Monday, March 30, 2009

It seems Garth Turner is still in the hearts and minds of Halton area Conservatives

While perusing the blogosphere yesterday, I happened upon the site called Angry in the Great White North, which is run by a guy who has long had an, er...interest in Garth Turner. It seems his interest hasn't waned, and now he is concerned with the reputation and fortunes of the Liberal Party as well. Very kind of him.

It seems his latest focus, stems from Garth's soon to be released book entitled Sheeple, which if I understand correctly, is to be an account of an insiders view of political activity and Party goings on. Mr. Angry is apparently concerned about what might be revealed, how damaging these things might be and whether the book will actually be worth the coin that he or other members of his association will undoubtedly lay out for it within minutes of it becoming available.

After perusing some of the comments accompanying the blog, and noticing some familiar handles, I quickly tired of the usual bashing, much of it mindless drivel and chose to click a few of the links within the body of the post. Which led me to another entry about Mr. Turner, or Gart as I often refer to him as. That's just to remind him he's not thet high and mighty. Heh.. To continue; the second link delved into such things as how some people miss Garth Turner. This went on to examine in some depth the how's, why's etc. and was again followed up by the chorus of booing from the faithful.

After reading these pieces, I reflected momentarily, and thought what was the point of all of that? Slow day in the blogging world maybe? More shiny things to amuse the fishies?, I wasn't satisfied with that exactly, so what then? Certainly there was a sense of fascination, almost begrudging respect in some of the words, but that wasn't what seemed hidden in the depths of the thoughts overall. Was it merely 24/7 politicing? Perhaps. Was it fear? Ah Watson! You might be on to something there.

Have a look if you have some spare time. You will find Hairy and East of Eden there too, as well as a host of other colorful characters.

As an old Sun newspaper guy, I expect Garth will appreciate the publicity. Probably won't translate into very many book sales with Mr. Angry's readers though, as in the Conservative spirit, they will likely share a couple of copies until the covers fall off, and the binding separates.


  1. Garth seems to have a lot more clout now outside politics than he did inside.

    Good for him. CRAP are still scared of him, and he's not even in the building anymore!
    How Art Linkletter kept a straight face during these kids' responses is funny in itself. Out of the mouths of babes, so enjoy!
    Proof positive that men can take anything. --
    Putting the finishing touches to my new Ponzi scheme. Based on but taken to a new, higher level I invite all of you to become one of only a select few to join in.

    On or before Christmas 2011, we will be so disgustingly rich, fabulously wealthy beyond this planet's comprehension that we won't even know how to keep ourselves happy any more.

    Except by creating and starting new Ponzi schemes on Pluto, and anywhere beyond our Milky Way!
    Well, howdy doody there y'all. Tomorrow is a great day for a worldwide stock market crash. All up to it? No. Then maybe go beddy-byes again! -- The greenback's close to shutting down for good. New global currency from China and Russia? -- This one hypothecates that it may be time for a bull market. What of commodities? Apparently still low, but may not be time to buy in just yet.

    Also -- what is the possibility of troops on the streets in North America, a la military dictatorship? This world is damned close to GD2, subduing and quelling violence that a lot of folk have given up, yet no one seems to have noticed. Or cannot be bothered to care.
    Remember that two volcanoes, along the Ring of Fire blew their tops recently? Well, two new pre-cursors -- possibly leading to the huge one down the west coast -- happened today.

    4.3 quake wakes up San Francisco and Earthquake hits near southern shore of Alaska

    Alaska's was 5.6, and hit an area near Kodiak Island. Wot's the chances of the big one taking the entire west coast out, leaving the sunny Okanagan overlooking the lush Pacific Ocean?!

  2. Charles,

    have you started selling sea-side properties in the Okanagan? C'mon, rise to the occasion!

    Comrade Okie,

    I had forgotten how benighted the Conservative side of the political street is. Good Lord, they positively walk in intellectual darkness. Hairy and East of Eden hearting each other over perceived slights by Garth warmed the cockles of me 'eart. And then there is Bocanut - what a sad bunch of bastards.

    Actually, it is the neo-Con method writ large: pick Liberal flyshit out of pepper, magnify it into molehills, then blow it up into mountains. And they are still at it. Maybe it's all they are capable of doing - one wouldn't want to examine Harper's record, would one. Now, if only the LPC had a leader I could warm up to ...

    I am going to buy a copy of Sheeple as soon as Garth flogs it on his blog. I want him to get all the money from my copy as a "thank you" for trying to introduce direct democracy. Besides, it should be interesting reading.

