Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sire, it's the Peasants again..

All is not well in the land of Tigers.

"On Saturday, hundreds of red-shirted Thaksin supporters broke through lines of soldiers and invaded the media center adjacent to the summit venue, the Royal Cliff hotel, blowing whistles, waving flags and shouting "Abhisit Out."


Troops tried to stop them, but "red shirts" and soldiers came hurtling through a huge picture window at the media center in a furious scrum. Soldiers then bolted down the road to protect the hotel where Asian leaders were to hold a lunch.

After rampaging about the media center, the "red shirts" -- including a 90-year-old woman in a wheelchair -- were soon huddled with reporters in impromptu news conferences around the vast conference center. They denounced Abhisit's government as "anti-poor.""


  1. Apparently, WestJet uses similar routines on their flights, but this one is GOOD! --

    The last part of this is quite interesting. Pity it will never happen among humans! --
    From the Peasant Line -- it's Number 12 of The Baker's Dozen reporting to HQ.

    Curious that a link I clicked on to this p.m. is eerily similar to C.One's post -- the link is in the para. with "An Excellent Idea!" below.

    I'll let y'all see for yourselves, but it goes with what I have been saying for some time now -- there is a lot of pent-up anger, rage and subsequent violence by ordinary folk who really couldn't care less anymore.

    They've had their fill with the ultra-rich taking more than their fair share, they're as mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore; further, they don't care about the future consequences.

    The downturn is having a major effect on sheeple, waking them up from their slumber.
    Usually I, Charlesius am Klooless In Kelowna as I really don't make any sense of anything to anyone whatsoever. This leads to the . . .

    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! (Courtesy

    "Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that The State has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied." Arthur Miller, playwright
    Take a careful look at the two headings only in these links, and see if anyone can spot the difference, or knows where we're all going! and

    An excellent idea! Get into politician's faces, make them VERY uncomfortable with proceedings, ask loads of questions and make sure it's on TV so the masses can see it! --

    On Thursday, 3M said it was offering early retirement to 3,600, or 11% of its employees because of an economic slowdown. Duh! Where? Out here, homes change owners every five minutes (drug dealers included)!

    Disney has eliminated 1,900 U.S.-based positions since mid-Feb., 900 salaried employees working at Disney's theme parks in Florida were let go and 700 open positions were toasted. In California, 200 workers were laid off and 100 open positions were cut. Further,

    Strip malls, neighborhood centers and regional malls are losing stores at the fastest pace in at least a decade, as a spending slump forces retailers to trim down to stay afloat.

    That may be one main factor, observing how full / empty malls are, how many stores are having sales or going out-of-business sales, because the malls usually have large mortgages to boot.
    Several years ago, the blues / rock group ZZ Top wrote a song called "Planet Of Women". This link appears to back that song up! --
    A spoof, you say? See for yourselves! --

  2. "Strip malls, neighborhood centers and regional malls are losing stores at the fastest pace in at least a decade"

    And the educated donkeys keep braying `it`ll all turn around by the end of the year`.

    Malls are empty, homes are crumbling, jobs are vanishing along with hope of them returning, food bank supplies shrink while demand grows.

    Who exactly do they think the`re fooling???

  3. Dee said... -- "Charles? I'm a firm believer that climate change is happening."

    Hello Dee, sorry I didn't get back to you earlier.

    Yes, change is one of the many constants here, climate or otherwise. As to causes, uncounted possibilities exist and none can be discounted until proven otherwise.

    There are many C.C. books / opinions, and there will always be two sides to every story. So you are correct -- go with your own gut feeling, or inner hunches because what you determine is right for you.

    The sentence "there is nothing new under the sun" means the air that Diogenes, Plato and Socrates breathed is the same air that we breathe today.

    Plenty of things happen here, but two stand out. First, this planet is an extremely good classroom for everyone to learn from their experiences, and whether those experiences are good or bad doesn't matter -- they're experiences, that's all; second, it's a vast recycling machine, and it does that very well.

    Personally, I focus more on cycles -- birth, life, death or beginning, middle, end for everything that exists.

    There is a season for everything, and everything has it's season.
    BenD over said ". . . the educated donkeys keep braying . . ." -- Key word is 'educated'. Educated in what?

    Surely not life, as they obviously don't have the slightest idea about the harsh reality of stretching meals over a couple of weeks, yet they keep grabbing all the headlines saying garbage like 'the economy will turn around next year', and other meaningless BS -- How To Fool Sheeple 101.

    Now there are donkeys and sheep, so I guess we can choose our own poison! However, scientific work on sheep has discovered --
    There's a free market for this stuff on the 'net and elsewhere. Don't worry, 'tho -- the govt. will protect us from ourselves! --
    First, Canadian math. Second, dubya helped Israel just prior to leaving office. What a nice parting gift! -- and
    All of us know how 'expurt' 'expurts' are, so let's see how x-pert these are! -- and

    ". . . that higher-end middle class properties are starting to come through foreclosure at titanic levels."

