Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From the Ministry of Good News (Sort of)

Something that is in short supply these days, is good news. I am forever watchful though. Here is some good, some not so good and some hope maybe. The following link is to a Bloomberg article that starts about the 147% increase in ocean transport costs this year (what did I say before?), then goes on to discuss how China's stimulus package is making many experts (aka Sperts) bullish on the Loonie, the Aussie and the Krone.

Without further ado, something somewhat hopeful for a change;

"Oil Rebound

China is the world’s biggest consumer of copper and iron ore and has helped each rally this year by about 10 percent, benefiting Australia and Canada, which account for 10 percent of world production of the two metals. Oil, Norway’s top export, will average $66 a barrel in the fourth quarter, up from an average of $40.62 since Jan. 1, according to the median forecast of 34 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. China is the world’s second-biggest energy user."


  1. Comrade?

    The Baltic Dry Index has been trading up for the last few days or perhaps a week or two. No one knows what's going on in China because the government controls the message so tightly.

    I've been thinking....See the beads of sweat??;)

    I would like to know how many people in the U.S. were forced to take on more debt because of a catastrophic medical event. I've been reading quite a few stories about people who were forced to take on more debt because of medical bills. They are now in the process of losing their homes.

    Does anyone know if anyone in the U.S. is keeping those kind of stats?


  2. We are screwed for the last time

    For the bigger picture in the 70`s people had savings accounts but the energy spike used up most of that. Fortunately even people now short on cash still had assets which they used to spike housing in 81. That collapsed and burned up the assets so in the 80`s the government spent huge deficits. Spin up to the 90`s where government touted the depreciated loonie pulling income from cash and assets starved consumers. Follow that up with cheap money putting people in houses they couldn`t afford with no down payment. Now we ere back to the same failed deficit program government used in the 80`s to back cash and asset depleted consumers. I have to ask why, does current governments think the Cdn 80`s plan failed because they didn`t spend enough or is there so little left in the cupboard we might as well throw that on the stove too?
    We went back to the 70`s with the recent $150/barrel oil and have spent our way through the 80`s again so the next in the series is for a 90`s style drastic reduction the size of government.
    If there`s any optimism in commodity price gains it`s only because WW3 gets closer, not consumer demand.

    screwed for the last time

    They did it, they finally managed to cut my income from where I couldn`t afford be a father to not having a roof over my head. She told my kids it was to pay her lawyer but there`s nothing in the order about court costs. Yes I did run it by the BC Ombudsman but they see no problem in declaring me a dead beat dad when I paid ever cent owning. They see no problem in my ex beating my kids to the ground when they asked to see me because she lied about why the courts gave her the money. She`s lying, they know it and this is purely to shut me up. To stop telling everyone the lies that government is using to hide more lies.

    I`ll take this opportunity to let you know Comrade and friends it is an interesting site on the big picture scale.


  3. Getting down to my last days of internet connection but I havn`t lost it yet, lol, well maybe reading the following letter to FMEP I have lost it.

    February 18, 2009

    Gisela Hauschildt

    Enforcement Officer

    Congratulations. Your letter writing campaign left me too broke to be a father and now you enforcing a lie has left me without enough money to pay the rent.

    Have you noticed that the provinces that collect the most child support have 50% more youth problems than the ones that collect the least. With 80% of repeat young offenders coming from a parent denied family and the current explosion in Vancouver with gangs (highest per capita of anywhere on the face of the planet) now being fed by the historically highest number of parent denied children now flooding the streets, I say again to you personally, well done.
    Does it bother you that abusing children by bankrupting the father out of there lives bother you. Not just mine but the tens of thousands just in Vancouver alone. Have you ever seen the anguish a child goes through when they lose a much loved parent? You should be very ashamed but then again it`s obvious you don`t believe in God so I don`t imagine you or your ilk are bothered by a few thousand children abused by your deeds.

    Did I mention, up yours?


