Monday, February 9, 2009

Insanity is Denying the Undeniable

Submitted by Poppavox (Robert)

Comrade, further on my opinion of the right President at the right time,.
While Canada took sole custody to it`s highest historical level ever Bush cut funding to the radical groups backed by the lawyers. While youth crime has been going down in the US ours has been accelerating with reports reported crime is as low as 1 in 7 and mischief up in Vancouver 39% in the latest reading, even after manipulating crime statistics.
On the other hand I was wrong about Obama being the right President as he`s now funding the same insanity that will cripple their next generation.
I have to add all in all it was for not anyway as the economic crunch along with the social crunch are now tandem, we accomplished nothing in the last tens years so I certainly am not objecting to your view of my opinion, just laying out what was a valid perspective till we wound up with a
President that hates families as much as the radical feminists.
MEXICO CITY, February 3, 2009
UNFPA representative Arie Hoekman, a leader in the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has declared that the breakdown of traditional families, far from being a "crisis," is actually a triumph for human rights.
Leonardo Casco told LifeSiteNews that he wasn't surprised that the UNFPA was denying the crisis in the family.
"They definitely have to deny that there is a crisis in the family, because they have created the crisis," he said.
Obama is pouring $4B into funding this while Canada like the United Nations Population Fund is in denial to the result to children. Next up, replacing family with daycare, Total Insanity.
"No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one." Simone de Beauvoir, author of _The Second Sex_, the book that is credited with launching the mainstream of the modern feminist movement ---
"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." (radical feminist leader Sheila Cronan).


  1. Further info on the family crisis the United Nations Population Fund is in denial over.

    "the breakdown of traditional families, far from being a “crisis,” is actually a triumph for human rights"

    ***Posted to a shared parenting site***

    The readers of this page will recall the numerous warning over the last ten years of the current crop of criminals fusing with what will be the generational results of ignoring the 1998 government report `For the Sake of the Children`. The signal of what is to come over the next 5 years, mischief in this same city in the following article up 39% in a year. The result from the intentionally created historical highest number of parent denied children from the highest sole custody rate in history now flooding the streets doubling the number of street gangs in a year. It`s started, denial won`t solve the problem.

    Yes, very definitely the Canadian family in crisis will flow into a societal crisis over the next 5 years. The unhinged will continue to deny while promoting and even funding more propaganda, oblivious to the carnage it`s creating.

    Report finds B.C. judges not softer on criminals

    February 9, 2009 12:01 PM

    The report comes as gang violence continues to escalate in the Lower Mainland, and as people have been demanding a response from government.
    Attorney General Wally Oppal said the report helps to underscore his belief that longer sentences would not necessarily fix the problem.

  2. Robert you have picked a couple of monsters to do battle with. The Social system and the Justice Industry. The underlying issues, as I see it, are societal and bureaucratic working in tandem. How one addresses this without addressing both components, I have no idea.

    On the one hand we have people pushing the pendulum of change too far all at once, and on the other hand a government system that bounces along reacting to this and providing opportunities for segments of the legal and social professions.

    So what gets fixed first? Society or the system created to represent societies interests? Or does anything get fixed per se?

    Who wants to carry that ball? It's a thankless task as no matter how sincere someone's intent, they will be attacked or ignored or become frustrated.

    Yes there are far too many Children without proper guidance, and that is creating it's own world of problems. Much of which is masked one way or another for now. We also have to bear in mind that attitudes in homes and among professionals have a great bearing as well. Also that this is a human consideration and not necessarily a one size fits all solution scenario. Some young people eventually react well to patience. Some don't. The problem lies in determining which is which.

    I believe much youth crime is masked now, as prosecutors don't act on a lot of it. They often justify this with likelihood of successful prosecution, and much gets lost in the works there. Even violent acts are often ignored. Drugs is another area that is swept under the carpet most often unless it involves adult participants and or very large quantities.

    My 15 yr old and his buddy told me a story about a vice principal taking grass off a student and them walking in on this VP later on only to find him with the baggie open on his desk with a rolling paper in front of him. The student who had the dope wasn't suspended either. That happened last year.

    Also last year, in that same school one student attacked another during lunch break off of school property, by walking up behind him and attacking without warning. Then mercilessly beating and kicking him. The victim had multiple injuries including a severe concussion and was hospitalized for about a week. Nothing of consequence was done to the offender. This year, the same student attacked another only this time in front of a VP after the VP had warned him not to, and that he would call the Police this time. I guess he is suspended now, but that doesn't mean a lot. Other incidents last year had the offenders returning to school and being given special treatment for exams and such things. This high school has incidents like these regularly. It is uncommon to go a week without fights. Some very violent. I have even seen video's of one of these posted on youtube. And it was vicious and there was a crowd of approx 30 attending the event.