  4. "that higher-end middle class properties are starting to come through foreclosure at titanic levels"

    It must be perspective, msm obviously thinks markets hedging against hyperinflation is a separate issue from the long term serious negative effects of massive government deficit spending, when the latter is the cause of the former.
    Are the dots really that far apart?

  5. Are the dots really that far apart?

    All the economic talk is about boosting the supply side through inproving credit markets.

    Ignoring the influence of the demand side slide is a few dots short of a picture.

  6. . . . betcha didn't know that the new version of Budweiser . . . --

    . . . washes down rabbit stew real good! --
    Ben Dover said... ". . . It must be perspective . . ." -- PLUS -- "Are the dots really that far apart?" -- PLUS -- Don Werry said... "Are the dots really that far apart?"

    It appears that I have gained a little notoriety (responses)! Briefly check the links below. We're all in this Hot Spicy Soup together!

    Received an interesting political e-mail this morning, but I'll put it in the next posting, so y'all can see for yourselves how the right is trying to carve us up.
    Compared with the link I posted last night, and in conjunction with what BenD over / Don Werry said, this looks at the opposite view. How screwed up can we really get?! --
    The first and last three words pretty much describe the mess this planet's in. --
    One para. which Odddawahahahaha will follow is below. --

    "Now, these companies are paying the piper — or rather, demanding that Washington force YOU to pay the piper for them."

    Get my drift? The provinces are spending themselves into oblivion, and with Ottawa at the helm it is clear that a change of platform doesn't work now.

    What IS needed is a revolution to put these liars, cheats and losers into the slammer where they belong, forever. Probably won't happen in my lifetime, 'tho!

  7. Kinda long, but here is the e-mail I received from a friend this morning, who had received it earlier from a friend elsewhere in the province. Seems the BC Liberals are in bed with Harper's, the ultra- and far-right lot.
    Normally, I don't pass along political messages but this is extremely interesting because the author is the well respected Rafe Mair.

    Hi everybody, Rafe here.

    I received an email from a man saying that he has a tough time bringing himself to vote NDP and asked for my comment and here it is. I hope you find it of interest.

    Please pass this on to your address book so that we can provide information where the media will not.

    Let me take a moment to answer your question which is one that has troubled a lot of people including myself.

    When I was in government (1975-80) I was Minister, first, for Consumer and Corporate Affairs. During that time I passed more consumer legislation than anyone before or since including licensing Car dealers (with six of them in caucus setting their collective hair on fire), forced the Banks to acknowledge and obey BC laws for the first time, forced serious reporting changes to the Vancouver Stock Exchanges for which they have never forgiven me, licensed Travel Agents and made them create a fund to bring home passengers stranded by bankrupt charter companies and so on.

    As Environment Minister I stopped the government killing of wolves, stopped exploration for and mining of uranium and went to Seattle and negotiated the saving of the Skagit River from a raising of the Ross Dam which Seattle was permitted to do under a 1941 deal with the BC government.

    As Minister of Health I brought in the Homecare program and Palliative Care.

    I tell you all these things because there is no way in the world I could have ever done these things for the public of BC had Gordon Campbell been Premier.

    The political ground has shifted dramatically and the present day version of the old Socreds is, I think, the party Carole James leads. I know that there are supporters of Ms James that are hard line lefties, just as when I was with Bill Bennett there were supporters and indeed members of Caucus who were near fascists. That sort of thing will always happen in a two party system.

    If it were 1975 all over again, I'd support Bill Bennett (the best premier BC ever had, in my view); in 2009 I will support Carole James (NDP leader).

    Now as to the point that Campbell "cleaned up the mess". Perhaps, but let's be fair and observe that the NDP were struck by the "Asian 'flu" and in fact balanced the budget in their last year.

    It's also interesting to note that under the Liberals the Vancouver Convention Centre is over budget $400 million, more than double the cost of the "fast ferries". For a fuller account of the Liberals financial record may I refer you to my forthcoming article, next Monday, in

    Now let's look at 2009. This election, for me, boils down to a single issue - the environment and the plans by Campbell to deface and destroy the province I was born in and love and where 7 out of 8 of my grandchildren live.

    The energy policy, in which no one but industry had a hand in formulating, will ruin an ever increasing number of rivers, not to look after BC's energy needs, but mostly, American requirements.

    I have nothing against Americans and in fact have often been accused of being to lenient with them, but I don't want to see us sacrifice our environment rivers so they can preserve theirs. This policy is government by the North America Free Trade Agreement and our experts tell us three things:

    1. Once an American company has access to our water for any reason, it can use it for any reason Including selling bulk water exports.

