Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Great Recession

Some interesting views from Harvard economic historian, Niall Ferguson. Among other things, he refers to this little spot of troubles as the Great Recession which he indicates may well last for better part of a decade. Besides discussing things like possible civil wars in some less stable countries, he does have some positive things to say. I agree with much of his analysis and thought I would pass it along. I picked it up over at Squirrels r Us.



  1. I'm glad Mr.Garth got around to reading it. The Black Swan is also an excellent read.

    Both authors tackle economic issues differently than the fortune tellers/economists. I love the historical analysis and it's not done with tunnel vision.

    Somehow I don't think China is going to feel as much pain as Ferguson describes. I'm basing this on posts I've read at Angry Bear. However, some of them have tasted capitalism, as you previously said, and it may pose a problem down the road.

    Interesting how Gordon Brown is in the U.S. along with our leader. Making the rounds or discussing strategy? Leader has a meeting with the former prez wife.

  2. Posted this at Mr. Garth's


    Check out the rent link he's posted.

    And I also posted this;


    I'm logging off now so I can go and thump my head against the wall.

  3. Dee, maybe Harper and Mrs. Bush are going to have a revival? Hope they invite sister sarah.

    I thought Ferguson quite realistic, and a pleasant surprise given his association with Harvard. I was beginning to wonder about that place. I think the economies of net exporters of consumer goods are going to slide in proportion to the net importing countries. Pretty simple when the interdependence is considered.

    How each economy deals with it will depend on ability to cope with unemployment and levels of self sufficiency I suppose.

  4. Sorry Comrade. I meant the other former prez.

    Obama is a great orator. Won't help the economy in the long run. The underlying problems are still there.

    Watch for the rally but people can't spend what they don't have. Keep that in mind before drinking kool-aid. That and a belief in fairies.;)

  5. In case some of us had oodles of money and we didn't know what to do with it, here is one idea.
    How the other half lives.

    What selling lots of coffee will get you! This is the new yacht that Ron Joyce (owner of Tim Horton's Coffee) just bought.

    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! (Courtesy wrh.com)

    "We now live in a state of permanent war - a global arms industry, apparently the largest single international business, must have its products used up so more can be sold. There must be profits for the capitalists and jobs for the proles... Are we not still in Caligula's Rome?" -- David Watson, New Internationalist magazine, May 2000, p35
    A link re: the possibility of Japan losing it's status as a 'safe haven'. -- http://www.moneymorning.com/ -- plus gold may double this year.

    Keep in mind that if and / or when gold rises, inflation usually follows suit.

    Or, if Switzerland stutters, here are ways to make profits. I have to assume all of us at Progressive Comrades have been bailed out as well, so we all have billions to invest somewhere! -- http://tinyurl.com/cubpnn
    The Fed is using George Orwell's 'doublespeak' again. After all, didn't they help create some of these sub-primes, derivatives, all that kind of junk which sheeple bought into?

    The Fed is laughing its head off! -- http://tinyurl.com/daj2pn
    One way of starting a new trade war! -- http://tinyurl.com/cxtaoh
    When fighting happens on an island, because of low wages and rising prices, it is obvious that there is something wrong with this world.

    There are many examples -- this is but one. -- http://tinyurl.com/cwfd5v
    Thanks Dee for sending this over!

  6. Okay, I thought this vid was cute and that's why I'm posting the link.


    There's an English version but I thought the German version was better.

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    "We believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector on the broader housing market will likely be limited." -- Ben Bernanke, May 2007

    "There is a reasonable prospect that the current recession will end in 2009" -- Ben Bernanke, February 2009
    Sarkozy hints that eastern Europe, formerly known as The Iron Curtain, is on the verge of fiscal collapse.

    If it falls, the EU and Euro will go down with them, and that's when all the pins start falling -- Credit Default Swaps, Credit Card Debt, etc. -- all fall down like the King's horses and men! -- http://tinyurl.com/bnjfae