    I gave up on this school, as I received no co-operation in attempting to make things better, just a lot of side stepping and buck passing. The good news is, that I changed my Son's schools and have first hand evidence of how committed people can make a difference. And I attribute that almost singularly to one person's guidance and personal commitment. The Principal of my Son's new high school is highly experienced, deeply committed, intelligent and directly involved. When my Son told me the old guy who is 2 yrs. from retirement, attended the school formal and stayed on the floor the whole evening, keeping things in order, I was very impressed. He doesn't fool around with the wanksters either. He has a teacher who is big and ugly who backs him up and he calls the Police right pronto. And they act when he calls. Actually, I had interacted with him earlier, and liked very much the things he told me and they way he spoke. No nonsense, no BS, just a straight up guy who knows his stuff. The academic atmosphere is also far better as the staff are also committed and much more involved. I hope that his influences continue on after his retirement.

    My Son also has a part time job and some of the stories he brings home these days have me shaking my head. Mostly about drugs, and how this affects other young people working there.
    Again these things are societal and bureaucratic failures. These kids aren't all from one parent homes. Some are. Many are afforded freedoms that I'm not comfortable with, but that's another against the wind struggle as trying to go against the flow is not easy.

  3. Comrade

    Solutions at this stage of development in the highest parent denied generation are getting very thin. Especially thin when the control authority, the federal government backed by the justice industry, knowingly and intentionally created it.
    We are now facing a societal breakdown that would be bad enough on it`s own without our collapsing economy, another responsibility of the federal government that intentionally have made things worse through bad policies fueled by personal agendas.
    I have come to the conclusion any fix has to start with the removal of the federal government responsible, in it`s entirety.
    As I only report and have no authority to make changes I have suggested a system of governance to replace our broken system, including the option to let economic conditions force the changes required if you don`t like the first option. Obviously the government doesn`t like the first and have gone with the second option. I have yet to hear a viable third option.

    don`t blame me, I never voted

  4. In a decade Vancouver gangs went from 10 to over 130 with the largest increase in the last year. While government might try smoke this over saying it`s just the 2010 games welcoming committee gearing up it is in fact fueled by the start of the highest number of parent denied children flooding out into the streets. The majority of Cdns blame the courts by an overwhelming majority. The courts won`t do anything but deny and say public perception is all wrong. They can`t do anything about it because if they did the public would gain confidence and actually start reporting crime. If 2 in 7 reported crime instead of the reported 1 in 7 the crime rate would double. The government is having a hard enough time now with plausible deniability, they would be screwed if the real amount of crime became official.
    We`re lucky government is only moving in incremental steps as the`re steps backwards.

    btw we`ll see some capitulation when government starts cutting programs, I expect the BC Ombudsman office would be the first place to start as they are very limited to what they can do for the amount they spend. Don`t worry about the Legislation, government can change the law in a weekend.

  5. Did You Know

    Guess what city has the highest number of gangs per capita than anywhere else in the world. Bogota, Mexico city, Baghdad, Miami,. LA,,,, nope, Vancouver British Columbia Canada, which also has the highest property crime rate in NA.
    But government says not to worry even if the highest number of parent denied children in Cdn history are fusing in.

    Don`t worry, be happy.
    The government says publics perception is all wrong. I wonder if it`s just `technical` crime like we are in a `technical` recession.

  6. The perception that government is attempting to get the public to believe gangs being the problem is ridiculous.

    First of all gangs don`t create crime even if they commit some crime. Gangs grow because crime grows not the other way around as government is trying to promote. Feeding crime and increasing the gang number is the generation of parent denied children I warned about, but they still are not the problem even if they create one. The problem is the federal government policies that created the accelerated numbers of troubled youths. The problem is decades of failed federal government policy backed by some of the most ridiculous lies, `gangs are the problem`, `child support is the most important thing to a child of divorce` and `the courts rule in the best interests of the child`.

    The system won`t admit to being broken so how could anyone believe it will fix itself, ridiculous.

  7. MSM was good enough to show how many less police Vancouver had than other major cities but failed to note we have more police on the street per capita than at any time in history.

    You`ll notice I started with a quote from Watts and ended with one.

    Like I said you can only cook the crime rates for so long before the results of the highest number of parent denied children in Cdn history feeding gang growth overwhelms the system. The next 5 years will not go by unnoticed by the public.

    btw the majority of Cdns blame the courts, lets not forget whos responsibility it is to maintain a just society.
    A system broken by corruption will not fix itself.

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Surrey's crime rate plummets

    "We're pretty excited about the first quarter results," said Mayor Dianne Watts, referring to crime statistics published in a RCMP report covering January to March.

    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    Public questions police ability to tackle gang crime: survey

    "This was a very hard fall in confidence."

    August 26, 2008

    B.C.'s crime rates hit 30-year low

    The reported crime rate in B.C. is at a 30-year low, according to statistics announced Tuesday by the provincial government.

    February 13, 2009

    B.C. to boost special gang unit by 20 officers today
    Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts said she was glad the province is taking action.

  8. BC Government focuses on gangs.

    It appears as though the`ve forgotten the tens of thousands of parent denied children starting to flood the streets that are feeding gang growth. I remind everyone that these are Cdn children, yours and mine that the vultures are prying on, and if the lawyers aren`t bad enough the gangs are soliciting the victims.