Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'll get by with a little help from my friends.. Part Two

New Brunswick may have it's own version of the Mulroney/Shreiber show brewing presently. It appears a business person operating in N.B. is displeased with a certain connected individual who now holds the CEO's post at NB Liquor Corporation and feels he did not receive services for which he paid the CEO during past years. Seems it relates to fees concerning consulting/lobbying. Sound familiar?

"A well-known New Brunswick Liberal and close friend of Premier Shawn Graham is facing a hearing before a judge under the province's Conflict of Interest Act."

Something else that is familiar is those pointed to are not talking.

"Clendenning, a former executive director of the New Brunswick Liberal Party, has repeatedly refused to discuss O'Donnell's allegations. "I will not be giving interviews on this matter," he said in an email in December. He refused again when approached by CBC News during an NB Liquor event in March."


"Greg Byrne, the minister of Business New Brunswick, refused to be interviewed. In September 2007, his spokeswoman, Sarah Ketcheson, said the department had been "in the process of gathering information from" O'Donnell when he closed the call centre.

Byrne was also Clendenning's lawyer during his business dealings with O'Donnell. Byrne ended his law practice in October 2006, when he was sworn into cabinet. He was not representing Clendenning during the period covered by O'Donnell's complaint."


Isn't it interesting how, when details such as these are offered, they almost always come from one of the once upon a time players who feels slighted?

Reminds me of my days working for the Railways, and how so often when thieves were caught it was because other thieves resented the competition or were angry that the other one got something they wanted, and would perform their civic duty and turn in the other thief. Also interesting that the thief once caught, and without recourse, was only asked to resign. I'm talking some major thefts here, some cases running into hundreds of thousands.

Not so for someone caught shoplifting food.

Makes me think of the code of Honor among the Cosa Nostra. Well, the used to be code of Honor.

What's the world coming to I ask, when there is no code of Honor among thieves?


Could this lead to justice for the Sins of the Fathers? Not likely, not in N.B. Not in the Maritimes. We not only gave birth to the Nation, the Lord's and Seigneurs also pioneered tranferring the European Feudal system to our shores.

This story stirs a lot of old memories of the crushing weight of political patronage, and how those who are not in the inner circles, either by choice or circumstance, are given no consideration. They are merely the peasant class, the chattering masses, to be used or abused at will. Justice of the few, by the few, for the few.

I wrote about this phenomenon on Gart's site a some considerable time back. About refined Feudalism and about how the Corporate entities such as the one's we have here in N.B., including the fiefdom of Irving, allow no newspapers other than the one's they control. There have been extensive commisions on this monopoly situation, only to find in the Lord's favor. The fact that they controlled every newspaper of any significance didn't represent a threat to access of information. Yet, the Irvings have been accused of allocating up to $1 million dollars to drive out a very small newborn independent newspaper. Which, I would add, no longer exists.

I wrote then, coming to a place near you.

Remain silent, you of the chattering class, or they will unleash the dogs, and further the cull.

Or choose to stand your ground. It is up to you. From one who could never fit in the round hole, I will tell you, it's not easy to be different. I suspect, that as things are unfolding, it's not going to be easy to be the same either.

Ask not, what your Country can do for you. And remember, from pain, comes wisdom.


  1. "remember, from pain, comes wisdom"

    The facts we`ve discussed since then such as msm corruption in the form of spokespeople for government seemed to have bounced off everyone.
    On Garth`s blog I wrote how Martha Hall Findlay spelled off a large hate speech created on the back of lies. She said, almost all DV is man against women. I wrote CTV and challenged them to hold her to account, she has never recanted nor apologized to those she put in distress and eminent danger.
    The story of eight-year old Victoria Stafford is a perfect example of how politicians such as Findlay promote lies for political purposes that hurt individuals. One of her relatives said "the only reason Victoria went was because it was a women, had it been a man she would have not gone". No one told Victoris to beware of strangers, only strange men, thanks to the lies CTV has pumped out over the years.
    I have yet to see any wisdom come out of the pain of losing eight-year old Victoria Stafford to lies from people in politics like Martha Hall-Findlay.

