Friday, March 20, 2009

Now this is how to Rant! Corporate Pirates.

Over at Ledaro blog, there is a video of Keith Olbermann ripping the great corporate ones a "hole" new orifice.

I loved every second of it!


  1. Olbermann has style & substance. Watch out Jon! linda.

  2. Wow!

    Unfortunately, Olbermann's register of corporate sins has to be classified as "UFI" - useless information - because it will not lead to any action. Those who could act on it won't, and those who would act on it can't.

    Of course, if we had our Democractic Revolution, everyone's feet would be held to the fire and we would have effective accountability all around. Which is why the powers in government and the corporate world will ensure that there will be no revolution, either at the ballot box or in the streets. But we can dream anyway.

  3. Ah Comrade, but it does serve a purpose. The longer this goes on and stays mainstream, the more people like Olbermann and Stewart will speak out and the result is greater education of the populace.

    I was reading some MSM pieces this a.m. on the overall situation and many comments showing a forming up of opinion based on understanding how much scam is in the spam. Actually, they seem to be coming to be very focused on the scam aspects, and it is generating angry attitudes. Just the stuff Revolutions are made of. Remember what I said, it has to get bad first.

    The digitizer will calm and divide the masses for a time, but the effects will bring problems back soon after and the masses will be wiser, as the seeds have been planted, and the anger will kindle quicker.

    It seems to me, that there are breaks in the ranks of the wealthy collective, as some continue to try to evade, con and reap their just rewards regardless. Or maybe they are just that detached. However, this is playing badly and the smart con knows the best strategy at this time is to keep their head low and wait for other shiny things they create to take the heat off.

    These are not smart cons who are doing this. But they are the political revolutionaries best friend at the moment.

  4. I wrote this earlier, then paused to think; what the hell.

    Morning Linda,

    I've been carrying the same message for some time now, and if there is one good thing coming out of all the economic problems it is that many more people are becoming aware of what has been going on for far too long.

    I have referred to the collusion between corporate and political entities numerous times, and now it is being put before the people by a wide variety of sources.

    These two powers, working in tandem have set the natural balance of so many things on its ear, that few can even differentiate between socialism and capitalism at this point. Both the left and right are out there picking their areas of battle without looking at the big picture. These corps/gov have gone too far, their absolute sense of self preservation, and entitlement is all that matters to them.

    I have worked in, around, beside and as agent of large corporations. Been steamrolled by patronage pigs and left in the ditch to die. More than once, and in more than one place. Similar things are happening to countless tens of thousands. No empathy there, so why should any be extended to the poor, seemingly irreplaceable, now disheartened executives of major corporations? Have they no loyalty? Have they no pride?

    When we can deport a Soldier who doesn't want to fight anymore, what makes these people special? What makes the Soldier's contract written in Blood if they can't even fulfill a civilian commitment?

    I don't want to fight anymore either. I have enough demons already. But I don't want to be a doormat either. I love my Children, and all I can offer is my heart. That's the one thing they never managed to take away.

    BTW, I agree, there is peace to be found in the mountains, and in the valleys. Never mind the dube guy, he can't even spell it right.

    So much depends on what information/misinformation people are fed. I can even go over to the mother of all right tard sites and bring them to a pause with logic, and common sense. It's very time consuming though, as I have to dispel much untruth/propaganda first, then build from there. We just need to hear from a lot more people who understand that dirt is dirt, love is life and the world doesn't turn on the latest bullshit.

  5. Lovely posts.

    Watching BNN during the whole AIG kerfuffle. I had a good laugh when Lang said 'they just don't get what Wall street is about'. The problem is people Do understand and it's Wall street that doesn't get it.

    Anger is building and not only in N.A. The best way to rebel? Do what one country is doing, build up your saving accounts or mattress.

    Peace dudes.

  6. Hi y'all. I really am just too sexy for my body! There. Got dat outta da way!

    Pity Olbermann isn't required watching. I 'spose he and Stewart are too honest -- like Garth -- and they would actually be able to do something for their countries. Too positive.

    At least none of us are sheeple, that's for sure!

