Friday, March 27, 2009

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.

"Exempt books, children’s clothing and footwear, diapers, children’s car seats and car booster seats and feminine hygiene products from the eight per cent provincial portion of the tax."

The article above is about Ontario's budget and entry into the "Have not Province Club". It also introduces the phenomenal benefits to governments that are afforded by implementing the Harmonized Sales Tax. I outlined the exemption in order to point to the true benevolent nature of those who reveled in the benefits of Nafta, etc. The wise, the Honourable and the caring.

Sorry Ontario, I know your work ethic is very good. I also know many of you live, just to exist, and for many, the highlight of the day, is walking their best friend, and lovingly clasping the excrement they leave behind, grocery bag in hand. I know that Municipal Governments have come to realize the importance of this to you, the importance of your last, best friend, and have even provided special receptacles in the parks and municipal workers to pick up your best friends poop. I know you are subject to those whose fixation on exerting control over you would stymie the independent spirit of even those of stoutest of heart. But I can't offer you much help. Unless of course you would like to talk about my Quiet, Bloodless Political Revolution. During the course of which, we would take back the daylight, as well as the night.

Otherwise, just Ben Dover, again.


  1. The Three Nuns

    Three Nuns were attending a Cubs' baseball game.

    Three men were sitting directly behind. As their Habits were partially blocking the view, the men decided they would badger the Nuns, hoping they would get annoyed enough to move to another area.

    In a very loud voice, the first man said, "I think I'm going to move to Utah . . . there are only 100 Nuns living there."

    The second spoke up and said, "I want to go to Montana . . . there are only 50 Nuns living there."

    The third said, "I'm going to Idaho . . . there are only 25 Nuns there."

    One of the Nuns turned around, looked at the men and in a very sweet, calm voice said,

    "Why don't you go to hell . . . there aren't any Nuns there!"
    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! (Courtesy

    "As an economy measures performance in terms of the creation of money, people become a major source of inefficiency." -- David Korten, economist and internationalist.
    A first-class speech, 3:18 in total telling everyone what Gordon Brown truly is -- a bloody liar. If you can, send it to others, to show just how MPs should act. --

    The Brits' bond auction failed dismally, yet the US and Canada are following the same path --- printing more and more, getting less and less in return.

    The last few words at the end of the first para. are interesting: ". . . battles recession and a rising tide of voter anger." The sheeple in Limeyland are getting restless! --

    Big Brother taking over and running Big Business (into the ground) -- ain't gonna work! --
    This could play out to be very interesting, if people refuse vaccines and stay healthy, then what is the point of mass vaccination anyway? --
    Good on them for having the guts to take this on -- one way or another, it's going to be a major slap in the face for the CPC and Israel. About time someone stood up to their combined bullying tactics. --
    I'm posting this link with paras. from the article; more important is the explanation from, as he does it better. --

    "The Financial Accounting Standards Board quietly buckled to banking-industry pressure last week and proposed new accounting practices that would allow banks to value assets at a higher price than they could currently be sold for.

    "Banks have long demanded the "mark-to-market" accounting rule change, arguing that it's unfair to require them to mark toxic assets down to current market prices because the very market for those assets is frozen."

    Webmaster's Commentary:

    "This is why the stock market is soaring right now.

    "But "Mark to Market" only works for a short while, then will crash the system. That is what happened to Enron, who (together with Arthur Anderson) used "Mark to Market" to proclaim huge earnings and wealth even as they sank into the quicksand with their employees and investors."

  2. "As an economy measures performance in terms of the creation of money, people become a major source of inefficiency." -- David Korten, economist and internationalist.

    The people become ineffective as the countries success is measured in terms of what government creates. --Ben Dover, earner and spender of money, fiscally conservative populist.

  3. "Quiet, Bloodless Political Revolution"

    If your goal is to replace this, `of the elite, by the elite, for the elite` government with something that represents the people you will find much opposition from the ruling class.

    They can`t be brought down with the truth because the public never hears the truth.

    They can`t be brought down by the rule of law because they are above the law.

    They can`t be brought down by a better idea because like truth it never reaches the public.

    The only way to purge the corruption is economically;

    Tax revolt.
    Investor revolt.
    Perhaps even the elite revolting against the obvious intent to displace democracy with entitlements.

    In any case I agree on a political revolution against the ruling class.

  4. Opposition from the ruling class BenD? Of course.

    Remember, their greatest ally is ignorance. That is the first hill that needs attention.

    Their greatest leverage is subjecation through debt, and their greatest skill is in the conveyance of confidence whether warranted or not.

    Their greatest adversary is consistent, logical effort to educate the Population on changes that are necessary to the selection process for representatives to political office.

    Their greatest fear is the Triumph of Democracy.

  5. Fear democracy?

    Democracy is defended by the rule of law of which we have no rules that apply to any part of government, so they have nothing to fear from democracy.

    There is some serious buzz about how governments are creating massive amounts of debt with promises to turn the economy around.

    They fear the public waking up to failure to launch, in which case `they` would be the supporters and promoters of massive government debt being the cure to massive consumer debt.

  6. Ben Ding, could I offer you some lubricant?

    It seems our working definitions of democracy differ. As to debt, the focus is clear. Building Air Castles in the Sky.