  2. "Or choose to stand your ground. It is up to you."

    Not many here will ever stand their ground. Not only did the Findlay post not receive a single comment on GT which is tacit approval of her actions, I notice a recent expose` on Martin. Seems a lot touted him a great financier when we all know he pumped a $100M in taxes into his own pocket with a loophole he designed,,, and the silence is more approval.

    Even if we ignored the odd political message it would seem the silence on obviously corrupt individual politicians is beyond the partisan attitude exhibited by most.
    The ground is falling out from under the sheep who too frightened to take a step forward, so they get sheared to make a few sweaters,, and life goes on for the elite.

    Shakespearean comedy to be sure.

  3. Findlay might not have known about Martin. I didn't know and I never liked the dude.


    Yippeee! Obama telling people to save their money. About time.


    Would be nice to see someone other than poor Geithner in there but who else is there? I see Geithner as 'in over his head'. Citi bank a goner? Cool.

    Comrade? According to his web site GS666 served him papers on April 8. Didn't take them long did it?

  4. I think this says a lot.


    That's a long link, and the page can be found on the TSX page,on the US Markets page.

    Goldman Sachs stock dropped $15 today, so it looks like even the hucksters don't believe the other hucksters any longer.

  5. ". . . the hucksters don't believe the other hucksters any longer."

    Hmmmm. Shares of Nortel, Bre-X, Enron, etc., and plenty more where they came from.

    If hucksters don't believe their own now, all they will do is dump on zombies / sheeple (us) until they are filthy rich and then -- BOOM! BANG! -- the carpet is pulled from under all of us, including them.

    What goes around comes around. Instant karma, but moreso for the hucksters / shysters who tried to screw all of us.

    Serves 'em right!
    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Maxine dropped by today, and Maxine left this to forward to you . . .
    Good morning sunshines!

    Getting old is hard at times.

    Yesterday I got Preparation H and Poli-Grip mixed up.

    Now, I talk like an asshole but,

    My gums don't itch!
    Hotdamn I feel good! Nothing works anymore and we're all going to heaven in some kind of basket-weaver. Got lost in The TriWhite Phone again!

    More 'double-speak' to screw sheeple up, first from Godman Sachs. -- http://tinyurl.com/dxtk2l

    "Goldman also announced plans to raise $5bn from shareholders in order to repay some of the $10bn emergency loan it received from the US government to help it through the financial crisis.

    "He believes the results from Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo will not set the tone for upcoming results in general.

    " 'It's not going to be pretty reading on the corporate results front this quarter," he said."

    Second part -- simple fact is, the IMF is not needed, an unnecessary bunch of blockheads trying to control the masses (NWO); it may also be a back-door way in for a new single currency, along with a single govt. -- http://tinyurl.com/d7dc35

    Could be one of the reasons for the above link. If everyone is going down, what better time to bring in a new fiscal order, followed by a single govt.?

    Singapore is headed south -- http://tinyurl.com/da6rhc /\ China's home property values are joining them! -- http://tinyurl.com/d2cof3
    Does anyone recall that, just as the illegal war with Iraq started, the WH put put a list of 52 most wanted Iraqis, with Sadaam at the top of the list?

    Here is an author with a reverse view of that! -- http://tinyurl.com/djmc7c
    Have an idea of the size of our ever-expanding universe? Click anywhere -- earth is about one pixel in size! -- http://digg.com/d1ofQT

  6. ""The only bear story on the call today is they are still cautious about market conditions," according to Hogan."

    Interesting article comrade but I think they missed the real story, the scary stuff politicians get stokes over.
    Last month, 130,831 sought bankruptcy protection -- an increase of 46 percent over March 2008 and 81 percent over the same month in 2007



    Findlay and Martin are 2 different stories even though they both contributed to the abduction of Victoria Stafford, one with silence, the other with lies.