  3. What is this obsession over Mr. Garth and his doings?

    I don't like reading any of the Con blogs. I find the entries limiting.

  4. "Actually, it is the neo-Con method writ large: pick Liberal flyshit out of pepper, magnify it into molehills, then blow it up into mountains."

    If you found a liberal that wasn't a hypocrite would that be a leader you could warm up too?

  5. Good Golly Miss Molly / Won't Get Fooled Again! "Ahh zo Quazimoto -- there's a sucker born every minute!" -- Winnie The Pooh

    . . . and so on and so on, etc. --

    "When Obama told us that he would "totally change the economic system;" "totally change America;" and "totally change the world," he wasn't kidding. There has been much speculation that he "doesn't know what he is doing." In a sense they are right, but in one thing they are dead wrong and that is he intends to carry out his promises as they pertain to the country's economic system, the social system and how America fits into the international order. To think otherwise is to ignore the obvious."

    Don't ferget my Ponzi scheme -- we're gonna laugh all the way to The Upchuck Bank of Barfspew!
    From the first link: ". . . Today five US banks according to data in the just-released Federal Office of Comptroller of the Currency’s Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activity, hold 96% of all US bank derivatives positions in terms of nominal values, and an eye-popping 81% of the total net credit risk exposure in event of default."

    The total amount of derivatives is around US$1.5 quadrillion. CDS's sit around US$700 trillion, most of which are held by AIG, which is why the WH will not let it fall. AIG is the main insurer for almost all the large US corporations.

    It also funneled a lot of the bail-out lolly to the finance company it owns in Israel; that company handles an awful lot of mortgage / mortgage insurance / life insurance etc. there.

    From the second link: ". . . Banks typically have 3% of their assets in cash in order to meet customer needs. Since 1960, banks have been allowed to use this “vault cash” to satisfy their reserve requirements. Today, bank reserve requirements have fallen to the point where they are now exceeded by vault cash, which means lowering reserve requirements to zero would have virtually no impact on the banking system. US banks are already operating free of any reserve constraints." and
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. It took Russia a couple of weeks to flatten Georgia, after Georgia let the US and Israelis in to stir up trouble with Iran. Israel wants the US to do it's dirty work for them, to get Iran's oil under the pretext of Iran's noocewlar weapons.

    Now they are going thru Af'stan, which explains Obama's big talk in adding more troops instead of letting sleeping dogs lie. Still figure that Harper will keep our troops there as long as CRAP stays in power. After all, he lied before and will lie again. --
    One major reason for this -- the UK is flat broke! --
    Part of the first para. makes for interesting reading. --

    ". . . over 75 United States Air Force Warplanes engaged in a battle off the Eastern Coast of the US to repel 5 ‘unidentified’ aircraft said streaking towards their capital city of Washington D.C. at Mach 1 speeds and which saw the loss of 2 US Fighter Jets of as yet ‘unknown’ type."

    If the USAF was able to get 75 fighters up for a scrap on the eastern seaboard, why were four lumbering jetliners allowed free rein, for 20 minutes to an hour, to pursue their course of action on 9-11?

    Because it was an inside job, through and through!

  6. Anonymous,

    if I found a politician of any stripe who was not a hypocrite, I would consider him to be a leader.

    Know any Conservatives who aren't?

  7. Charles, re: your last link. US Warplanes Repel ‘Mysterious’ Attack

    So that's what happened to my ride! Damn those Americans! Can't they they find their own Starship?

    Further proof that a little good dope can go a long way;

  8. Know any Conservatives who aren't?

    Why are you changing channels?

  9. Anonymous,

    I did not change channels, but merely tried to point out that your implied restriction of hypocrits to the Liberal ranks is not warranted.

    To answer your next question before you ask it, I would have welcomed Rae as Liberal leader because he has been there and done that. He had a rough patch as PM of Ontario during the last recession, tried to spend his way out, and has been maligned for it ever since.

    Strange how the worm turns. As Rex Murphy pointed out last Thursday night, "We're all Bob Rae now".

  10. "your implied restriction of hypocrits to the Liberal ranks"


    From your post.

    "Now, if only the LPC had a leader I could warm up to ..."

    You were talking about Liberal leadership, I asked a question about Liberal leadership, not anything about the other losers, the CPC.
    Obviously you`ve changed your position from anybody but the CPC or LPC to defending the LPC with a channel change.

