Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bill to scrap the Long Gun Registry

"Saskatchewan M.P. Garry Breitkreuz as he introduced a Private Members’ Bill to scrap the decade-old Canadian long-gun registry -- Bill C-301"

I support scrapping this. It's good for those interested in fetchin' squirril and sech...

One might notice that it's a private members bill, which of course means they aren't really serious. But we can spin our wheels on it for a while I suppose. More opportunity for the statesmen and statesladies to look stately.

Mr. Speaker...blah blah blah..


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  2. This happened after swimming in an indoor heavily chlorinated pool?

    I happy to hear everything is alright Charles. They didn't have to lop off any digits did they? ;)

    You know what the problem was with the stupid gun registry? They totally ignored the rural folks. People in the cities have every right to be afraid of all weapons. Some real kooks out there. In the rural communities people can't afford to pay all those fees and they have to have a weapon of some sort. The Libs were only listening to the city folks and the cops.

  3. Hey Charles, I was beginning to wonder you know. So glad you didn't break on through, even though some piling on was evident. Some times a fella just can't catch a break.

    That sure was a weird one. Sneaky too. Who would have thought something so common could cause so much trouble.

    Anywho, glad you are ok and back on the job as Comrade Herb said. I'm happy you are back and taking over where you left off. I won't have to make bad jokes about Joe the Pope as much now.

    Heh Heh..

  4. Dee, if someone wants to do someone in, they will find a way. Statistics prove that long guns have little or no effect on violent crime ratio's. This was more a political boondoggle than anything else. Another one that just so happened to provide ample opportunity for those who feed off of the system. To the tune of some $2 Billion dollars initially, and counting.

    It's is of course bigger than just that, but most people simply offer some snipet of an opinion. If someone buys into the fear factor, that's all they can hear anyway.

  5. Comrade

    "Dee, if someone wants to do someone in, they will find a way. Statistics prove that long guns have little or no effect on violent crime ratio's."

    My reference material is buried deep but from what I can remember when Australia had a gun amnesty to turn in all unused firearms (which in the picture produced a mountain of rifles etc.) stabbing went up dramatically.

    A few facts about the gun registry.
    The success rate verses in relation to the projected cost runs it at 50,000% over budget, further there have been only three registered long gun murders since its inception.

    Further the fund was distributed through the provincial AG`s who then funded web sites by groups that promoted hate against fathers. One particularly disgusting site proclaimed that while all men are dangerous emigrant fathers are the worst. Don`t get excited I posted them as we came across them and I believe the`re all down now.
    The force behind the registry
    The Liberal government knew the courts were on path to the highest sole custody rate in Cdn history so they put together the gun registry to protect mothers and children against angry court abused fathers denied the right to be a father. Obviously we fooled them and took the case to the world wide web. You`ll notice our success in the way the cowards are hiding from the results with stupid little things like `gangs are the problem` when the people that created them is the problem.

    Of all the years listening to my police scanners, the countless calls to the registry for domestic disputes calls was all they used it for. On one occasion a cruiser was dispatched to a home burglary, a witness said she thought she could still see them inside. The officers didn`t check the registry to see if these buglers might have found a weapon in a closet. This became such a great slush fund but the ongoing increase in cost limited use was to what it was designed for.

  6. When you consider how dangerous and damaging to children the federal government perpetuated lie that the most important thing to a child is child support you have to know they did not hesitate to commit any scam, perpetuate any lie to promote their sick political agenda that is supported by the justice industry that in turn is supported by a huge industry wide increase in productivity thanks to funding from the G registry.

    There is a reason BC has 50% more lawyers than doctors and now we have 50% more criminals with the fun just starting.

    Canada has a serious global problem with the economy, our own societal crisis will leave a bigger mark for much longer.

  7. Just another treasure brought to us by majority government. What? You don't like it?


    The operative word here is mistake. It's not in the politicians/bureaucrats dictionary. They have an alternative word though. Layers. Layers upon layers of bureaucratic red tape mazes carefully crafted over many years by multiple layers of bureaucrats committed to the continuance of bureaucracy.

    There, said the retiring bureaucrat, I have made my contribution. My indefinable legacy is sufficiently obscure, now I can retire at 52. Pension please.

  8. I have no idea if ending the gun registry would have any effect on the rest of what you write about Robert, but as things are now, I see a system that is confused. There are people within it that realize it is highly imperfect and act according to their own discretion when possible. What this does in effect is create something akin to playing roulette. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

    Looking at the issues from a broader view point, I see people who realize that there are many abuses. This realization comes from experience and when that comes, the job gets really tough. Sorting through those involved and trying to determine who is abusing the system and who isn't, is not always easy given the volume of persons going through the system at any one point in time.

    Enter the roulette wheel. The inexperienced, the lazy, the thick, the never were committed, the I'm only here for the paycheck's, the biased, the myopic, the Professor said disciples, those without acumen and those with agendas. The last category can be expanded considerably to include another list.

    Then there are also the committed, the experienced, some with wisdom, some who care, some who want changes, some who are very smart, some who have an inherent ability. On the very odd occasion, and with all the luck of a shit house rat, you get one who encompasses all in this paragraph.

    Also, there are different prevailing attitudes from province to province. Just to make matters even more unbalanced. So that's a luck of the draw deal.

    I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that in some provinces this system is so intertwined with the legal profession and driven by it, that innocents involved are at the mercy of the complicated set of ever changing obscure laws and criteria. In provinces where there is insufficient funds to cover the costs of all the experiments, the legal profession hasn't been nearly as effective in industrializing human suffering.

    Some times a child can simply have too many toys in their box.

    Having said all of that, there is an approach that is effective in facing down the vultures and the committee of idiots. It is a strategy basically, and it takes not only commitment, but steady stewarding as well. I say that a good General opens a number of fronts, and that is an integral part. Firstly one has to approach this with an overview of the entire situation and as much understanding as possible of the so called rules and those involved. Only then can one mount an effective strategy. Once this is achieved, then patience is your friend, impatience your enemy.

    But the most important consideration, can be summed up in a million dollar phrase. Seven simple words.

    Something to ponder.

  9. "General opens a number of fronts"

    One is enough.

    Ontario is now a have not and with the results rolling in or rather over Vancouver, international investors will steer a course even father away from Canada.

    Economic conditions frame the seven simple words.