    You`ll recall the Virginia Tech massacre might have been stopped at 2 had half the force been sent to town on a wild goose chase because some hysterical idiot said it must have been the boyfriend. Even though that error could very well be a major contributor and there has been an inquiry it seems to have been swept under the carpet opening the door for it to happen again. How many children have been warned against men only, opening the door for many more Victorias. That`s the kind of poison and the murderous results people like Findlay generate with their lies.

    Where are all the politicians gone when it`s time to stand up for all the Victoria Staffords, looking for plausible deniability if the`re forced to speak, liars cheats and cowards all.

  7. wow if you want to see screwed up on scale of the big bang I can`t believe all our Cdn tv news channels are plugged up with a couple of old crooks turning on each other. lol, I can`t think of a single issue that would be any less riveting. Give them a cell together so they can get down to really screwing each other. Don`t laugh, lol, ok roflmaf because at the rate society is coming unhinged that will be just another boring reality show.
    Honestly the potential for Cuba to hold provincial election so the people are represented is very high. In todays wired world it`s more than obvious the less constraints over the general population the higher the public achievements in the context as a nation. It follows that a smooth transition from central power to the nation by provincial election and from their to a provincially nominated federal government could come very quickly.
    Those that marshal talent of the country have it act on enthusiasm will outpace the biggest of stimulus./ In my travels I`ve found the people of Cuba are not lacking in talent and the level of pent up enthusiasm is the highest I`ve ever encountered.

    There are several things going on globally and we have to sit through a couple of toothless old con artists scratching each other up.

    Just a thought, is there any way we could find which stations are selling gas made from Saudi oil so we can get a boycott going?

    The US won`t deal with terrorists so why should anyone deal with pedophiles or their associates.

  8. Dee, that speech by Obama to the students was a long winded blow, and just another effort to justify trying to blow the bubble back up.

    Surely Geithner isn't the only capable person within reach. I've read many pieces from authors with exp. who seem to have a firm grasp. Perhaps though, they could not be trusted to perform the bidding of the Masters. That is of course, the prime directive.
    It was a rapid response by Goldman fer sure. Not unheard of.

    Furthering my story, and not naming names, the power granted to these persons and organizations transcends law. But they are only to quick to use it to beat down anyone who speaks out.

    Case in point, executive of company owned by corporate giant leaves company to go on his own and compete in the same field. Said exec is aware of corporations brutish tactics so he brings along copies of inner company correspondence which details how they go about crushing small competitors.

    Suspecting this to be the case, said corp applies to the courts to have it's property returned. Courts issue search warrant and the home and offices of the ex exec are searched by police. This was actually a civil matter, but the courts acted on behalf of the corp without regard for jurisdiction.

    They just make shit up as they go along.

  9. Last Anon. Re: couple of old crooks.

    The Peebles need to be reminded of these things, and on a constant, consistent basis so they come to understand that these are not just isolated cases.

    This doesn't reduce the significance of the many other issues, but it is at the core of what has to be addressed in order to improve the performance of governments at all levels, and their agents. As well as to reduce abuses such as what brought about this recent economic upheaval.

    Having had more than enough personal exposure to these things, coupled with the multitude of examples of waste and privilege made public by others, the direction society needs to take, should be clear.

  10. "these are not just isolated cases"
    Less than 10% of the electorate trust our federal politicians so this `spectacle` in nothing more.

    "it is at the core of what has to be addressed in order to improve the performance of governments at all levels, and their agents"
    The people only need remember how corrupt government is right down to municipal levels. Would a refresher course about a couple of old crooks or real time exposer be best. I related the story about how the Ministry of Children and Families caused the death of a father and his children but received silence. I just related the story about Victoria Stafford, silence, Virginia Tech, silence.
    The reason the all committed these atrocities were committed is because the system is so corrupt they knew they could get away with it. The Air Bus scandal has been going on for decades, did it give the "direction society needs to take, should be clear", no.

