Thursday, February 26, 2009

So.... what have our Government representatives been up to lately?

Here's one item of truly National interest;

Then there's this;

"Minister of Veteran Affairs Greg Thompson accused Carolyn Bennett yesterday of making some sort of 'unacceptable' and 'embarassing' gesture toward Helena Guergis, the Minister of State for the Status of Women."

Apparently Ms. Bennett made blonde joke gestures. Imagine.

Were they done yet? Nope.

"The so-called Catgate scandal just won't seem to go away. Conservative MP Lois Brown raised the issue again in the House of Commons yesterday in another feeble attempt by her Party to score a political point or two. She also sided with avowed racist Kathy Shaidle and defended her right to appear on national television."

Catgate refers to Warren Kinsella making some remarks regarding a restaurant in Ottawa. Like who cares?

I have just one word for all this. Clusterf*ck.


  1. "Clusterf*ck"? Waddaya mean, Comrade, it's nominal democracy at its finest!

    The whole point of these exercises in mental simplicity is to impress the yokels. "Statements by Members" are read into the record to see the light of day only as a citation in a constituency householder: "Look what I, your Member, said on your behalf in the House of Commons ..." Question Period? Pointless posturing by potted plants (count the p’s!) If they knew that QP actually were watched by voters, the actors would act quite differently. As it is, they perform for each other and trust to applause from the party claque.

    End this travesty of democracy! Get voters to think with their heads and force politicians to deal in truth and reality. Let's hear it for the Revolution and democracy, Comrades.

  2. Yep Herb, it's all kind of surreal. When the honorable members start bringing the underbelly of the internet into parliament, it's a clear sign of the status of democracy. Add to that the shenanigans going on with both big parties, and this so called democracy is looking more and more like a juvenile competition between frat houses.

    I wonder if anyone is keeping score in the ass kissing competition? There's no money in politics..Naahh. They just like to make fools of themselves.

  3. Speaking of "both big parties", Jim Travers tells it like it is in a couple of paragraphs of his "Teflon Ottawa doesn't feel your pain":

    "What's really disturbing is that the two mainstream parties don't really believe in what they're doing. Conservatives have reasonable doubts about the effectiveness of the stimulus package along with equally legitimate concerns about the hangover effect of huge deficits. Liberals know the budget fails the party's test of safeguarding the most vulnerable and that delaying auto industry restructuring under bankruptcy protection is a costly investment in the past, not the future.

    It might be different if this wasn't a minority government and the two dominant parties weren't positioning themselves for yet another election. A more courageous ruling party and a less cynical opposition would coalesce around two guiding priorities. One would ensure the social safety net is strong enough to catch those knocked down by recession. The other would concentrate government spending on cutting-edge projects with potential to lead a more competitive Canada out of the recession and into a changed world.

    CPC and LPC being irrelevant to the welfare of Canada, we are in good hands with - the BQ?