Friday, March 13, 2009

Repent! Jon Stewart takes on CNBC

"Average people trusted financial advisors who told them to pour money into market-oriented accounts for the long term, Stewart said, and those people lost their money when Wall Street used those savings to generate short-term profits.

Stewart said financial reporters like Cramer and others on CNBC should have taken the time to uncover financial shenanigans and not have been so quick to trust business executives and government officials."

Cramer says....."He lies to me, lies to me, lies to me".

I really liked the part where Stewart points out the essence of the game. Creating the aura that investing in the Stock market et al, is expecting your money to grow by unreasonable percentages while at the same time, you do nothing tangible for it. The basis of every good con game is offering pie in the sky. It's what Carpet baggers do.

So now it's time to Repent. Repent all you sinners! All of you who made off with everyone else's cash, life savings and dreams of a pension and peaceful retirement. Heh..


  1. Well done, Jon Stewart!

    Darn those socialists for taking out mortgages and loans and screwing up the global financial system. Or, as PMSH just put it, for their failure "to live according to the values we as conservatives know to be true."

  2. Herb, if he wasn't so busy spreading Revisionist BS, it might be possible to actually take him seriously on occasion. He throws in just enough truths to keep from being a complete laughing stock. Seems as if he and Iggy are in a contest of who can say the stupidest things, contradict themselves most and still keep a straight face.

    Either they truly are that stupid or they think the general public is and they couldn't give a rat's ass about the few who know the difference.

  3. Your last sentence is the operative one, CO. Neither is stupid, and both know that the way to political power is to tell the electorate whatever they think they might want to hear.

    If we had our revolution, people would vote rationally, on the basis of results, not rhetoric. I always thought that politicians would best be educated in the School of Hard Knocks, but now suspect that it is voters who need the beating to figure out why they took it and how to avoid future ones.

  4. To the Revolution!

    The greatest problem with John Q is getting them to take notice. The Canadian electorate being something of an ostrich that pulls it's head out of the sand occasionally to check to see if the season's have changed, misses a great deal.

    Tough times and election periods have a way of encouraging them to check more frequently, but there is only so much to be gleaned using that approach as those are periods of excessive bull slinging and largely, which turds stick first seems to determine outcome.