    Sry comrade, I have to disagree, silence by distraction is not a msm service to the public.

    I`m just a little disappointed no one noticed I have not yet received a disconnection notice, perhaps my contribution is just as wasted as anything from msm.

  11. "did it give the "direction society needs to take,"

    Not entirely, not yet, largely because they got away with it.

    Mulroney's legacy is very important to him. His legacy is now kaput. Fitting too.

    Legacy is important to most of said participants. You would have noticed those pointed to in the article above are Liberals.

    Which brings into question how much sincerity exists in outing the truth, and how much motivation is simply pressure from the public and media and how much is political gain? Therefore, it is up to the public to keep prodding.

    Another consideration is that all liberals do not see issues the same. As example, yesterday I read a well reasoned and written blog entry from Sask Boy in support of scrapping the long gun registry. Today, one of the libsonline bloggers was questioning whether Schreiber is credible, without a mention of similar concerns for Brown Bagger Brian.

    Also, a handful of Harper's minions have caterwauled about his dismissal of the Chin. He did so much for THEM, after all. Then there was Igg and Rae's birthday greetings. Birds of a feather.

    As far as MH Findlay, I know little about her. Just another lawyer and once upon a time leadership hopeful from Toronto as far as I know.

    The issue is about addressing the big dragons, that way there will be fewer little dragons.

  12. "The issue is about addressing the big dragons, that way there will be fewer little dragons"

    The big dragon is a corruption caused failure government. Digging into the details of how it failed won`t fix the system because it is constructed to promote government corruption as per JC, " a few millions missing, it was good for the country" and he got the out of Order of Canada for that clarification into how government viewed government corruption.

    For entertainment we can conclude from the statement by both parties Schreiber handed Mulroney the cash and said `now we see what happens`. We know what happened, nothing but Schreiber didn`t say he paid Mulroney for anything, only gave him the money `to see what happens`. Seeing as Schreiber received what he paid for, what was he suing Mulroney for not doing? Obviously they have no story that holds water but do they care, lol, I think not.

    Anyone with more than one brain cell has already figured out they are both crooks so how does the distraction from the current and ongoing system breaking corruption serve any purpose but to hide the guilty and create more Virginia Tech, Victoria Stafford the Merrit children victims.
    We might as well write letters to all the criminals in a position of authority and ask them to stop committing so much crime.

    Sire we`ve managed to demonized all that speak out against us but the peasants sire, they still ask for bread.
    They are weakening, the manufactured outrage over these two criminals will weaken them enough to feed the dogs.

  13. Comrade I am capable of assessing other position and I understand the need for some clarification of the size and scope of this particular piece of corruption. Still this is not a notable slice of government corruption because it only involves one politician. Adscam encompassed not only a sizable a varied involvement by several government and political segments in also includes a public hearing designed to allow a government agency, Elections Canada, the time frame it needed to destroy the evidence.

    Considering Gomery conducted the hearing in such a way as to allow the destruction of evidence only a fool would believe anything that comes out of this enquiry even if it had a hundredth of the significance of a corrupt government, political party, judicial hearing and election Canada.

    It`s a distraction, msm fiddles while Rome burns, shiny thing over there.

    Do you think the multiple victims of Virgins Tech was worth promoting someones perverted idea of accumulating votes or not much of a big deal compared to Mulroney? Who`s more important,Victoria Stafford or Findlay collecting votes by creating victims like her? The Ministry of Children above the law or the lives of the children they sacrifice to promote their political party.

    Like I said these problems won`t be fixed by this system because this system functions on corruption.

    Are u sure you`re so right Mulroney and not a system broken by corruption is priority for msm?

