Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Afghan National Army

Below is a link to a clip I found on the Guardian.UK site which discusses some realities of the readiness and worth of the ANA. How long have we been there now?

You might have to start the video, let it jerk along for a minute then pause it for a minute or so to let it buffer and feed. Depends on the speed of your computer.


  1. Incredible, except it ain't. "Afghanization" will work even less than "Vietnamization" because the cultural differences are greater: Vietnam had been a French colony for about 100 years, while AFG has never been anything but itself.

    Don't know what gives Yanks - and us - the idea that they can - or have to - turn Afghans into carbon copies of Western soldiers, and that this is the way to secure Afghanistan. Afghans have been great fighters throughout their history, and suddenly their wusses?

    Forget helmets and the paraphernalia white troops must have, forget battalion and brigade training, give the Afghan soldier something to fight for, the basic weapons he needs to defend his village against incursion - that is what it supposedly is about - and let him carry on. Right now we are burdening them with equipment the enemy does not have and they do not need, we are teaching them procedures they do not understand (such as kit inspections) and tactics they will never have to apply, and then we wonder why they don't cut it.

    Having seen it all before, we just don't learn. But we expect them to learn from us!

  2. Soros speaks!


    Best kind of rebellion.

    Peace dudes.

  3. Good for a chuckle:

    h/t foottothefire

  4. Don't know what you'll think of this one. Wondered into this article from Krugman's blog.

  5. About the learning curve Herb. It's what drives me, I think.

    At the end of the day, it's all bullshit. That, which is created by the wealthy to serve the wealthy by means of manipulation. Financial manipulation being at the top of the list. Skills they have honed for millennium.

    There is no benevolence involved. That illusion is intended to gain the co-operation of as many as is possible. The trump cards lie with those who hold the debt, and those who understand and achieve a simple principle of finance that I was reminded of recently in my readings of the multitude of links provided by fellow seekers.

    Owe the bank 3 billion, and the bank owns you. Owe the bank 3 trillion, and you own the bank.

    My bro practiced that principle, only on a smaller scale. His goal was to own individual bank managers. Same game, different scale.

    Vietnam, and it's lessons are always with me. As time passes, I understand more, and I know there was no victory for common people.

    When Titans fight over their personally perceived territorial rights, common people die, are maimed and for many their lives are destroyed forever. I am reminded of these things on an ongoing basis, and it motivates me to try to explain that all that glitters, is not gold.

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    Throw this into the soup this planet is in, and we may al be on a level playing field!

  7. Dee, Soro's and Rogers never miss an opportunity to slide the blade between ribs when it comes to the UK.

    As for the energy trusts, I would say that timing would be the major factor there like many other opportunities. The dividend concern would be something I would look at. No one is sure how fast energy investments will rise, or when but in the meantime if there are no dividends why bother with the risks? Right now, there are so many unknowns, and so many factors influencing markets that are based on little more than talk, I wouldn't think that anything beyond day trading is worth a great deal. Even that is like playing craps because the general public is a day or two or more behind the news that affects the market.