    2. Once an American company has tenure on a Canadian water and is using it, that tenure cannot be terminated either by contract or legislation.

    3. Once we are exporting energy, we cannot reduce that supply to the US without reducing our own usage by a similar amount (this is the "Proportionality Clause").

    Moreover, the profits which BC Hydro now pays into our treasury will go as dividends to shareholders of Companies like General Electric, Ledcor and Axos.

    BC Hydro, forced by this government to pay huge amounts for energy that they can't even break even with when they sell it, will bankrupt BC Hydro for which we paid a high environmental price 45 years ago but which has since then given us regular power at 1/10th the cost they pay in California.

    Dr Marvin Shaffer at SFU calls this new business technique "buy high, sell low"! If Campbell is returned we will be, like Bre'r Rabbit, stuck to the American Tar Baby.

    There is but one other choice, vote NDP. But will this not mean the financial ruination of the province?

    I don't believe so for a moment. But let us assume for the sake of argument an NDP government made a balls up of the economy. That can be repaired by a new government.

    However, once we have established the Campbell Energy Plan for another four years that will be the end of BC Hydro and the end of hundreds of rivers. FOREVER.

    I cannot allow that to happen without giving it the fight of my life.

    I, a former Socred minister, with the same core values I had then, am supporting and will vote for Carole James.



    Please take the time to look at and get the bigger picture.

    Pass this on to everyone in your address book that lives in B.C.
    The part above which reads ". . . when they sell it, will bankrupt BC Hydro for which we paid a high environmental price 45 years ago . . ."; to me, if BC Hydro is already being prepped to go broke, that smacks of a NAU / SPP, whereby the Americans can come and hold free rein over this province then, slowly, the entire country.

    As it is almost election time here, the BC Liberal govt. is spending money just as dubya, Flaherty and others have been doing recently. In other words, driving us into the poor- out-house.

    So feel free to pass this along, complete with mine, yours or anyone else's message(s) on, with a single message across the country -- try and take as many votes from the right, or far right as possible and vote for Greens / Rhinos / NDP / Marxists / Communists, etc. -- try to rid Canada of these neanderthals.

  8. Charles I honestly can`t see why voting for the push behind replacing family with daycare would be any kind of a better choice. Further while Rafe complains about Dubya spending his champion, Obama, has tripled deficit spending over last year.

    Politicians of all stripes are currently trying to divert attention from that 3 letter word, jobs. The`ve even got msm on the hunt by baying at Mulroney.

    When Oliver says this latest Mulroney headline might bring down the Tories you have to wonder why the economy wouldn't`t be enough, until you remember Ontario has been losing jobs since 2002 under the Liberals.

    Politics and reporting politics is the business of liars Charles so I hope you posted that NDP crap to expose the hypocrites and not promote politics on this pristine site.

  9. Interesting email Charles. It would be good to hear from BC residents on all of this. In some detail, not just a three liner or so.

    Most of us far easterners are not knowledgeable about BC politics, and would have to look to the larger issue.

    I'm thinking that current economics favor the extension of control by those who are responsible for it. Environmental concerns simply are not of interest to them. I read a rather lengthy item on psychopaths recently, and the behaviour of many who have been involved in the world's current problems, quite possibly fits within the parameters of the descriptions I read.

  10. Anonymous said...Hello Anonymous.

    Noted, especially about jobs but that was not the gist of the post.

    The three points re: water and energy -- how the prov. Liberals are in cahoots with the US suggests something far bigger than what is being let on to BC voters.

    Long ago, I suggested (on Garth's political blog) that possibly, the four western provinces, territories, Alaska and a bunch of other western states could separate and become a new country -- in theory, at least.

    Sandy and I voted Green before Mulroney's re-election during the mid-80s, so I am not promoting any politics of any sort, as you say just exposing the present bunch of wackos for what they are doing -- giving BC away to the US.

    The present crop of so-called politicians are nothing more than sheep in wolves' clothing, looking at lining their own pockets and starting the sell-off of Canada to the US, rather than being known for responsible govt.

    It is well known that California and Oregon are two (almost broke) states, along with Nevada so for them, it makes sense to get hold of the resources BC has, because of the vast differences in population -- they won't have to buy anything, simply ship down what is needed.

    As for Obama spending more than Bush, the Ponzi scheme is already falling over itself worldwide, and that's what PR folks are for -- to tell us that all is fine and well while at the same time holding a sheet over what transpires.

  11. "BC politics"

    Judging by examples set in the east it appears BC politics is just as corrupt. Criminal activity investigated permeates all the political parties. I notice Rafe mentioned BC Hydro, I`ll add a bit at the bottom.

    The average BCer will place most of the countries failings on the federal government. BC feels the most influence of federal politics of any western province which bilks up the ammo supply for western separatists.