  14. "As far as MH Findlay, I know little about her. Just another lawyer and once upon a time leadership hopeful "

    You`re the second one that responded with little or no knowledge of Findlay. Have none of you been reading others posts. I said several times Findlay, on national TV, fired of a hate speech based on the kind of lies the creates victims like Victoria Stafford.
    Isn`t it about time all you so called revolutionaries quite pretending, your obvious defending of the corrupt signals your true intent. In reality it won`t matter what I say or you defend, economic conditions will force the changes required. Some here are too terrified of change so they support the old corrupt system out of fear but it makes one wonder how many revolutionaries are part of the corruption and like the media, look, shiny thing over there.

    lol, stand your ground, what a bser u r

  15. Everyone knows Mulroney took the money for more than legal grease so I think the plan is to prove Mulroney was involved in a scam then the people can say, `we told you so`.

  16. Here`s all I`m saying,,,

    Even if the next federal election were completely, a 100% single issue election about government corruption, it would not matter who won even by majority because government has no intention of ending it. The proof is how much government is even talking about government corruption, 0, nil, zilch and it`s not just because government corruption was legitimized by the Liberals or nothing illegal so no foul no harm.

    The idea that excremental change will fix the system is making up shit just like government does.

    There is only one cure and that`s to change the system. The reason this is the only suggestion in the box on how to end government corruption is because it`s the only one that will work.

  17. The devastating. tragic and horrific consequences of unknowingly living under The Influence Of The Frozen Beef Pie, which applies to every living creature here. Not a topic brought forth for open discussion, as there is not much public information on this very quirky and taboo subject.

    Offspring of this gargantuan monstrosity of a pie include, but are not limited to: Rum and Raisin Ice Cream Pie, Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Blueberry Pie, Meat Pie, Boysenberry Pie, Bubble and Squeak Pie, Apple Pie and Baked Alfalfa Sprouts with hairy a la mode Pie.

    The last pie is actually spent fuel from a nuclear power reactor, but the rest can be sent to me and I will do humanity an enormous favor by disposing of them thoughtfully, thereby putting you all out of your misery. I'm hungry, so let's chow down!
    Brunette, but used to be a blonde

    A brunette visits into a doctor's office.

    Brunette: 'Doctor, I don't know what's wrong with me.'

    Doctor: 'Tell me your symptoms.'

    'Well, everything hurts. When I touch my nose it hurts (touching nose), when I touch my leg it hurts (touching leg), when I touch my arm it hurts (touching arm), it just hurts everywhere!'

    'Did you used to be a blonde?'

    'Yes! Why do you ask?'

    'Your finger's broken.'
    Normally I don't send or forward a lot of these, but even by my standards, it was very touching. I want all of my friends to feel what I felt when I read it. This is so beautiful.

    A little boy says to his mother, "Mommy, how come I'm black and you're white?"

    His mother replied, "Don't even go there! From what I can remember about that party, you're lucky you don't bark!"
    Whoa mama! Hemp (sorry, Hump) Day today, and it's nice and sunny to boot.

    If wallets and purses turn into timebombs, get rid of them so bartering comes back into fashion and govts. can't charge us an arm and leg for taxes! -- http://tinyurl.com/cyyvnh

    "So, if foreign central banks stop or even slow down their purchases of U.S. Treasuries, the mighty greenback could be in for a humbling plunge. and here’s where the worrying starts:

    "China is the top holder of U.S. Treasury bonds with approximately $739.6 billion as of January.

    "The Chinese government actually sold bonds heavily in January and February before resuming purchases in March, according to data released over the weekend by China’s central bank.

    "The Federal Reserve is clearly worried about the ability of foreign central banks to keep buying America’s debt. So now, the Fed is buying U.S. Treasury securities and completed its eighth purchase on Monday."
    Is Goldman Sachs a good / bad / indifferent person? Are pigs really capable of flight? -- http://www.moneymorning.com/

  18. A 3:40 min. politically-incorrect cartoon, but it's damned good! -- http://www.piratesandemperors.com/
    Remember the saying, "When America sneezes, Canada catches a cold"? Looks like America just sneezed. -- http://tinyurl.com/clt2wl Along with the UK / EU companies messing up. -- http://tinyurl.com/dk4dfk
    From John Thomson's column on Castanet.net today: "Telus has opened its fourth call centre in Manila and it is growing steadily. By the end of the year it should have 3,000 employed. The company is hiring from a pool of workers who are returning to Manila after working in many places around the world and their jobs have disappeared. Telus says the people are well educated and their English is very American."