    Robert Smith

  4. Time I wrapped up my story and let you folks do your incremental changes, btw toes first.

    In 1995 the hero of the justice industry quit her job and went on welfare to secure a legal aid lawyer. She then went on UI for the extra money (full rate) while continuing to use the legal aid lawyer. Apparently there is some hidden government function that allows for rule changes such as appealing for welfare and a legal aid lawyer if you quit your job to do so.
    While I was dancing with cancer and even though I had backed up child support with my share of the assets she peddled the story I wouldn`t support my kids. Even though I have a court order releasing the funds for no other reason mentioned except the trust it works out better to say I didn`t pay. It was a great excuse to beat my kids to the ground when they asked to see me. Every time they filed an assault report they were returned and punished for telling. Her lawyer lied to a judge about why they were running away but that`s was fine because,,,, well I still havn`t figured out why it`s ok to beat on a 5 and 8 year old.
    Apparently there is some government function that allows for this, at least the Ombudsman said it was fine.
    Judging by the statistics on crime and parent denied children I guess it is just fine with anyone connected to the justice industry, just not so fine if you`re walking or driving down the street, shopping or even just fixing a fireplace, and probably really not fine if you`re one of the tens of thousands of intentionally abused children.

    What we are witnessing in Vancouver is the result of a system that has been corrupted from the top down. It took 4 decades so reversing this incrementally might not fit the bill as the majority of parent denied child not yet street age, things are just getting wound up. The science has been in for decades, now the proof is in Vancouver, feeding the vultures, gang capital of the world .
    The federal government through decades of failed personal political agenda politics has corrupted the entire system. A system broken by corruption will not fix itself.

    RCMP spokesperson on Vancouver gangs.

    Reporter asked a direct question, what failed?

    RCMP, it`s the publics fault, they need to report who is doing what.

    Like I said unreported crime has grown to unimaginable proportions, can you imagine if all were reported but that`s not the cause. The cause is the highest number of parent denied children flooding the streets. It won`t peak for another 5 years so I`m not sure if the public can help unless the`re all armed.

    btw after 10 years of slugging my way along living on 10g`s a year I relieved it`s all over. I got the message out, international investors listened and now they have the proof. Government didn`t listen and the`re in denial of the proof. Investors won`t listen until government does so it looks like a standoff which is an improvement over rampant corruption. Investors also now have the proof through governments denial of the proof that the system is as corrupt as I`ve been saying. At least the justice industry knows a lot of people know what the`ve been up to and denial is already next to impossible.

    There you go, the system is broken beyond repair. I should be thankful I won`t be posting the rapid progression of the collapsing hole.

    Sorry to leave the rest of the story to the comrades but it`s all very predictable anyway.

  5. Robert,

    you have my sympathy, but I am curious. You mention 8 and 5 year old children, but your daughter was born in July 1987, and your son in January 1990.

    Your children have grown up, a lot of water has run down the Chilliwack, but you seem stuck in 1995. How about an update since the April 1999 BC S.C. judgement?

  6. A lot of water Herb, I know I`ve swam every current and am drowning in it.

    Since 1999, because I said I would remain my childrens father, false information was knowingly used to persecute me. I`ve been denied the right to be a father, denied the right to work, denied reasonable assess to health and other rights including the right to access justice. I have unjustly treated like an escaped convict when I`ve done everything right except abandone my children.
    I think I enjoyed the year I had to live with a broken tooth the most because they lied to the dentist and then refused to make the phone call involved in doing their jobs. Other sweet things like, oh it might have been the married RCMP lad that took my ex to a house warming that started the rumour I was a cocaine addict, it might have been the active duty RCMP lad that my business partner hired while I was out of the business with cancer curiously the same time $250,000 was moved to cash and forged checks. Odd not a single other RCMP member said they know all the druggies and most know me but never around any white powder. If an obvious fact like that could escape their attention obviously this was a planned attack ordered by the people that focus on creating parent denied children.

    lol, well Herb I guess you can now understand why I`m relieved it`s ended. It`s unfortunate the generation outnumbered by seniors will be asked to shoulder the load when the`re in a collapsing hole, did I mention up yours?

    I`ll leave you this to remember me by.

    I can be brought down but they can`t bring down the motto.

    no justice, no investment

  7. Herb i`ve never written a whole lot about 1995-96. If I hadn`t lived through it I would say I`ve been watching too much twilight zone stuff.

