the big brush "GUN" Registry approach, as is so often the method preferred, and identifying the issue correctly as it pertains to Long Guns.

To present alternative views, first I say this has long been promised to the CPC members who favor this policy, and this is Harper's 2nd time around. It is also greatly watered down. Next, I would say that dismantling this process does not make Long guns immune to the rest of the checks and balances. There is still a matter of being licensed to own a gun and the procedures in checking ones personal records and history as well. Trigger locks, storage cabinets, restricted access to ammunition etc. Did you know they keep pellets and BB's in locked display cabinets?

If you have looked into the licensing process, you would realize that a law abiding citizen would really have to want to have a gun in order to go through all of that. It's not like just walking into Canadian Tire and picking your favorite model.

I often have the feeling this issue isn't so much about the Long guns as it is about political influence, one group trying to enforce it's will over another and a backward way of viewing democracy.

When a majority government makes laws such as these, without prior consultation with the public or it being a major campaign issue, then true democratic process hasn't taken place. Assessing the process that is ahead, seems far more democratic to me given the public understands a great deal more at this point, and the result will depend on a free vote in the house. For what that's worth.

There are also statistics to consider which don't support the contention that Long guns are a significant factor in cases of criminal activity.

Using the Police Chiefs as a reference is interesting as well, as I suspect if they were candid in expressing their views, they would favor no guns whatsoever except for themselves and the military.

I grew up with guns in my house, and was taught to respect them. Many of my neighbors had guns as well, all long guns. I can't remember a single incident of anyone shooting someone in the entire area, so what's wrong with modern society that this has become such an issue?

There are many areas where people lives are endangered that are addressed by laws and regulations, many of which result in more deaths and debilitating injuries than long guns. Often these are not utilized effectively, or are ignored for the sake of making the wheels go around.

Having said all that, a couple of years ago my Son went to school with a used, bent pellet in his pocket not realizing it was there. On discovering it, he took it out and began to fiddle with it and was spotted by a teacher. It was taken away and he was told he would be expelled if it happened again. That was in Southern Ontario, land of paranoia's. What was he going to do with a bent pellet and no pellet gun? Just an illustration. I'm glad it wasn't a stapler.

Don't taze me bro!"


Today I found a liberal bloggers entry on this issue which suggests Conservative Party support and financing is the most likely reason for the CPC bringing the issue forward again.


A finanical reason for the Cons. wanting to scrap the long-gun registry.


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