Thursday, April 2, 2009

Harper unexpected no-show at G20 family photo

This should be fun! Besides reminding me of Dion's little problem with showing up late for an interview during the last election campaign, I am looking forward to the Cat's and Dogs going at it over their interpretations. Given some conflicting reports on Harper's recent statements on stimulus, and the push pull on economic policy among the G20 leaders that has been reported, some room for speculation has emerged. Add to that, Mark Carney's recent back peddling and seeming contradictions of Harper's latest statements re: leaders should over act, (more power to the engines Mr. Scott!), I'm wondering whazzup?

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  1. Dion reminds me of the stereotypical absent minded professor. At least Dion is respected throughout the world for his work on Kyoto.

    They were making fun of Harper. Obama was calling him 'Steve'. I didn't mind, I laugh at him too.