    Chances are payscales would be less than Cdn.$5 / hr., way less than what they pay on this continent.
    Ballad of Timothy Geithner. Just over 2 1/2 mins. -- http://tinyurl.com/cdu5jm
    Ahhh, a return to the days of yesteryore! Comments from wrh.com. -- http://tinyurl.com/cslkgk

    "The US economy has begun to deflate for the first time in more than half a century as a slump in demand pushes energy and food costs lower.

    "The consumer price index fell at an annual rate of 0.4% in March, the first decline since August 1955, figures from the US labour department showed today. It was bigger than the 0.1% drop expected by economists."

    Webmaster's Commentary: "Translation: As Wall Street and Washington suck more and more money out of the people, the nation starts to collapse like a balloon with the air escaping."
    Although the bailout cartoon at the top is good, the idea below could help alleviate the unemployment problem here. -- http://tinyurl.com/d5o2mj
    Knowing that 9-11 is over, that the truth will never come out it is interesting to compare these reports. The first two lead to the third, and all concern the Mossad / CIA involvement.

    http://tinyurl.com/ccprpg and http://tinyurl.com/6348vz and http://tinyurl.com/68zk3a
    A few days ago, I mentioned that by 2010, Bell, Telus and possibly Shaw wanted to control the 'net here. Could be a softly-softly approach here. -- http://tinyurl.com/d8yo43

  19. We've heard the US government say their plan will instill confidense for companies to borrow and invest creating employment. The same people are talking about glimmers of hope or tiny positive signs.
    The real story below is doom and gloom and wipes out any hope 100 times over.

    I still have hope government will eventually set aside the golden fleece quest for votes and find honesty.


    Treasury says bank lending declined in February

    bank lending declined in February despite billions of dollars in government support

    Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer

    Wednesday April 15, 2009, 1:28 pm EDT

    lending to businesses for commercial and industrial loans plunged 47 percent

  20. A Tap on the Shoulder . . .
    A passenger in a taxi leaned over to ask the driver a question and tapped him on the shoulder.

    The driver screamed, lost control of the cab, nearly hit a bus, drove up over the curb, and stopped just inches from a large plate glass window.

    For a few moments everything was silent in the cab, and then the still shaking driver said,

    'I'm sorry, but you scared the daylights out of me.'

    The terrified passenger apologized to the driver and said he didn't realize a mere tap on the shoulder could frighten him so much.

    The driver replied, 'No, no, I'm sorry, it's entirely my fault.

    'Today is my first day driving a cab. I've been driving a hearse for the last 25 years.'
    Ah zo, Kwazimoto! The survivalists start coming out of their closets! -- http://tinyurl.com/d96bc2
    Yet more trends. Unemployment rises in abundance all over. -- http://tinyurl.com/djjpqf

    Obamananke said the same thing, and sheeple will believe them. I'm not a sheeple! -- http://tinyurl.com/cbekp3
    From Mish's site, one can see where the majority of jobs in the US have gone. -- http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/
    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! (Courtesy wrh.com)

    "History is an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools."-- Ambrose Bierce, American writer, 1842-1914

  21. MH Findlay said on national TV, DV is almost always a man on a woman.

    Considering the governments own reports on DV is public knowledge there is no excuse. This is clearly a hate crime and she, along with CTV and Mike Duffy as I reported the crime directly to him, should be charged.

    Well comrades, going to stand up and stand your ground or is it only Conservatives on the your bash list?

