Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"U.S. Secretary of State of State Hillary Clinton criticised the home demolitions and settlement expansion plans as "unhelpful" during her recent visit to Israel. "

Freeman Withdrawal Marks Victory for Israel Lobby

"His withdrawal is likely to be viewed as a significant victory for hardliners within the so-called Israel lobby," who led the movement to scuttle his appointment, and a blow to hopes for a new approach to Israel-Palestine issues under the Obama administration."

How does one go about making the less than likable Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appear to be the reasonable one?


  1. Only confirms what a lot of people suspected......Israel runs and owns the White House. Heh. Guess the Yanks can't go on about democracy the way they used to.

    Canada is the same way. Too bad so sad.

  2. Sooner or later, people will see first-hand the supposed 'power' and 'influence' that AIPAC, and other pro-zionist groups exert in DC.

    Clinton, Pelosi, Emanuel Rahm -- all zionists. Who appointed them? Obama, lobbied by the behind-the-scenes people, who have dictated how America will be run for a few decades now.

    Ever wonder why JFK and RFK were knocked off, and a path was cleared for others to control the WH?

    There are rumors -- only rumors -- that Obama has already put his foot down, and let Israel know that funding will end, that they have to take care of themselves.

    If true, it's about bloody time, but it may well quicken the speed toward all-out war. Israel wants the oil and resources in the Middle East, but wants are one thing.

    The Rolling Stones song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (But Sometimes You Get What You Need) is a good way to look at it.

    You are correct, C.One -- the Iranian president is a clear, level-headed person. The others have yet to evolve to where he is now.
    Minus 23 with the windchill yesterday morning, and only slightly better today. It's almost Victoria Day, for gawd's sakes! Global warming? Hah! Frozen global cooling -- that's more like it!

    Here's something to get yourself feeling warm and fuzzy all over . . .
    Definition of a teenager? God's punishment for enjoying sex!
    The mother of a 17-year-old girl was concerned that her daughter was fooling around on the quiet. Worried the girl might become pregnant, and adversely impact the family's status, she consulted the family doctor.

    The doctor told her that teenagers today were very wilful, and any attempt to stop the girl would probably result in rebellion. He then told her to arrange for her daughter to be put on birth control and, until then, talk to her and give her a box of condoms.

    Later that evening, as her daughter was preparing for a date, the woman told her about the situation and handed her a box of condoms. The girl started to laugh and reached over to hug her mother saying,

    "Oh Mom! You don't have to worry about that! I'm dating Susan!"
    Two women were having lunch together, and discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery. The first woman said,

    "I need to be honest with you, I'm getting a boob job."

    The other replied,

    "Oh that's nothing, I'm thinking of having my asshole bleached!"

    To which the first replied,

    "Whoa! I just can't picture your husband as a blonde!"
    I simply can't contain myself anymore, so I'll just have to explode with delight! More later!

  3. Charles,

    One woman says to another, "My husband is a wonderful lover, and that's because he uses his head".

    The other woman considers that for a moment, then asks, "Doesn't that hurt his ears?"


    About the wedder, here on the balmy East Coast, we had a T shirt day yesterday. Turned off all the heat, and stripped down to T's and shorts. We pulled a fast one actually, when everyone thought we were just drawing UIC/EI and making babies, we were actually working on a pipe line to bring all that hot air from the Calgary conservatives to the East. Surfs up!


    About the Iranian Prez, actually I think he is an Allah whackbar, but the Israeli's have become so intransigent, self focused and arrogant that they are actually making Ahmadinejad appear far more reasonable than they are.

  4. Did you guys catch this?


    For his birthday, little Joseph asked for a 10-speed bicycle.

    His father said, "Son, we'd give you one, but the mortgage on this house is $280,000 and your mother just lost her job. There's no way we can afford it."

    The next day the father saw little Joseph heading out the front door with a suitcase. So he asked, "Son, where are you going?"

    Little Joseph told him . . .

    "I was walking past your room last night and heard you telling mom you were pulling out. Then I heard her tell you to wait because she was coming too.

    "And I'll be damned if I'm staying here by myself with a $280,000 mortgage and no bike!"
    In a prior missive, I pointed out that Clinton, Pelosi and Emanuel were all zionists, and were part of Obama's WH govt.

    Here Ron Paul says roughly the same thing, except this time it's about Obama. --
    Judging from this article, I guess things will start getting really heated-up world-wide this plays out. --
    This is a clearer picture of what side he is on. It's all talk, and talk is cheap. Courtesy

    "U.S. President Barack Obama will not cut the billions of dollars in military aid promised to Israel, a senior U.S. administration official said Wednesday.

    "The $30 billion in aid promised to Israel over the next decade will not be harmed by the world financial crisis, the official told Israel Radio. He spoke on condition of anonymity."
    I quit using Google and Yahoo some time ago. Other search engines are less intrusive with personal stuff. --
    There is a financial collapse which has begun, but this is a new collapse. It is easier to see where all this is headed; WW3 wouldn't be a bad guess. --
    Several months ago, there was an incident at sea when a Chinese nuclear-armed sub surfaced about a mile from a US carrier. The sub had an invisibility cloak around it, so the Yanks had no idea it was there -- couldn't be detected.

    Maybe the US has upped its' sonar! --