    Further why did the comrade drag this political bullshiy onto this blog. If we wanted to read what the dimwitted anonymous idiots write we would go there.

    btw saying these bloggers blow flyshit into a mountain,,, is exactly that.
    With all their multiple posts they have not contributed a single crumb to any conversation and certainly haven`t had any effect on anything. To link these idiots to any political party certainly is a waste of a lot of pepper to make a miniature mountain considering we don`t know who they really are or if they are really just one person or the`re Libs trying to make the CPC look stupid. The truth is only the stupid would consider anything they write let alone have a conversation about what they write on other blogs and certainly if one responds they need to get a life..

    Isn`t that why we migrated here, to get away from the mindless useless political events?

  11. Dudes? At the risk of going off the topic of 'mindless useless political events'?

    Thought maybe one of you could help me out? Has anyone seen any data or projections on what property taxes might be? Governments have been downloading and with all the stimulus spending locals will have to pick up some of the tab won't they? Hardly anyone seems to be talking about it yet it must be a concern especially with the added demand of social services? Some of the businesses are lobbying locals for lower mill rates which will add more burden on home property owners yet no is talking about it????

    Going to be offline until Thursday.


  12. Unabashed Channel Change.

    Any thoughts on the current G-20 meeting?
    Issues they should be discussing, the amount and amount of time stimulus has had yet it appears not to have affected the increased speed of the global slide.

    Every politician is backing the current plan with a recovery forecasted in 2010. The general consensus puts job creation as the leading indicator of economic recovery. The number of jobs needed to create a recovery forecast is about 4 times as many as all the stimulus plans put together will or have created.
    Where are the rest of the jopbs going to come from, a green economy? Then who will pay for the much higher costs, an already life indentured consumer.

    I have a few issues with general premiss of this recovery forecast. This is one of many that will affect the number of jobs a green economy will actually produce.

    March 17th, 2009 5:06 PM Eastern
    White House Admits Cap-And-Trade Tax Costs Triple Their Official Estimate
    By Phil Kerpen

    "Remember that these staggering costs of $1.3 to $1.9 trillion are for just the first 8 years of a 40 year program that gets much more expensive over time. This would be the final knock-out blow for a wobbly U.S. economy"

  13. "Has anyone seen any data or projections on what property taxes might be?"

    The tax load from deficit spending is already in the `very large` category. If governments continue to push deficit spending it will pass into the `enormous` category. These projections are based on the success of stimulus turning the global economy around. As this possibility seems unlikely at best property tax increases will probably take a back seat to solders in the streets trying to keep order.

    btw it never dawned on me that some would blame tellers for bank policy but I suppose there are a few miserable people that only need an excuse to spread their misery around.

  14. Anonymous,

    I am not going to debate the meaning of plain English with you. If I have defended the LPC in our little contretemps, it is because your question carried an unjustified aspersion. I'd do the same for the CPC that I knock with relish when warranted.

  15. Which Comrade Anon? Moi?

    If you are referring to me, it's because this is a diverse blog. Plus I found it amusing. Further to that, I thought I would share the whereabouts of the some of the old whiners and shiners. Just for fun. I had some more reasons as well, but is that enough fer ya?

    To address one point you raised, whether you were referring to me or not, the possibility of those blog contributors being Liberals who are trying to make the CPC look bad is greatly reduced by virtue of those old familiar names, who poked about at Turners blog and having assessed their comments at both places, briefly anyway, I think they pretty much dispel the idea of them being Liberal plants. Old Hairy still ranting about his Iggy fixation and Eden with the Turner fixation.

    I don't care for Iggy either, but I don't feel the need to go on and on about incessantly. At the end of the day, the aforementioned don't seem to need my help making themselves look bad, they do just fine by themselves.

    Same for the liberals. I scout the new aggregate for info and topics of interests, and I don't bother with the liblog venue any more because it has come under the boot of the party. Same thing is afoot (pun intended) at the new aggregate, as it appears they have bought off one of the people who started the thing with an invite to the upcoming so called leadership convention, and now have a couple who immediately criticize dissenters. They removed one blogger yesterday because they accused him of being a tory mole. Anxious liberal is the bloggers handle. It was all bullshit, as the blogger called Iggy out on a financing scam which the party ended up agreeing later was unethical. The blogger hadn't been returned to the aggregate as of this a.m.

    I have noticed some other previously outspoken bloggers there who are pretty much towing the party line recently. Must be that 1 or 2 point lead in the polls that has restored their sense of party loyalty. Or maybe it's just the visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads? Whores.

    So Anon, it's good to know these things, don't you agree? It's good to bring light where there is darkness.

    Breaker Breaker One Nine....come on back ...

