Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Buffet does CNBC, then Bernanke does 60 minutes. Thursday, Obama does Leno.

What's next, holographic images of JFK?


I realize all of this is intended to create some confidence and aid in big money's quest to re-inflate the stock market, and in their wisdom, the world's economies. But here's the problem as I see it. They are asking people to gamble their money with the very same bunch of people who sat at the controls while these grandest of all ponzi like schemes were being perpetrated. It's all about saving banks and big institutions, while at the same time these same people display time after time that they are unrepentant. i.e. bonuses and blackmail. Pay to re-inflate my bubble, or I'll burn your house down.

I don't see where the "fundamentals" have changed significantly. I see that the sources of cash that funded much of the irresponsibility have thrown the brakes on and are cautious and looking inward more than they were. But I don't see the wonderful, splendorous circumstances evolving that would encourage me to think that there is a basis for an imminent revival. Just an attempt to re inflate the confidence bubble using as much private money as they can lure out of hiding.

One thing I find really curious is how gainers have substantially outpaced losers on the US markets the past few days, yet the overall average is stalled or losing slightly. This indicates money shifting within the exchanges perhaps, but not new money coming in. I'm not sure, but I suspect large institutional investing agents are moving money about to create the aura of an up market. This might also be partly due to big investment moving around to better position itself.

But there are other factors as well, like GE being down graded by the debt rating agencies, and their stock going up just about every day since. Go figure. Too much going on that defies logic to make me believe this is anything more than another manipulation.


  1. It's all about spin Comrade.

    Thanks for answering my question about E. Europe.

    While I was picking up my dog's poop, I got to thinking how similar the spin masters are to junk pushers. Come and try this, you'll really, really like it.

    I met a reformed junkie many years ago and he gave me a piece of wisdom that I follow to this day.

    'Never try something you might like and not be able to afford.'

    Charles? I think our weather this season is proof that pollution does add to the global warming effect. Less cars on the road now, less industry spewing etc....

    Peace dudes.

  2. Two aspects in honor of St. Patrick's Day: First, the Wise Words from today's KDC:

    "An Englishman thinks seated; a Frenchman standing; an American pacing; an Irishman afterward." -- Austin O'Malley

    Second, Dave Allen At Large -- a terrific Irish comedian. -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIEYCiBZOLU

    Gotta love the Irish, especially after the film "Waking Ned Devine" (mid-90's). Great movie!
    A great take on how politicians act. Not all, but most -- last panel. -- http://www.dilbert.com/
    G'day all. Lots of financial stuff, but that's for later. Remember Bills C-51 and 52? They died when the election was called, but now it's Bill C-6.

    A person on CHBC-TV said today, that if passed, approx. 75% of all nutritional supplements would be replaced.

    By what and whom, you ask? Try big Pharma. As people are moving toward different lifestyles, finishing with prescription meds., the pharma. companies stand to lose billions in revenues from their grossly over-priced products.

    In the long run, it is cheaper for them to hire lawyers (wolves) by the thousands, do away with health food stores and then re-package all their items in roughly the same packaging as now.

    So the same that was before rears it's head again. New 'food inspectors' are allowed to do the same things under C-6 that they were going to do under C-51 and 52. Could be another reason why CRAP called an unnecessary election -- to get THEIR bills through to satisfy the supremely rich.

    You're right, C.One and now it's way overdue -- a revolution that is, otherwise the bastards (minority) win, and we (majority) lose. Like apartheid all over again.
    The beginnings of a new draft in the US? Betcha it will happen here as soon as it is implemented there. It will be called the New World Order, a Dictatorship or whatever you like. -- http://tinyurl.com/caxswo

    "Does anyone know anything about HR 1388 and exactly what it is?? It will create a Uniformed Force of 250,000 members, that’s a force greater than the number of troops we now have in Iraq, a virtual army. A force of 5,000 per state if evenly divided, more realistically the force will be deployed according to the size and population of each state. It talks about a volunteer force, yet speaks of 3 year obligations as in a Draft, and a pay scale of from $17,000 to $22,000."

  3. Isn't there something 'fundamentally' wrong with a system that depends on blood, sweat and tears yet turns on a dime according to the words of a few men? Doing talk TV? It seems like a house of smoke and mirrors to me- ah, there IS a war on for our minds! Thanks for the good and funny stuff Charles, you make me laugh! Linda.

  4. Many years ago I read in a Hemingway biography that Marlene Dietrich advised Papa to "Never confuse movement with action." I had no idea the lady was that wise, but that line has stuck with me for 40-odd years.

    And that is what we are seeing: lots of deliberate movement, which we are supposed to confuse with action. The trouble is that those with money won't be moved, and the rest of us don't matter except as voters.

    If it were not for the multitude of people getting hurt, I would welcome the impending tough economic times - because people will have to exercise prudence in their daily lives to survive, and there is a faint hope that this prudence will carry over into their practice of poltics.

    It would be a great way of bringing about a democratic revolution, would it not devour so many of its children.

  5. Dee, that is good advice, and current economics should take care of that problem for many who have chosen the wrong path.

    Herb, I am looking forward to the upside of down in a number of ways. Such as in the case above.