Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hold the Presses! Iran offers to help U.S in Afghan..

Wa'll, it just might be good news. It might be just another shiny lure too. I have written earlier that I liked what Obama says, not so much what he has done. I am especially wary of his Bush era associates. I have also said, that for very many years, I tried my best to ignore American politics. Alas, that is no longer possible for me, once again, nor the rest of our Canadian citizens, who at the end or the day, don't care much about good intentions.

That said, and I could write a great deal more, but won't right now, I haven't given up on Obama's admin yet. I do reserve the right to try to understand the challenges of satisfying the many sucklings. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Too many pigs, not enough teats". Extraordinary fellow their Mr. Lincoln. Not perfect. Many horrible things took place on his watch, but he had purpose and understanding and that provided him the gift or curse, of wisdom.

To the article;

Having consumed that, I wish to add some thoughts. Is Iran finally feeling the pinch of the World Economic Crisis in a way that is so powerful that even they cannot resist an open hand?

Is there actually some, who hold wisdom within the admin/foriegn departments of the United States?

Can they find, the upside of down and make it work for the greater good? Perhaps we should also consider if this is in fact, the end game. For now.

Or is this yet another ruse? Another diversion. Another load of the oft delivered feel good medicine that has made those of us, who have experienced the true spirit of corrupted Democracy, so hardened?



    "The proposed law would also make it illegal for a Shia woman to leave her house without her husband's permission."

    This can`t be described as anything other than slavery. The fact this law has progressed as far as it has is proof of another UN failing. If this law is enacted it will now be up to NATO to replace the Karzai government with a military junta until all those responsible for authorizing slavery are arrested and charged.
    There is no excuse the UN can use nor any excuse NATO will have if this country is allowed to operate outside international norms of civility.

  2. At first glance, this action appears in keeping with power at any cost mentality. When considered a bit deeper, there are other things to think about. First, how much of Afghan does Karzai actually control or influence? I've heard him referred to as the Mayor of Kabul, and for good reason.

    Secondly, what is the norm in the rest of the Country that he doesn't influence?

    Third, how serious are they about enforcement? As we see in western countries quite regularly, many admins pick and choose. Country of laws randomly applied concept.

    Fourth, if Karzai loses the election what would the likely replacement Admin do in this area?

    Fifth, I wonder if anyone seriously doubted that Afghan would return to this Shia style lawmaking at some point in the future? Especially given the misjudgments of the Americans under Bush and Nato's tepid support of the fledgling government drawn from the pool of Warlords?

    It's all well and good for westerners to stamp their feet in anger at this point, but with some reflection it's not so difficult to understand why this came about. The more dithering, the more adjustments have to be made.

    The question that I would like to have an answer for, is what does the West intend to do to effectively challenge this tribal, religious based mentality? It seems to me that has been the primary issue all along, and the wise guru's of the west just never seemed to get it. Or wouldn't admit to it, one or the other.

    So what now?

    There may be some hope if co-operation can be had from Iran, and if Iran's leaders are truly wise and concerned with the best interests of their people, they will work with the West to establish some rapport. But they have similar issues as does Pakistan in respect to fundamentalists, so even with that it would take a long time. Strangling the drug trade and by doing that, the Taliban's source of funds is something that Iran can co-operate on, and still maintain their fundamental religious viewpoint, so that is probably the best chance at achieving gains at this point. A long laborious process just the same, but one that should keep the Industrial Military Complex satisfied at least.