  16. Don, about the Soldiers in the streets. Didn't you hear the gospel from Fox News? They are all going on vacation.

    So I guess all that leaves is the RCMP. Don't taze me bro!

    Dee, I think it is only a logical conclusion that property taxes may well be affected. Might be something of a roller coaster ride given the uncertainty of, and variances in property values, but they can always adjust the rate per hundred of assessed value on an as needed basis.

  17. Note to Comrade Herb -- thanx for the idea, and I have taken steps to incorporate it into the Ponzi scheme which is now complete. All the lots down the West Coast are now pre-sold to suckers (sorry, investors / buyers).

    Except for Baja, which I will keep for myself as a getaway during the cold months, north of Hongcouver to Baja is now spoken for, the net proceeds collected have been divested in illegal hedge funds / derivatives, and because none of us has been caught yet, we're in relatively good shape. We're up to the trillions of dollars as I speak, and it's growing.

    All things being equal: (1) Now, the world's economies begin collapsing on top of one another, which leads to social unrest and violence thereby keeping law enforcement officials busy beyond their wildest imaginations.

    (2) the massive EQ (where those nice people bought the lots) eliminates said lots + investors; the world is Catapulted into Catastrophic Chaotic Conditions and all of you may now enter into a new life, on your personalized one million hectare lots!

    Suggestion: Use WestJet to get here, as Air Canada has now switched to donkeys.

    This is the western half -- the eastern side must be taken care of, so it is my great pleasure to introduce to you all two fine young men, whom I have appointed to run the EaStern Division. A brief look at them both:


    Seamus and Murphy fancied a pint or two but didn't have a lot of money between them -- they could only raise the staggering sum of one Euro.

    Murphy said 'Hang on, I have an idea.'

    He went next door to the butcher's shop and came out with one large sausage.

    Seamus said, 'Are you crazy? Now we don't have any money left at all!'

    Murphy replied, 'Don't worry -- just follow me.'

    He went into the pub where he immediately ordered two pints of Guinness and two glasses of Jamieson Whisky.

    Seamus said, 'Now you've lost it. Do you know how much trouble we will be in? We haven't got any money!'

    Murphy replied with a smile. 'Don't worry, I have a plan. Cheers!', and they downed their drinks.

    Murphy said, 'OK, I'll stick the sausage through my zipper and you go on your knees and put it in your mouth.'

    The barman noticed them, went berserk, and threw them out.

    They continued this, pub after pub, getting more and more drunk, all for free.

    At the tenth pub Seamus said, 'Murphy, I don't think I can do any more of this. I'm drunk and me knees are killing me!'

    Murphy said, 'How do you think I feel? I can't even remember which pub I lost the sausage in!'
    A word of caution -- govts. will use any means possible to try and extricate the lots from us, but I have a fleet of Great White Sharks (lawyers), mostly from Goldman Sachs, AIG and Merrill Lynch who have drawn up illegal documents and make no sense to anyone.

    A sample of how govt. shills lie with straight faces is shown here:
    Mercy! Them thar words amounted to a lot of . . . nothing. Oh well, at least the creative juices are flowing throughout me!

    Second article is quite interesting. As Garth says, we're in a deflationary spiral now but with the printing presses running flat out, electronic money being created at will, it follows that inflation eventually follows. --

    BTW, an excellent editorial in the KDC today. Part of it --

    ". . . But don't give the banks too much credit for their own fortunes. A little more than a decade ago, four of Canada's Big Five were desperate to join the likes of Citibank in reaching behemoth proportions.

    "We have the finance minister oof the time, Paul Martin, to thank for that never happening. Reacting largely to public anger, Martin vetoed a proposed merger of the Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank, and a second merger involving the TD and CIBC."

    Two words in the second para.: ". . . public anger." More and more, that is what is evolving very quickly, mostly because of the layoffs and home foreclosures.

    Later Gaters!

  18. Charles, that one hurt - almost split a gut laughing.

  19. "unjustified aspersion"

    lol, you can`t be serious. The Liberals are the biggest bunch of con artists, liars and thieves in the political spectrum of any of the G-20. The need to cast aspirations against the reality is obviously superfluous as is the need to consider if the CPC is a measurable distance above the lofty height of integrality set by the Liberals.

    When the fat burns down the people won`t be looking at the LPC or the CPC, they will be looking at government.
    The question is a question and nothing more than a question as it is just a question. Would John approve of my wording I wonder.

  20. "So Anon, it's good to know these things, don't you agree? It's good to bring light where there is darkness."