    Live on your knees or die on your feet,,, times up, and while you`re down there would you ,,,, ,, ,,,
    **Reported spousal assults on men are mostly not reported are not discounted, these are actusl repoted assults.**

    For every 6 battered women there are 5 battered men in Canada
    Family violence in Canada: A statistical profile, 2005, a comprehensive report from Stats Can shows an estimated 7% of women and 6% of men representing 653,000 women and 546,000 men in a current or previous spousal relationship encountered spousal violence during the five years up to and including 2004. You can find the report at this link.


  22. NAFTA is the jewel in the Conservative crown. Oh yes. We pay 1B$ thanks to Harper. We ship our raw logs south so they can subsidize their pulp mills.


    Conservatives/Liberals and Mulroney deserve one another.

  23. You should include the NDP in the raw log scam. They started it off by removing restrictions on the ratio of timber for local mills and exports from sustainable to nil.

    To put this in context Dee since I`ve been reporting on government corruption (decade +) more Cdns have died at the hands of the federal government and its agencies than al Qaeda have killed. We are currently losing more than one Cdn a day to unconstitutional policy applied unjustly and often illegally.

    When street crime, corporate crime or government crimes gets out of control as all are now it is a failing of government. Not politicians or even political parties or their alleged idiologies that never seem consistent with the pigeon hole.

    Its the government that has the responsibility to stop these elements from getting out of control, this is a failed government, undeniably failed and it will not fix itself.

    Quebec has a plan, the west has a plan and I see the rock now has the same plan. It seems the only province without a plan on how to deal with government corruption on a scale of this size is Ontario.

    Is it genuine denial or just blinders that the folks at the center of the universe run on?

  24. You should include the NDP in the raw log scam. They started it off by removing restrictions on the ratio of timber for local mills and exports from sustainable to nil.I understand the wonderful Premier Gordon Campbell did that. A Liberal isn't he?

    What ticks me right off is they're going to shut all the Abitibi P&P mills here in Canada because they're 'unprofitable'. And of course the msm mo-mos missed the 6.6B subsidy to the south of us.

  25. It was the fucking provincial neo liberals who did that. If
    the provincial/federal parties have to mismanage, let them help ordinary Canadians, not their 'corporate friends'. I'd take NDP over the other thieves.


  26. "It was the fucking provincial neo liberals who did that."

    lol, hey there logger.

    There are 2 different issues. One was canceling the cut set aside for local mills, the NDP did that. The second was increasing raw log exports, the federal Liberals did that as the provincial ones have no authority to increase raw log exports, only the feds can do that.
    "let them help ordinary Canadians, not their 'corporate friends"

    Our government is by the elite for the elite, ordinary Cdns are only worthy as a tax base or worthy of consideration during an election.

    In conclusion I still see no point in blaming the funking provincial politicians, parties, or the federal ones when it`s the system that`s broken beyond repair by corruption.

  27. There are 2 different issues. One was canceling the cut set aside for local mills, the NDP did that. The second was increasing raw log exports, the federal Liberals did that as the provincial ones have no authority to increase raw log exports, only the feds can do that.
    "let them help ordinary Canadians, not their 'corporate friends"
    Not according to the tyee article and not all provinces followed BC about setting the aside cuts for local mills. As for increasing log exports? Stupid, stupid, stupid.........The Feds have also given a logging tax credit if provincial tax was paid for logging. We should just take our lumps as Finland has. At least we may see some return in carbon credits as well as leaving something for future generations.

    As for blaming politicians? Who created the system to begin with? Us? Me? I like the BC proposal for proportional representation. I hope it goes through.

  28. " I like the BC proposal for proportional representation. I hope it goes through."

    I`m not sure any selection process has a notably advantage over any other in fixing a system broken by corruption.

    I believe economic conditions will force the changes required long before any election reform, they are getting insistent.

    Do the presstitutes care tax payers bought $75b in toxic assets created from the 0 down forty year to replace the money they banks gave to real estate developers on behalf of under saved over spent, over mortgaged in record debt new home owners? Not when they can got ya an MP over his make of car. Great stuff, indepth and comprehensive.

    CTV we take off our pants and give u a moon for your dedication to indepth reporting on behalf of governments across Canada.
    Any recipients of the out of Order of Canada Award also simultaneously receives a moon.

