Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So when does Captain Kangaroo get the message?

When do those responsible for the RCMP come to realize the damage they are doing to it's reputation?

The CBC have been running daily articles on the Braidwood public inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski, and for anyone following along, the extent of this travesty is evident.

The RCMP made claims that the video evidence didn't reveal all the facts of the case and they were right. It's worse than what the video could show. Below is a link to the latest article.


  1. Hello Comrade One. I don't believe they will ever get the message; they are the message. When you have a history of protection from successive PMO's in return for various favours, what's left of reputation, individual or institutional? This is all documented and in a book. No Canadian media will talk to it's author. Hope you're feeling better, Linda.

  2. I wonder if Zachiardelli showed them how.
    I worked with Mounties thirty years ago, and they sure as hell were not like this.

  3. I appreciate that Herb, and the job they do. There is a fine line they walk.

  4. It probably was Mr. Z. that provided the culture that allows the abuse of power. I think I'm just going to go now. Linda