    For entertainment, I prefer tx hld. To shed light, as totally irrelevant as the politics they shout about.

  21. "So that's what happened to my ride! Damn those Americans! Can't they they find their own Starship?"

    Indeed C.One. Even as you read this, I am far, far away in a different quadrant of the universe.

    You see, while no one was looking I nicked the keys to the UFO sitting in your garage, started it up and zoomed off my rocker!
    After all the excitement of Tuesday, with the Ponzi scheme hatched and working brilliantly, I thought the following article on the beauty, splendor and glamor of derivatives would wash down breakfast very nicely. Eat well and be merry! --
    Ferget the G-String 20 in London. This gets a little closer, without naming names, to who are the power brokers behind politicians (outtake follows). --

    "Obama doesn't really have the power to do a lot of the things we wish (and I'm sure he wishes) he could. He had to kiss a lot of rings to even get permission to run for President, let alone be ALLOWED to win…. The President doesn't run this country, international banks and a handful of super-rich families do…."

    It means that govts. do NOT run countries, they are only following orders from those behind-the-scenes ones who avoid publicity. Plus, they put in who THEY want.
    Tim Geithner's 'dirty little secret' (or is it Monty Python's Tim The Enchanter's dirty little secret?!). --
    A few days ago, IBM was filing a patent for offshoring jobs. From "As IBM was firing thousands of American workers last week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Big Blue's application to copyright a computerized system that calculates how to offshore jobs while maximizing government tax breaks."

    California sales tax has now gone up to nine per cent. Really smart move when folk are losing their homes and jobs. Unless, of course, it was planned this way from a few years ago, and now it is bearing fruit.

  22. Funny you should say that Charles. Or more accurately, post those last two links. I wrote a brief post early last evening that was kind of a summary of sorts, of what is said particularly in the 2nd last link. I got started on something unrelated and then drifted to that. I went to rest briefly before tidying it up and post it, but ended up playing old people for the rest of the evening..zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The reason I had posted the link concerning Geithner's little auction plan, was to illustrate the point being made in the last link you provided. It seems pretty clear now, that the cabal of Wall Streeters that Obama's people chose to run the finances, have their focus set directly on re-inflating the economic bubble known as the United States of America. I think they have little interest in any major overhaul of the regulatory concerns, as what is there now, was their invention anyway and as pointed out in that last link, they had invested huge sums of money, time and effort to bring them about. So they are not one bit anxious to pitch them out now. This is apparently where the stand off between the G20 members is originating from. I think, most of the other countries, especially the Europeans are either not in a position to capitalize their way out of this mess, or are applying more common sense with respect to the overall outcome in the future. Therefore, they want to deal with the regulatory concerns in a serious fashion.

    I'm also thinking that the US wants it's currency to devalue and the Chinese and Russians as well as some others, don't want it to. This may also be a factor in the tussling that will go on at the G20 meetings. I think the Europeans are just plain pissed, and no longer have any faith in Wall St. or any of it's derivative Dr. Frankenstein's.

  23. "For entertainment, I prefer tx hld."

    What's the matter Anon? Are we not giving you your money's worth? And what the hell is tx hld?

    Spreken zie English?

  24. Spreken zie English?

    lol, sometimes.

    Tx Holdem, poker game. The entertainment over which I prefer poker is reading political snippers who think calling people names affects political outcomes in their favor. Garth lost because of the foolish nature of his blog. Who would want anyone in government that encouraged the ongoing war of insults that ran with the pack of dogs who said they supported him.

    If you`re not sure what I`m talking about check the number of responses to a thread on the economy to one many taking a shot at the CPC. Up to triple, shows not only the intent of the blog as composed by Garth but the attitudes he attracted. Not exactly signaling intent to getting any work done in Ottawa.

    By now Herb will be wondering how I can espouse civilized discussion when I call the LPC the biggest thieves, liars and cheats of Cdn history. I`m not trying to get anyone elected unlike the trolls that frequent the political blogs. Besides 95% of Cdns don`t trust federal politicians, when you figure out why, you find it acceptable even rational to discuss federal politicians in that light of their own actions.

    say it ain`t so

  25. We could ignore the politically correct and incorrect and talk in real terms about real issues based on real world happening.

    The ADP National Employment Report said private sector employment dropped by 742,000 in March.

    Jobs are the leading indicator to economic recovery, and predicted by the US government to get worse even as massive stimulus flowed.

