Sunday, February 1, 2009

Citizens, lend me your ears. Part one.

I read the Obama update provided by Comrade Herb, and it got me to writing. I wanted to continue for a bit with my speech from the Throne. Last post. (for those following along who don't always catch my obtuse sense of humour, my Throne is the toilet)

Here's the thing. We are a wreck. The wreck has been caused by fiscal mismanagement at many levels, and participation in aiding the haves, to have it all. This will be a short version. In times such as these, even many of the Noveau Riche come to understand what I am about to blather on about.

Here comes some of the things that make me a Centrist. Please remember that a Centrists views should encompass aspects from the larger sphere of the political, social and economic spectrum.

I disagree with government gone wild, and the realities that this brings into the lives of ordinary people. The main characteristic is that bloated bureaucracy loses sight of who it serves, and the concept under which it began. In fact, it turns it around 180 degrees and makes the People serve the government and it's agents. Some of its agents then procure a Union to serve them, which in time turns this 180 degrees. In the end, it is the citizens who suffer. I am not anti Union, again I plead Centrist in my defense.

I have had sufficient experience with government agencies to make the statements that they are paid substantially more than private enterprise counterparts, receive superior benefits and are entitled to retire far earlier. Additionally, their productivity levels are inferior and time off work for various reasons exceeds that of private enterprise.

PLUS, they have virtually absolute job security. Regardless of how useless they may be. Once the probationary period is over, we is stuck with them. Something that is not enjoyed in private enterprise, especially small business. Again, in short, their allegiance is bought and paid for.

I ask these questions, not expecting anyone to answer, what is it that makes these Servants of the People special? What sets them apart and elevates them from their private enterprise counterparts?

Speak to me O Great Gods of Civil Service and Government. Explain it. No one will of course, as it's one of those things people in high places just don't talk about. Not publicly anyway.

Moving on to the next priority item. Lobbyists and corporate influence. As we are now seeing clearly, these entities and government are directly related and hold a system based on socialism in reserve for their use only. I have written about this before, but on a smaller scale. Now it is so huge, it can't be denied or spun.

Experience tells me that just replacing senior managers in either government or corporate environments is not going to fix the ills. I say this because it doesn't take long before the cancer of doing as little as possible while still enjoying the perks, spreads to the new participants as well. So what do we do?

Ah, that's what I was fine-tuning on the Throne this morning.

Before going further, I should reiterate that in order for people to firstly sit up and pay attention, and secondly for real change to have a snowballs chance in hell of coming to pass, one thing has to happen first. People have to hurt really really bad. Otherwise, as Comrade Herb has said, it will just be business as usual.

This is another prerequisite; this economic calamity isn't the result of a master plan. If it is, they will back off before the tipping point. Once the majority of their overall goals have been achieved. Those being, making people thankful for their jobs and not being so demanding. Dropping wages and increasing competition for the jobs that are available and thus driving pay scales down. Making shit piles of money on the backs of the unwise and those not astute. And laying the groundwork to make a shit pile more with minimum interference from do gooders. Again short version. I'm trying to be brief and not lose anyone.

Ok, assuming this economic upheaval is not a master plan, then on to Comrades fix. Even if it is, this is what needs to happen.

First, the Revolution. Nothing will change until the people in control are changed, and that will happen only once the system of choosing candidates and effectively controlling campaigns is changed.

Second, the head of government has to make clear their intent to clean up the mess, and take out the garbage, starting with leading by example. I have done this before, and I know it can work. It's a matter of being free of ties to big money/parties and free to serve the People. The Key begins there. Serve the People, not the People serving the elite.

How does one go about that most would ask? Scornfully, and with disdain in most cases. Let me tell you.
You start with cleaning House. The House. The House of Parliament, Government, its agents and its affiliates. (Told you they would hate me.) You lead by example. And you employ a lot of bodyguards.

Again, a short version but I will expand if anyone is interested. First thing you do is cut a minimum of 20% off of operating costs in the House and in Government. Less ministers, less senators, smaller expense accounts AND..demand personal accountability. All the way down the line. From the minister to the deputy to his staff to the department. You initiate an austerity program in government and address the cost of government support services. Including the unions. Good business people, managers and bean counters would be able to do this. It starts with the auditor general's department and common sense.

The first thing though, is to lead by example. Bring down the costs of High government by the minimum I mentioned, and then issue a challenge with teeth. Change the game so that those who don't keep pace pass on into the next dimension.

Next would be the corporate world and tackling blatant greed and disregard for the health of the Nation. Again with teeth. These things would not be for the timid, but would result in pushing the reset button. Those caught for significant crimes against the Nation and the People would face very stiff consequences. So stiff, that it would deter and in time virtually end such behaviour.

As time went on, and people came and went, the overall mindset would change for the better and funds would be freed up for a better and more responsive society. And the sense of entitlement would go the way of John Manley's business card from the hand of Stephane Dion.



  1. Leading by example. Quite an encompassing principle. They belive in 'trickle-down economics' but won't accept that their acts affect the psyche of the World's people? You know why, don't you Comrade One? Remember when even the appearance of conflicted interests would be enough... What did you mean by the last sentence in your post?

  2. Linda, there was a news clip of Dion some time after John Manley accepted the position to put together a report on Afghanistan, where Dion jokingly pitched Manley's business card over his shoulder. It was kind of funny.

  3. You have so many good ideas-and others do as well. In my heart I know and teach my daughter that ONE person can make a difference. I think it may be what you and Herb talked about-pain being a great teacher and when the people have had enough...we seem so insulated from how the people in Europe are reacting to the jobless situation.