Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lest we forget. 108

"A Canadian soldier was killed by a roadside bomb Saturday near Kandahar city, the military reported.

Sapper Sean David Greenfield, 25, was a combat engineer based in Petawawa, Ont."

At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them.


  1. Comrade, yes we will. I always remember them first. Then, the anger comes. Why don't we hear more about the futility in Afghanistan, the massive corruption in the political body, rot does come from the top down, the inside out. Karzai wants the killing of his civillians stopped and us out. And the drugs. And how our people are coming home...I miss lots of the Comrades at Garths. The war report. It's so necessary. Blackwater banned from Iraq. I saw that Company Owner testify to Congress. It's 'connections' to Haliburton, the White House. The principles at work here are what exactly, Comrade One?.

  2. Morning Linda. The principles at work? Other than greed, power and ideology, I can't think of anything significant. There is always their argument that they are protecting Western society from another bogeyman. But who created the bogeyman?

  3. Morning Comrade. But to what end, this somewhat orchestrated chaos? Thanks to Mark Kelly/CBC for a War Report last night. I hear more on BBC usually. I hope they do a report on how our recruitment numbers have been climbing, they've adopted the video-game generation, and how joblessness drives up numbers. (ps~I'm trying to learn email. How do I send to you? Address? Appreciate your help!)

  4. Morning Linda. To what end? Profit and feeding egos generally. Unfortunately, these things often result in calamities, some by design some not. Then more calamities as the fixes are applied. Like the Shaw of Iran and Saddam Hussein scenarios.

    When I bring up this web page my email address appears on the top right, but apparently it doesn't for others. So here it is.