    The water licenses Rafe is talking about concerns run of the creek hydo projects. His argument is purely fictitious, a make up scenario to hid the thievery. BC had a public funded report on the potential of BC creeks which government held back from the public until it was decided it would grant title through the same mechanism as mineral titles. Rafe seems to imply some unscrupulous entrepreneur would sell out these resources to foreign interests. He would like to get people steamed up enough to focus on the evil international corporation instead of government corruption.
    In fact the titles to all the best creeks have been staked by retired board members of BC hydro, yes the very ones that had months of prior access to the assessment report that tax payers funded.

    They are thick as thieves thanks to the trickle down effect of federal government corruption that legitimized government corruption as `good for the country`... but hey that's Cdn politics, the reason we`ve banded together, the need for a revolution.

  12. How did we get from `I feel your pain J Public` to `I feel your need Mr. Banker`.

    Charles. You always raise a few interesting points most notably the current ruses designed to distract the public, generally away from government in the event the potential of riots, revolutions and governments falling continues to as you noted, grow.

    It would seem the Democrats are desperately looking to take the position they inherited the mess.
    Even if they sell it I kinda think the public will become even more critical until Obama stops making excuses and blaming `dubya` and gets back to the # 1 election issue as decried by the Democrats, jobs.
    The old political blame game to avoid action isn`t some secret thing only the politically savvy know about and it`s not like the difference will be an Amero or who gets to direct water flows or the level of the Great Lakes, this is about a generation of coming misery and the frustrations and anger that will flow from it. Not hard to forecast how the general population will react over the coming months and years and where it`ll be directed.

    To put it plainly, the worlds governments are relying on the best propaganda machines money can buy and the best they have come up with are jobs are a lagging recovery indicator. We have a supple demand problem globally so I think someone should explain how putting tens of trillions in debt through deficit spending squarely on the demand side shoulders is any kind of a plan.

    These are not secret thoughts of a few revolutionaries hidden away on some obscure blog, these are the direction peoples thoughts are travelling, it would seem Charles that there may no longer be any possible solution till after the revolution.

    Power To The People

  13. Anonymous and Ben Dover said...Again we discuss the issues!

    "the need for a revolution. . . . the potential of riots . . . after the revolution. . . . Power To The People."

    I agree with you both that a revolution of some sort will eventually happen (see links below).

    The slate has to be wiped clean and can lead to a new system of govt. similar to Animal Farm. A lighter form of Communism with a greater leash on the heads, held by the people. Not the greatest, but better than what's happening now.

    Americans, along with others thruout the world are realizing what Obama and world 'leaders' are doing, and are doing it very sneakily.

    Birds of a feather, etc., etc. By bringing in so many changes so quickly, without time to even catch one's breath, sheeple are learning the hard way that the new boss is the same as the old boss, except he is younger and has a lot more clout.

    In other words, nothing's changed EXCEPT it has gotten way out of hand -- new bobblehead dolls are in place, but this time sheeple have taken notice. How they handle it will be a different kettle of fish.

    Either the Gandhi Way or the Hitler Way.
    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! (Courtesy

    "This focus on money and power may do wonders in the marketplace, but it creates a tremendous crisis in our society. People who have spent all day learning how to sell themselves and to manipulate others are in no position to form lasting friendships or intimate relationships... Many Americans hunger for a different kind of society -- one based on principles of caring, ethical and spiritual sensitivity, and communal solidarity. Their need for meaning is just as intense as their need for economic security." -- Michael Lerner, journalist
    Even in 'orderly' China, taxi drivers are growing impatient with the downturn. More to the point, though is in the third last sentence -- taxi drivers beating up their own and smashing their cars if they don't participate in the stoppage. --

    One Night In Bangkok (great song by Murray Head, I think); riots are happening there, in Latvia, Bulgaria, France and now Moldova. --
    Cities and states (have to include provinces as well) turn to user fees to raise cash, but what if streets and towns slow down even more? Five families living on a long street won't be able to afford these services. --
    Whether right, wrong or a complete loony, it does make for a brief scan. --

    "We are creating a new world, a balanced world. A new world order, a multi-polar world," was one of the first things Chavez declared after arriving in China.

    "The unipolar world has collapsed. The power of the U.S. empire has collapsed," he continued. . . .", etc.
    Don't feel too bad about real estate here! --

  14. Update on the activities of the Peasants.

    "Thailand's intractable political divide pits royalists, the military and the urban middle class against a less well-off rural majority loyal to Thaksin and his populist policies."

    The situation in Thailand is beginning to look like as if it is a battle of the interests of the country folk against those of the city folk.

    We here in North America have already had that battle. The country folk lost.

    I attribute this partly to an insufficient supply of pitchforks and the resulting inability to shovel the shit fast enough.