    Is everyone missing the point, stimulus is the mechanism to save and create jobs so why are record numbers of jobs going along with record stimulus. Perhaps a better question, what is the stimulus doing. There are curious similarities with our gun registry that funded Internet attacks on the general population by radical left groups Isn`t it obvious, the left is using stimulus to move the US as far to the left as every dime of stimulus will push, it in the hopes it will go to far to retrieve.

    Personally I don`t think that will happen. As Americans watch government and government spending grow while the job situation falters they will realize they voted for jobs but got bigger government spending, bigger government and the inevitable bigger tax burden.

    It really is true that many on the left in government representing actually believe family can be replaced by daycare and there are many people that believe the government could, should and will look after the population from cradle to grave. It is a mathematical impossibility. If you can`t do the math look how many time socialism in one for or another has been tried, and has failed over the centuries.

    The global situation is a failure of government, both left and right. The US left has seized this economic crisis to move the US to the left but they have underestimated the global situation just as they overestimated the ability of consumers to absorb debt or their ability to hang the whole mess on the right.

    Can`t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

  26. Anonymous,

    love your fine, tar-brush description of politics, as well as your brilliant analysis of Garth Turner and his blog.

    When you write something guided by fact and logic, I'd be happy to respond. Meanwhile, enjoy your bloggery.

  27. Don Werry,

    Your attack on the "left" might have a point if the "left" had created the sinkhole governments are trying to fill with stimulus packages, and the "left" was collecting the applicable trillions.

    I'd love to see your proof of that one: Goldman Sachs & much company as agents of the "left"!

  28. Anon, again I'm not sure who you are writing to, but on the topic of discussing political events, concepts and politicians in general, these are topics of interest to many. Besides, for someone who believes that a grass roots political revolution is necessary in order to address the rampant abuse wrought by corporations and politicians, I think it is good to have political orientated discussion blended in with our topics.

    I also believe in giving a tip of the hat when someone deserves it, and a taste of the sharp edge of the tongue when that is warranted.

    As far as Garth's snipping is concerned, I always managed to respond in kind to that, with few posts being blocked. Actually, I was very hard on him sometimes, and those posts got through as well.

    You also have to remember that in order to build a readership on a blog, some fireworks go a long way. It appears that has worked, as you just pointed out.

    I also gave him some good advice, i.e. don't vote to extend the Afghan mission, and to drop that Carbon tax/green shift election policy. They didn't listen and you see where that got them.

  29. Don,

    Frank, Dodd, Paulson, Greenspan, Bernanke and Geithner to name a few, have all been linked to their individual involvements in the creation of the foundation of economic ideology and practices that resulted in the bubble effect. Four of them are still pulling levers. That says something.

    Participants on this blog have done some collective research that leads one to acknowledge that the problems weren't created by street level backers of political parties. It is clear that the monetary elite have brought this about, and that they have extraordinary influence on both sides of the so called political spectrum. It is these people who are pushing the agenda for average citizens to bear the financial burden of their mistakes, or their plan, depending on how one sees it. So if there is a socialist movement afoot, that is where it lies.

    Now if you would like to talk about the gun registry, I'm all for that. That came about thanks to the political wankers from Toronto and the despotic nature of majority governments in Canada.

  30. "Your attack on the "left" might have a point if the "left" had created the sinkhole governments are trying to fill with stimulus packages"

    For the 2 years the Democrats controlled congress they repeatedly rejected calls to get freddie and fannie under control.

    By far the biggest advocate and push behind deregulation was Bill Clinton but perhaps you wern`t listening to his speeches on how regulations were hampering economic expansion.

    I could go on but like any leftie you`ll just go into denial and fade away till another topic comes up, too egotistical to admit a mistake, too big a coward to fix it.

    Perhaps you should have a look at how or government functions under the left or right, then t=you won`t be so quick to defend either.

  31. "for someone who believes that a grass roots political revolution is necessary in order to address the rampant abuse wrought by corporations and politicians"

    As a matter of fact I do feel that way. Every revolution needs a reason for the people to bring down the government. We are fortunate that our government gives the people ample reasons on a daily basis. Does discussing Harry or Boca achieve the intent of your blog. Perhaps it`s you that should clarify your intent of this blog.

    "Now if you would like to talk about the gun registry, I'm all that."
    The gun registry, replacing family with daycare, spending our childrens future, destroying the confederation, and all the lies about the economy would be a thing of the past if we had a responsible government. Replacing this corrupt system with one that works for the people is always a crowd pleaser on a revolutionaries blog even though some here still defend the mobsters....

  32. Anon,

    Again I will say, this is a diverse blog, and the subjects are allowed to and do vary according to interest. That is quite simple isn't it?

