Monday, February 23, 2009

Canwest close to collapse, CBC report

"Failing to find investors could lead to the collapse of the Winnipeg-based media empire and cost the Asper family control of the company founded by their late father, Israel Harold (Izzy) Asper, the newspaper states."

Hmmm.... Calamity or investment opportunity? Oh right, it's not election time. That narrows it down some.


  1. He took on too much. Coyne was right in some respects. We need differing opinions from a broad spectrum of views otherwise we'll be in danger of having a very narrow perspective.

    Heard the vultures have surrounded the business. Willing to cough up cash if Asper steps aside or so it is rumoured.

    I now know why Al Jazeera English television isn't allowed here.

    It doesn't matter that the Arabic version is Very different from the English version. Guess the 'man', whoever that is, is afraid.

  2. As I can't read arabic, I can't compare but the few times I have read items on the english site I must say I wasn't impressed. I found the writing to be amateurish and biased, like much of the pro Israel clap trap that's out there.

    I realize that many people don't pay attention to what goes on in the world, but for the pro Israel folks to continue their bleating seems pretty much a case of them thinking if they holler long enough and loud enough, they will drown out the opposing views. It's all a propaganda war now.

    No one could have done more damage to the reputation and image of Israel than they did themselves with the latest offensive in Gaza.

  3. Does this mean that we won't need the Asper Museum in Winnipeg and can save $100M or so?

  4. When I read about it was $400M Herb. What a hypocrisy that whole thing is.

    It's not that bad Comrade. Al Jazeera television (some of it you can watch on youtube) can get their cameras into places the other agencies can't. The guy who's running the English television version used to be at CBC.

    And you're absolutely right about the Gaza incursion. There was a really interesting article written up in the Times?? about how careful the reporters had to be, from Gaza's perspective and Israel's. It was an insightful article. I'll see if I can find it and post.

    One of the comments from the blog link I posted argued those criticizing Israel and being called 'anti-semitic' for it is the same as when people criticized America for the Iraq invasion and being called 'anti-American'. I thought that was an interesting take.

  5. Dee, just remember that everything you read is written for a purpose and directed toward an end. The trick is to discern the purpose and to discount the writing accordingly. The same applies to staged events.

    The "knee-jerk anti-Americanism" inserted several times in each issue of the Asper Ottawa Citizen during the Iraq crank-up, does not in any way differ from the use of "anti-semitism" by the claque of the State of Israel.

    It is all propaganda that we have to get out of democracy. As long as it works, we are stuck in "nominal" democracy and led by the nose.

  6. You're right Herb but I love reading all sides of the 'hype' or 'spin' or 'bullshit' or whatever other names it goes under.

    You gotta wonder what the objectives are sometimes. There's always an objective to bullshit.

    I don't read or watch any Asper holdings. Doesn't interest me.k

    It's funny but I've always associated propaganda with facism. Who knew eh? ;)