    We separated in the summer of 1995 and drew up a separation agreement including my half interest in a million dollar company. The agreement she signed was for child support I might have difficulty with as my future was uncertain so I wanted to make sure the kids futures were with a very going concern. The court then ordered a lump sum payment along with additional monthly payments which I kept up to date till I was diagnosed with cancer and so made arrangements for the sale of my share of the assets be applied to any payments I might miss. This was done, I`ve never been in arrears in child support, I`ve done everything right except abandon my children but I`ve been constantly persecuted, police telling my neigbours I was a druggie, hiding the theft of a quarter mil that belongs to my children. even with all the support I`ve paid FMEP wrote letters to all my many previous employers telling them how much they would have to deduct. It made it sound like I was a dead beat so none would hire me eliminating my right to work. Even though I was legally entitled to my childrens report cards both school refused, status, escaped convict.
    There has been non-stop harassment and lies, deceit and ignoring the rules and the law in dealing with this tip of the ice berg issue of justice. It really is the twilight zone to dig down and find out how truly corrupt those in authority in this country really are.

    When I started my campaign of no justice no investment I had concerns it would have a blanket affect, through the years I have not found one organization involved with Cdn children or their future that shouldn`t be under it. Corruption started at the federal level traveling down to the lowest levels including msm.

    Did you notice how the VPD spokesperson chokes a little every time he says the gangs are the problem? If he tried the truth, the family courts that created this mess are the problem, I`m sure his voice would hit a steady note.

    Not one single coward will step forward and tell me why my children had to grow up without their father. That`s when you know the country is in trouble, the cowards are in charge.

    Don`t take this trip down memory to seriously Herb, it`s all water down the toilet now.

  8. Herb, I just remembered a tidbit. One of the RCMP officers whispered to a search and rescue member I had stole the $250thou and did it all in cocaine. For starters I wasn`t even involved in the company, cancer, treatments. hospital, recovery so the next time I saw a good friend related to a search and rescue member and an occasional user called me an asshole for blowing $250,000 and not offering him a single line. The word of the police goes far beyond the obvious facts, why would I have not offered a very good friend some,,, unless it was a lie.
    Certainly understandable why no one in authority wants the truth to come out even though it`s already in the documents.

    That`s our Canada, corruption has seriously bummed out investment here.

    I wish you happy trails Herb may all your fun be incremental.

  9. Well, the last line was kind of funny Robert.

    I sympathize with your situation, and can associate with it. I wrote some things recently in response but I knew before I wrote them, as I know now, it's too late for anything I can offer to have a significant impact.

    I expect the difference in the outcome of your situation and mine lies somewhere in the difference in background. Me being Jack of all trades, and you a more targeted/engineering type person. In your world things should equal the sum of the parts. Logical thinking if you are wired to that type of view. In my world, nothing ever followed such a logical and intelligent path, and I realized the main cause early on in life. That being the people variant. Add government and it's bureaucratic arms and someone with experience in this, can come to realize that there is great latitude afforded to those whose job it is to enact or enforce or oversee these so called rules/laws.

    Family court laws, agents and the supporting network of misc. government affiliates have to be one of the worst examples of abuse of power and responsibility. In some cases. Besides that, the capacity to bury their mistakes, misjudgments, lies and manipulations is a fine honed system and once a person challenges this inherent protection mechanism, in an in their face manner, one will soon see who interests they really serve.

    In 2002, I had my second go around with this system and thought I understood the rules/laws. WRONG. My experiences were in two different provinces, and 12 yrs. apart, but might as well have been two different worlds. The first Prov. didn't have legal aid, the second did. Not only that, the first didn't have a network of supporting agencies, chock full of opportunities for axe grinders, dim wits and abusers of the system.

    Also, the law makers in Ontario had changed just about everything that was significant in that period, and the legal aid system there had become the deciding factor in far too many cases (who could get it and who couldn't) Lawyers fees began at approx. $150 to $180/hr. and if you couldn't qualify under the $25,000/yr. income cut off, and were a person of normal means, you were euchred. Screwed before you got past the first few court appearances. For most ordinary men who worked, it was a choice between giving in to whatever the court was going to order, and that was pretty clearly laid out, or digging an appropriately sized fox hole, and hunkering down for the weighted battles ahead. Basically, that meant throwing your life into the shitter, and taking a crash course on investigative techniques, family law, bureaucratic weaknesses and a few more that I will keep close to my chest.

