Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mr.Harper says.........much gobble de goop.

As if it weren't bad enough listening to little Jim's hypocritical yipping about time being of the essence yesterday, we also had to listen to Harper's revisionist historical accounts a little later in the day.

I hope it didn't cost taxpayers a bundle of money to hear from the Prime Revisionist yesterday, because what he did was embarrassing grand standing and it was void of class. In the midst of crises, we do not need to hear a load of half truths, convenient selection of portions of facts and a generalized political whining session. Oh Oh Canada, my home and native land, what has become of you?

Idiots to the right of me, idiots to the left. What's left but to charge the Cannon?

Jim, you guys called an unnecessary illegal election, then presented a poison filled budget, then went whining to that Ms. Jean lady and left the country hanging in the midst of crises for better part of 6 months. The Country wanted action and you took a holiday. Have you forgotten?

Stylish Steve, when the Country is in trouble, a Prime Minister is supposed to act like a Prime Minister, not someone with a bad memory. Nor someone who plays loose with facts, history and the truth. Additionally, your sense of urgency rang hollow as well.Then there was your untimely and unnecessary political whining. You said the opposition wouldn't let you pass your budget. Gee, I wonder why? I see you still take no responsibility for having delayed action on the economy and are trying to blame everyone but yourself. You said the opposition wouldn't present options for the budget. That's not what I read, but hey let's not be confused by facts. Regardless, in the end it is the governments job to present the budget.

Lastly, for now, enough of the political side show. You come across as a whiner when you address the people on National TV and focus so much time sniveling about the big bad opposition and trying to lay blame for delays especially given your parties recent record on that.

Quit it with the Ren and Stumpy show already will ya? If I want to watch cartoons, I have Teletoon.


  1. Adam Radwanski from the Globe and Mail said this about Harper's speech;

  2. We will know that The Revolution is successful when people like Mrs. Harper's little boy no longer dare speak like that because they know they would be punished for it by the electorate.

    As of now, they not only have nothing to fear, but have every right to expect to be rewarded for their lies and misdemeanours. How do we grow brains in Canadian voters?

  3. "How do we grow brains in Canadian voters?"

    By engaging them with real people who aren't afraid to face down a few dragons on behalf of Democracy and good governance. So much of what is needed, is just common sense. So much of what is done, is shrouded by using a thousand words, when 10 should do.

    Harper didn't have to go off on his private little vendetta's. His speech up to that point wasn't inspiring, but it didn't leave listeners feeling like they had just seen another episode of As The Stomach Turns. After his little blog world style slag fest, it did though.

    What could he think he would accomplish by trying blame transference on delays? Especially this soon after the fact.
    Better to leave a turd to dry in the sun, than to kick it over and remind people how bad it smelled.