Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pakistani military launch offensive against Taliban

Apparently the move by the Pakistani government to allow Sharia law in Swat has only emboldened the Taliban. Big surprise. In the original article I read on this early today, a commenter suggested a relationship between Pakistan's desire for further substantial US aid and their handling of the Taliban. In short, the commenter suggested that the Taliban are good business for many in the Pakistani government. An interesting thought.

I wouldn't be surprised if a significant amount of that US aid finds it's way into the hands of the Taliban or it's sympathizers in the end. The US could well be financing both sides of the struggle to a large extent.


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  2. For you Charles. Don't know if you've read it yet?? Excellent paper written in April of last year.

    An argument against hyperinflation, although I haven't seen many, and it kind of makes a little sense.

    Been feeling a bit under the weather lately so please excuse my sporadic posts.


  3. A more recent article arguing against hyperinflation.


  4. Just put this link on Garth's "Greater Fool", but the whole world should read it and get mad:

  5. On Micheal Moores' article, sure looks like a whole big bunch of carefully crafted "co-incidences".

  6. sure looks like a whole big bunch of carefully crafted "co-incidences".

    lol Mooerr has as always had an artful spin, you could say carefully crafted.

    "Aside from Obama himself, no person will provide a more iconic face of this end-of-capitalism-as-we-know-it year than Bernard Lawrence Madoff."

    "Bernie wanted to play X-games Capitalism, run by the mantra that's at the core of all capitalistic endeavors: Enough Is Never Enough."

    lol, Madoff was not involved in any capitalist plan scheme or endeavor, he stole every penny that hit his hand. roflmao, exactly how does Mooeer tie together an out and out con,,, on capitalism. Besides seems he had money from several non-capitalists as well. That would be like blaming adscam on socialism, oops, lol.

    Obama is replacing capitalism with Marxism through public debt not because Madoff was a capitalist, as he was only a thief, but because the Dems want to control every aspect of every life. As Clinton recently said. `the Democrats have won the cultural war for America`. As usual Bill and the rest of the Dems keep trying to change the last election from jobs to social programs. Mainly because they need an excuse for spend spend spend.
    The Obama admin has spent ( indentured, enslaved,) the public through more debt than every past admin ``combined``. It might be good feed for the far left proclaiming they are protecting the public from capitalism until the public clues in capitalism means jobs and that was what the election was all about.

    Get mad, hell I`m rolling on the floor,,, but when the opportunity loving Americans see what is beyond the spin, well you know. The election was not about ending capitalism but quite the opposite, jobs.

    In case Clinton hasn`t noticed yet when the Dems, in desperation, pulls out Mooerr to distract the publics attention from jobs, musing about winning the American culture war should take a back seat to losing the American culture of opportunity.

    The most fascinating thing is how a black man is turning a past slaving nation into a nation of slaves. Certainly the big twist in all of todays news as tomorrows history.

  7. You guys are a hoot, oh the irony of it all.

    'Bill proclaims the Dems have won the cultural war for America' but only one single Republican Senator surrendered,,, Mission Complete all over again.

    Lets talk the big T talk

    We will not raise taxes to pay down massive public debt,,, but you'll pay with your first born for energy.

    Expanding social programs will create jobs,,, mostly in Revcan trying to squeeze blood from your stones.

    Socialism will save capitalism because we need milk delivered to our door, not mortgages.

    Jobs are an unimportant lagging recovery indicator only used to precisely pinpoint the end of the recession.

    lol, some kind of a revolution going on here but I'm not sure about what, not taxes, abuse of power, or political accountability let alone government corruption. It;s not about the lost 40 years of Canadian values of fallout from a failed federal system. It's not about the excremental change of continually voting against the worst and winding up with worse. It's not about replacing family with government institutions. It's not about indenturing future generation with massive public debt when we already know the enormous tasks they already face.

  8. Can dead people roll on the floor?

    Take heart, there may be opportunities within a fundamentalist based Afghanistan. Enforcers maybe? Rolling a few heads might work well in the cultural wars.

    None so blind as those who can't see. Allahu Akbar!

  9. "None so blind as those who can't see. Allahu Akbar!"

    That is exactly my thoughts on the trickle down economics of giving the banks tens of billions hoping it`ll trickle down to consumers.

    "Take heart, there may be opportunities within a fundamentalist based Afghanistan. Enforcers maybe?"

    There are plenty of openings right here unless you like to travel.

    Pigs catch swine flu from humans
    On the good news side you can`t get swine flu from eating pork or doughnuts unless you`re a pig.

    lol, comrade, I thought this was a serious site and surprise we get Saturday Night Live from you.

    Curious Palin gets mega air time on a tongue in cheek comment about seeing Russia from her porch but when Clinton announces Mission Accomplished even before the one Republican surrenders it gets squat. Must make the players feel cheap, even tarty to use their talents for partisan politics.
    Still not a bad performance done completely on their knees, if you discount the size of the ass they kissed, lol, hard to miss really...

  10. The Igg vision of where Cdns want Canada to be in 2017.

    He starts the process with early learning day care. Proof positive Igg is just another Liberal thug willing to expand the process of abusing children for profit.

  11. another Liberal thug willing to expand the process of abusing children for profit

    We don`t have to envision what Cdn society will look like in 2017. The record number of abused Cdn children is already glaringly evident in Vancouver and we won`t have to wait till 2017 for the Canada that is coming, it will sweep across the entire country over the next several years.

    If that isn`t enough to keep investors out of Canada, watching this occur with full knowledge and oversight of the federal government certainly is when it is evident not only do they know, which makes abusing children for profit intentional, and not some misguided attempt reminisce of bailing out the elite to save peasant jobs needed to pay massive public debt.

    We definitely need a revolution but we need a few with the courage to face reality.

    `None so blind as those who can't see.`

    Roll your own head around if it makes you feel right.

  12. Dead Man still squawking. With his head tucked under his arm.

  13. I`m certainly curious how you can call for a revolution when you continualy defend a undeniably corrupt system. Hello, you`re not making any sense unless, that`s your purpose...
    distract dismiss deny???

  14. By definition of intent a revolution fixes broken systems,,, ask yourself why your here? Well is it just to massage your guilt at having full knowledge???lol, if yiou wanted to stay in the dark you should have stayed at over at gart with his 2007 "interst rates will bring down the housing market" or his 2008 "I have a plan that will fix the enviroment and the economy", or his 2009 prediction of a recovery.

    lol, ok I`ll leave you to shovel over any holes in your defense of a totaly corrupt system.

  15. Herb, Madoff stole $65B of rich peoples money. The UN stole $40B from Iraq and starved a million children in the process.

    Charles always seems close to hit the mark.

    "The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them." -- George Orwell, English writer, 1903-1950