    My experiences during that period illustrated that the legal system, justice system and bureaucracy do team up and beat on you collectively. So I understand. Thus began the use of strategy for me. I divided them. I engaged them separately and in ways where they couldn't rely on each other for support. Eventually, opportunities began to appear and when I was able to crack one of these entities, you would be amazed at how quickly the rest either retreated or became somewhat reasonable. At least gave an appearance of being reasonable because they wanted to make sure the golden rule was covered. CYA.

    I wasn't dealing with Cancer during this time, but I did have an extraordinary situation to deal with concerning the life of a loved one, and the health system. That didn't turn out well. As far as the family court/justice industry scenario is concerned, I don't think they gave that a second thought.

  10. Not many people realize the scope of the problem but by now should ay least understand the effects as Vancouver is showing. Here`s a window into the size of the problem.
    Without the help of msm 1000 people in one province signed up in 2 weeks for a class action Can you imagine if this was Canada wide and advertised through msm. This was back in 2002. The results are now clear in Vancouver and they still ignore what this gas done to the children. I don`t think calling the system corrupt from start to finish is a word too far.
    It`s obvious this situation won`t change even though it`s caused international investors to start pulling out in 2002. I guess most people prefer to lose their jobs rather than defend the children against the vultures. The children are now having their say, up yours too rings loudest.

    btw there are hundreds of thousands of us that won`t vote Liberal and now we won`t vote period, one of the stronger bases of the none of the above crowd.

    Hope you enjoyed the info I`ve supplied over the months and may your trails be anything but political.

    The motto will stand long after we have all fallen.

    no justice, no investment

    April 29, 2002

    "Justice Minister ready to drop custody reform"
    Cauchon 'not convinced': Government blasted as 'incapable of making a

    By Janice Tibbetts - Southam News

    The matter could end up in court.
    Blaine Collins, president of the Saskatchewan branch of the National Shared Parenting Association, said in February more than 1,000 people had been recruited to launch a class-action lawsuit against the government in anticipation of the Liberals reneging on a promise to change custody and access laws.
    ''These divorce laws hurt mothers, fathers, brothers, grandparents .... The Divorce Act causes no end of emotional grief, heartache and pain,'' Mr. Collins said.
    Mr. Collins, a divorced father of two, is suing the Saskatchewan and federal governments for ''harbouring'' family laws he claims violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    ''There has been a groundswell of support from people from every province.
    Over 1,000 people have signed up in two weeks for a class-action.

  11. Linda

    Thanks for the note. I can`t reply directly via email as all posts come up

    I`m considering whether unhooking my net connection now might buy me another months rent but either way they finally got me even if they had to lie, steal, cheat and abuse the power they have but the message and now the truth is out.

    Vancouver is the gang capital of the world, the result of a corrupt, broken system.

    no justice, no investment

  12. Before I go one last look at the gang capital of the world, Vancouver BC Canada.

    Police spokespersons are choking on the lies.

    `The gangs are the problem` when we know gangs grow from increased crime and recruits, gangs are a result, not a cause.

    `We need more police` when we have more police on the street now than ever before.

    The courts are to lenient when in fact a new report says Vancouver courts are tougher than most.

    The next one will be `crime goes up when the economy goes down`. Fact, all this formed up while Vancouver went through an economic boom, a time when crime traditionally goes down.

    The only difference between Vancouver and the rest of Canada is the record highest number of parent denied children in Cdn history, anything else is a lie.

    Take it or leave it, it`s up to you and please, lol, don`t blame me, I never voted.

  13. "The next one will be `crime goes up when the economy goes down`."

    lol, Todays interviews,,,An expert says BC has a $7B marijuana industry that is the trade stock for guns and other drugs. The expert said when the drug business is that good, gangs will flourish. Sounds good at first blush except BC has had a multi-billion dollar marijuana industry for well over a decade but all of a sudden gangs have just doubled to the highest ratio of any city, world-wide. Industry growth, incramental, gang growth, explosive, just at the same time when the record numbers of parent denied children start heading out onto the street, some coincidence what?

    Really a pathetic desperate attempt at hiding failed government policy but I was sort of right, the next excuse was an economic one.