Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ontario hopes to create 50,000 Green jobs

I was reading along in the article linked below, thinking this sounds pretty good. Some good things in the overall intentions I would think, but coming to the end of the article there is discussion on eliminating coal fired electricity production by the end of 2014. How realistic is that?

Interesting position on potential complaints regarding locating of renewable energy sources;

"Premier Dalton McGuinty has warned activists and municipalities that the province won't tolerate any objections to new wind turbines or solar panel farms that aren't based on safety or environmental concerns."

It is also interesting how quickly some people will complain when wind farms etc. are located in their area. The Snow Bird song lady comes to mind as she was quite outspoken about how a development close to her Pictou County N.S. summer home was going to inconvenience her and lower her property values.

"They are imposing structures and not the sort of thing one would wants to see from a golf course," Murray wrote Tuesday in a commentary published in a Halifax newspaper.

" The turbines would generate 30 megawatts, enough power for about 15,000 homes. The development is proposed to be online in 2009."


  1. Comrade

    If there was a desire to do so Canada could replace all coal and oil fired generators as quick as a fuel source could be produced. don't know if you heard about the experiment at Nanticoke last year where it was run for three days successfully on wood pellets instead of coal. Since then the Ontario government is inventorying how much biomass they have to switch fuels with a renewable and cleaner burning one. The same catalytic technology in simple pellet stoves and modern wood stoves is used by an increasing number of municipalities to burn garbage for power. The key element to the procedure is the moisture content of the fuel with the lowest content burning the hottest and cleanest. Interestingly the emissions from burning wood in this way are much less than natural gas and being a natural source of carbon are absorbed into the environment with little or no residue or txic materials left over. Along with solar and wind power all of these technologies are now proven and ready for large scale implementation which would ultimately result in eliminating fossel fuels as a source of electricity.

    The next step would be building and retrofitting as many houses as practical to electric and geothermal heating sources as well as wood backup. Along with changing transportation to non fossel fuel sources I would suggest that in twenty or thirty years we will be using half of our current consumption of oil and very little coal.

    Now consider that for a hundred kilometers north of the border from Whitehore west the Yukon has over a million hectares of spruce beetle destroyed forest waiting to go up in smoke and B.C. has almost ten times that much, all that needs to be cut down and used. If we don't use them then the amount of carbon released into the air when they do burn will offset many years of carbon absorbtion by all of Canada's forests which is why we are considered a negative risk now. If you add up the number of jobs in recovering and drying the biomass needed, building and retrofitting the plants and transporting the fuel to the sites it is needed , that would offset a major portion of the job losses created by the depression. The best part is that most of these new jobs will be permanent ones unlike the governments so called stimulous plan.

    At least one leader in this country has vision and it remains to be seen if any others can see past their eyelids.

  2. Is this what lies in store for us . . .
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    Greetings to all. Interesting that Ont. 'hopes' to create X thousand green jobs. Isn't that what M. Dion would have done if elected, in co-operation with the provinces?

    Canada is screwed royally one way or the other. Why? Because most Cdns. are sheeple, led by big talk and no action.

    No matter. Dion, Garth, Michael Chong, Bill Casey and others are better off serving their constituents, not the party, so let CRAP take the full blame for the downturn.

    They earned it -- let them enjoy it!
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  3. I am posting this for Herb as he is having a problem with the word verification.

    Herb said;

    "Wasn’t closing Ontario's coal-fired generating plants within five years a plank of McGuinty's election platform in his first campaign? What's stopped him from doing it, and why is he resurrecting it now?

    Methinks cost and feasibility did it the first time around. Promising pie-in-the-sky to distract from intractable economic reality could be the reason to fly it now. (I don’t think that any Canadian politician has the malice of forethought to use a crisis to force through a great but previously unaffordable measure.)

    Wayupnorth, any idea of the cost in plant and energy to produce and move all those wood pellets? Then add $10 to 15 thou’ per existing home furnace.

    Charles, Afghanistan will run its course along the two tried-and-true Vietnam lines: double the effort to square the error (Sir Robert Thompson), then look for a way "to crawl out of ... [delete Vietnam, insert Afghanistan] standing up" (Frank Snepp).

    The first principle of war is Selection and maintenance of the aim. That's where the USA and a reluctant NATO came unstuck right at the start."

    Comradely greetings, Herb.