Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've spent some time this evening hobknobing with Liberals?

To be continued. Someone has to have the sense of purpose to help them understand, what that phrase means.

In the meantime, more Radio Okie for the troops;

George Strait-Amarillo by Morning

Faith Hill-There you'll be

Sometimes I think them sumbitches don't understand nothin' at all.

It's all about balance, and even the righties ain't wrong all the time. They have their story too.

And here I am, clowns to the left of me, jokers to right, stuck in the middle with you.


  1. US Treasury Bonds. China has a few of them amongst other things, doesn't it?! -- and

    ". . . The next "Great bubble in the making is US Treasury bonds" also propelled by the Fed," . . .; the US Fed is a privately-run organization, is it not? Someone will be getting mighty rich soon, and it sure ain't gonna be us!
    This is quite funny. --

    "Canada is an Arctic power," Catherine Loubier, a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, said in an email to AFP."

    With four-decade old helicopters, subs. which may / may not leak or work -- how the heck are we supposed to be a power?

  2. Charles, I agree with a great deal of what is said in your second link by Thomas Paine. I don't know, and probably never will know who the puppeteers are exactly, but certainly those who act as front persons are become quite visible.

    Anyone who doubts the concepts of controlling governments and money supply need only look at our home grown example of Mulroney and Shrieber. It is clear now that Schrieber was the go between for the people who backed and financed the manipulation of the PC party and brought about the rise of Mulroney. I remember the first time Mulroney ran for the leadership, and the rumors that swirled about at that time claiming mafia money was behind him. I guess that wasn't entirely accurate, at least not in the conventional definition of mafia. But it was accurate in essence.

    I very much agree that these financiers control both large political organizations in Canada and the US, and use a variety of methods to gain compliance. If money doesn't do it all, they are not one bit below utilizing things such as religion, bigotry, manipulation of media and re-writing or selectively using history to further their propaganda campaigns. Personally, I believe that is why Conrad Black was brought down. He was a powerful world media mogul and a rogue rich man.

    The point of my Radio Okie offering last evening was that ordinary people, Republicans and Conservatives included, never bought into this incremental theft of public funds that is being perpetrated. They may have been duped by all the side show antics and actors, but their support for people like George Bush and the born again peddlers had nothing to do with supporting the gigantic shell game that was Wall Street.

    Many of them, especially the rural people, are just hard working family oriented people whose nature it is to believe in their leaders, support their country and offer themselves up as cannon fodder when the leaders of State tell them to do so for the Red White and Blue. These aren't bad Americans, they are duped Americans. Lot's of lefties in that category too, except the lefties think themselves too intelligent to have been so easily duped. Have I got news for them. Arrogance should never be confused with intelligence.