  29. This could be the only reason I would think has basis in asking for my vote Dee, certainly nothing else I`ve ever seen. The Great Bear was a great NDP initiative. I believe a lot of people would prefer to see stiffer us rules like nothing other that foot trails inside the park boundaries, EVER. It would be a notable achievement to have a piece of real estate that only nature has changed for thousands of year.

    On the downside the NDP pursuit of votes through unions is scoring poorly. A few years ago an associate organizer and I had a conversation about politics driving the unions. The ambitions of votes outweighed the collective need of the members. About a month after receiving the stony look a union pres said on tv, they were not on strike for wages or benefits, we`re on strike for political reasons. My lost friend came back and said, `omg what have then done, turning our union into a political party`. Second generation union organizer then voted conservative now voting west,
    Cana ub Da

    Here`s the problem I have with the NDP. They believe union power without winning an election is enough to control government. The basic idea of replacing family with daycare is one of the principle guiding elements of the party. The increase in public service union employees to cover 2 million EL + DC spaces is a brass ring worth reaching for. Even though the science is not on the side of daycare it isn`t slowing them down. The support for gay marriage is really about destroying the traditional marriage and creating the opportunity if not down right necessity to replace family with daycare.

    If you don`t believe me lets have a few responses from NDP politicians on why they won`t address the following in relation to universal daycare,,, email them and ask, facts only please.

    The first article is the question, the rest are some answers.


    Canada's dismal child care KAREN FAITH
    December 13, 2008

    The evidence of the economic and social benefits of providing regulated early-childhood care has been available to us for some time.
    Why is it that a country like ours that leads by example in terms of universal health care lags so egregiously behind in the area of a national daycare strategy?

    Study Links Child Aggression to Time in Day Care
    SALT LAKE CITY, August 21, 2003

    The aggression study is by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and found 17% of daycare children more aggressive, disobedient and more engaged in conflict, regardless of family background, quality or type of care and temperament.



    Preschool Damages Children’s Social Skills and Emotional Development
    By Terry Vanderheyden
    November 10, 2005
    BERKELEY, California, November 10, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Preschool has a negative effect on a child’s social and emotional development, according to a study of 14,000 US preschool children.



    What Can We Learn from Quebec’s Universal
    Childcare Program?
    By Michael Baker, Jonathan Gruber and Kevin Milligan
    February 1, 2006

    Several measures we looked at suggest that children were worse off in the
    years following the introduction of the universal childcare program. We studied a
    wide range of measures of child well-being, from anxiety and hyperactivity to
    social and motor skills. For almost every measure, we find that the increased use
    of childcare was associated with a decrease in their well-being relative to other

    Furthermore, we find that several important measures of well-being show
    parents to be worse off. The survey data showed that mothers of the children in
    daycare were more depressed, as indicated by the significant rise in their
    depression scores relative to the average.



    Study Shows Canada’s Universal Daycare Plan Has “Strikingly Negative” Consequences
    TORONTO, February 2, 2006

    In summary, the findings revealed that children in daycare were 17 times more hostile than children raised at home, and almost three times more anxious.



    Largest US Child Study Finds Early Child Care Linked to Aggression and Disobedience
    Results proved true regardless of quality of center-based care they received
    WASHINGTON, March 26, 2007

    Teachers reported more frequent problem behaviours such as: child demands a lot of attention; argues a lot; bragging and boasting; cruelty, bullying or meanness to others; destroys things belonging to others; disobedient at school; gets into many fights; lying or cheating; screams a lot.



    UNICEF: Daycare is "A high-stakes gamble with today's children and tomorrow's world"
    By Thaddeus M. Baklinski
    December 16, 2008

    A study released in 2006 of universal daycare as currently offered in Quebec revealed that children in daycare were 17 times more hostile than children raised at home, and almost three times more anxious.

    Preschool Damages Children’s Social Skills and Emotional Development