    I have one requirement, which is also simple. That is that posters do not slander individuals, or make statements about individuals that are legally actionable.

    Next up, the Revolution. As we all know, the only type of Revolutionary activity that will ever have a snow balls chance, is one that addresses the way we select candidates for Government. Both Federally and Provincially. I think most of us also know that Canadians aren't really the Revolutionary type, and so long as they can manage their finances in some reasonable fashion, i.e. roof over head, food in belly, Cable TV, hooker coming over on Saturday night...that type of thing, they won't be taking to the streets anytime soon. It's only when enough people begin to hurt and enough become interested in the problems that affect our system, and educated in these things, that opportunities to change the basis of the political system will present.

    In the mean time, we of Revolutionary intent, must satisfy ourselves with furthering the educational aspects and building forums through which to accomplish this. Enter readability. If a venue does not offer diverse topics of interest, it will lose the attention of those it has managed to gain.

    As it is right now, the idea of political Revolution is probably the farthest thing from the minds of Joe and Jane Canuck. They have lives you know, and deep down they still believe in the system. For the most part. That may change.

    And as I asked before, do you feel you are not getting your moneys worth?

  33. "Again I will say, this is a diverse blog, and the subjects are allowed to and do vary according to interest. That is quite simple isn't it?"

    I never questioned the subject, only the motive behind changing the channel.

    "posters do not slander individuals, or make statements about individuals that are legally actionable"

    Just out of curiosity which of these two did I cross to warrant this extra guidance?

    Oddly I can`t agree with your assessment of joe and jane. Perhaps I attach more importance to the mounting disgust expressed by record low voter turnout or the noticeable increase in people from all walks of life openly referring to the federal government as corrupt, or worse.
    It seems reasonable if we belong to a site that advocates a political revolution because we all agree our government is broken beyond repair, a comment about how some politician that inspired would make every thing good, should perhaps get a little more attention than a passing read while still adhering to the simple rules.
    To put it bluntly how could the most inspiring politician ever in Cdn history change the LPC from a Party of thieves liars and cheats into a functioning government. It would seem that a question worth considering and not blown off by a channel change and then an explanation that somehow casting aspirations was the intent. You might as well say if a real leader replaced the coward by stepping in to lead the CPC everything would be good. Ridiculous, the reality of corruption so rampant at the federal level it has leaked its way right down to municipal level agencies won`t be cured by the greatest leader let alone one who`s only talent is inspiration.
    If that is too much to consider then you only need remember one simple rule. All of a countries problems start and end with government. If things screw up government is responsible, not leaders, not political parties, not corrupt corporations and certainly not the people. There is no higher authority and they will be held accountable because things are very much out of control.
    Please don`t get me wrong, anything good to say about government certainly needs to be part of the equation. I say this because this particular instance has yet to occur but we need to be clear, should there be anything that could even be remotely considered good by the majority of the population it needs to be included or precluded from the cure.
    lol, for the amount of taxes I`ve paid in my life I`d need to live a hundred lives to get my monies worth.

  34. [Chestwaders on]


    since the "Party of thieves liars and cheats" has in fact formed the Government of Canada for 55 of the last 79 years (to the Conservatives 24), you should have no problem providing a bit of evidence for their inability to provide a functioning government that you allege so fervently. Let's have it.

    You should not share Don Werry's fear that I would go into denial, fade away, or be too egotistical to admit a mistake. Just show me the facts and I'll salute them. I know that's asking a bit much, but humour me.

    [Chestwaders off.]

  35. Anon, you really need to be more specific as to whose comments you are replying to, and tidy up your writing so it is more clear what you are trying to say.

    The one thing I will respond to is your contention that political parties and corporations are not the ones screwing things up. Given that political parties control the method of candidate selection, and thus those who form governments, I think they certainly are one of the main contributors. Also they are beholding to those who finance and organize their campaigns, and they position for favors they expect to receive after leaving office, so they represent those special interest groups first and foremost. As in Corporations.

    My comment about getting your moneys worth meant, do you feel you are not getting your moneys worth when you come to this blog? Nothing to do with your taxes.

  36. "You should not share Don Werry's fear"
    lol, no fear Herb, just an often observed habit and after all you did post this to anon and not me but I can field a few words on it myself.

    eg. what has a surviving government in common with a non-functioning government?

    79 years of little or no work done.

    Wish I could compare a functioning government to this surviving one but I can`t find any evidence the government actually has been functioning over the last 79 years unless one counts in the scandal scams and screwups.

    Humour me Herb, what examples would you pick out to show functionality.

