Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you get taxpayers to sop up 93% of banks toxic assets?

Well, it appears Tim (The Rim) Geithner has a plan. When I read Geithner's plan to offer financing for investors and auctions designed to market bundled toxic assets, I could see some logic in it. At first glance it appeared that other than the heavy stake taxpayers would have in the financing of this project, the concept had some merit. That being, by encouraging investors to bid on these assets via providing extraordinary financing opportunities, the investors would be encouraged to pay higher amounts for the assets, and thus provide a leveraging of the money loaned to them and help recapitalize the banks at a lower immediate cost to taxpayers.

I guess I approached this trying to understand it with my gotcha meter on low, and was trying too hard to look for the good in the plan. Below is a link to a simplistic description of how this is designed to not only provide liquidity for the banks, but could well result in them having both the cash, and end up owning the assets in question as well.

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