    Would it be, the 40 year mortgage, the burglary of the national treasury, the gun registry, or perhaps the GST as Cdns pay one of the highest tax rates of the G-20?

    As anon said, "anything good to say about government certainly needs to be part of the equation, anything that could even be remotely considered good by the majority of the population it needs to be included or precluded from the cure"

    The list starts with you Herb, anything good to say?.
    Are you smiling?

  37. Herb, you`re asking me for evidence the federal government is dysfunctional,(eyebrow raised)
    lol, why not evidence the`re a bunch of liars cheats and thieves, lol wait a minute that's already public knowledge and it`s the reason 9 out of 10 Cdns do not trust federal politicians.

    lol, you are saying 95% of Cdns have it wrong but you have it right. I belive you Herb, the feds have brought Canada up to the standard in our economy, justice a social issues because they are a swell bunch of community folks conscientiously serving the people.

    50 years to get action on the residential schools but government is functioning just fine, ya right.
    The economy started showing serious cracks in 2002 and is now very troubled, gang capital of the world is a Cdn city, boil water,,, well I could go on but I`d rather not tire you out in one sitting as the list is that long.

    I`m considering your request but I doubt we share the same humour.

  38. My comment about getting your moneys worth meant, do you feel you are not getting your moneys worth when you come to this blog?

    I have no expectations when visiting any blog but prefer the small town atmosphere you have created. I thought Garth was quite brave hosting the bashfest as long as he did. Other than that none of the larger sites seem very remarkable or resemble this one so I really have nothing to compare it to. How about you, getting your monies worth?.

  39. Never cared much for Cities Anon. Costs money to do just about anything, and too many people fussing over small things while missing the big things. Farting in the small end of the horn so it can come out louder at the other end.

  40. Anon and Don,

    you sound like a multiple-personality version of Rope(on with a spell checker. Except he limited the "no work" charge to 40 years.

    Look, Anon started off this discussion with "If you found a liberal that wasn't a hypocrite ..." Which implies that all Liberals are hypocrites, or it would not be "iffy" to find one that isn't. Right?

    When I pointed out that hypocrisy hardly is limited to the LPC, you countered with "The Liberals are the biggest bunch of con artists, liars and thieves in the political spectrum of any of the G-20." And then you upped the ante with "To put it bluntly how could the most inspiring politician ever in Cdn history change the LPC from a Party of thieves liars and cheats into a functioning government."

    Well, you advanced your position on the LPC, and I asked you to support it with evidence. Normal rules of debate, Anon, prove your proposition, don't demand that I prove the opposite until after you have done so.

    And since I have been around this horn with Rope on and Poppavox right here, I'll merely refer you to the archives unless you have something new to add (besides invective). And unless you come up with some proof, I'll assume that you are bluffing with a busted flush.

  41. The conversation started on wishing for an inspiring Liberal leader and ended now with you not being able to say anything good about our government.

    You seem like a typical politician, never listen to the people while deciding 95% of Cdns are wrong.

    first denial then the fade

  42. Anon,

    and you seem like the typical fact-free blogger who needs nothing for his satisfaction except his own opinion and an audience.

    Not changing channels, but switching off the set.

  43. "Not changing channels, but switching off the set"

    As predicted, the fade.

    I`m still curios as to which Liberal MP`s were elected with adscam dirty money.

    Very clever to give Elections Canada enough time to destroy the evidence. Elections Canada certainly knew exactly what they were doing. Has anybody checked their bank accounts for unusual deposits?

    Herb how can you possible defend anything concerning our federal government and not expect your fellow bloggers not to notice.

    This is not Cdn media where the few get to stand up and lie their face off without a single challenge, this is the real world.

  44. "you seem like the typical fact-free blogger who needs nothing for his satisfaction except his own opinion"

    Herb it`s not my personal opinion that the Liberals stole $40m from the treasury to use to elect MP`s.

    It`s not my opinion that the Liberals set up the gomer inquiry in order to destroy evidence.

    It`s not my opinion that Martin lifted $100m in taxes from our children.

    It`s not my opinion that insider information was leaked by Brison.

    It`s not my personal opinion the Liberals set up a $2b slush fund to support radical and special interest groups for votes with money from people that voted against them.

    It`s not my opinion that a Liberal PM said government corruption was good for the country.

    It is your imagination that an inspiring leader would turn this band of thieves into a functioning government.

    In case you have yet to notice we banded together on this site because the federal government is dysfunctional, if you don`t think so I`ll ask you one more time, say something good about our government.