    Only two more after this . . .
    5) A man and a woman were asleep like two innocent babies. Suddenly, at three in the morning, a loud noise came from outside.

    The woman, dazed, confused and sort of bewildered, jumped up from the bed and yelled at the man,

    'Holy crap! That must be my husband!'

    So the guy quickly jumped out of the bed, scared and naked he jumped out the window like a crazy man.

    He smashed himself on the ground, ran through a thorn bush and then started to run as fast as he could to his car.

    A few minutes later he returned and went up to the bedroom and screamed at the woman,

    'I AM your husband!' The woman yelled back,

    'Yeah, well then, why were you running?'

    And that's when the fight started.
    6) When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive, so I took her to a gas station . . .

    And that's when the fight started.
    One major difference between Sarah and Michael Palin? Michael Palin is a man; Sarah is a politician. Here, in a brief clip John Cleese expands on the differences but the entire rant -- just over two mins. -- is quite funny.
    Herb said: "I just love being had, but I'll never get used to it."

    To get you excited beyond your wildest dreams Herb, I'll quote a line from Frank Zappa and the Mothers At the Fillmore East, June 1971.

    ". . . Take me, I'm yours you whore! . . ." I would say the same, but I'm already spoken for!
    Dee said: "Lots of stuff going on there that we don't hear about."

    There were a number of tainted-milk deaths in China recently, taking out some of the real stuff (milk) and replacing it with chemical additives.

    The govt. had a brief trial, the couple in charge of that company were either jailed or sentenced to death (not sure which), ordinary folk were paid off and told to keep quiet about it, then it was all hushed over so TROTW didn't pay much attention to it.

    That's what Chinese head honchos do -- look for the shortcuts, take them and hope they don't get caught. Similar to Madoff, the US Fed, AIG, Goldman Sachs, etc. -- same thing -- different country.
    Gold: Is it going up, down or sitting on the fence?

    "The U.S. Federal Reserve had been expanding the money supply more rapidly than output for more than a decade, since a policy change in early 1995. That's why the U.S. economy underwent a series of bubbles, from stocks in 1996-2000 to housing in 2002-2007 to commodities in 2006-2008. Then, when the inevitable crisis hit in September 2008, the Fed began expanding the money supply even more rapidly."
    Something else: --

    ". . . the Fed said this week that it will ramp up its purchases of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) from $500 billion to a whopping $1.25 TRILLION in the coming months. The Fed is also going to double its purchases of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Federal Home Loan Bank bonds to $200 billion from $100 billion.

    "And for the icing on the cake …

    "The Fed will buy as much as $300 billion in longer-term U.S. Treasury securities. It’s going to focus on Treasuries with maturities between two and ten years, and make purchases two or three times a week."
    Last, but not least:

    I like the head a little further down -- "Quantitatively Easing into a Stupid Idea"

    Combine the fired-up printing presses with new digital money, and what do we have? Nuttin'! That's right!

    D-D-D-Datt's all folks!

  7. Charles? If you don't think the public is still pissed off think again. 2 sentenced to death, third to life in prison. Doesn't bring the children back.

    Looks like we've got the Canadian Jewish League running our government and making all the decisions. I know the guy is different but he's entitled to his opinion. There's another article at the site about his excursion into Gaza. They allow a scumbag like shrub in and not this guy? This guy isn't on my all time fav list. Ban them both or allow both in.

    Remember when I said food prices were going to go up??

    Note the last bullet.


    This is getting so bizarre. WTF is going on? This is so creepy. The U.K. has gone Winston. France is acting creepy. Canada too.

  9. Can you delete the 2.38am post comrade? The link has a troller's wet dream.

  10. Dee said: "The U.K. has gone Winston. France is acting creepy. Canada too."

    All three leaders -- plus a few others -- have one thing in common:

    They are all zionists. CanWest has zionists at the top level. They want to rule their way.
    Notice the word 'quickened' in the para. -- that's because everything is happening so fast nowadays, almost no one can keep up with all this. It helps to be retired! --

    "The pace of the ongoing credit crisis quickened significantly Friday when regulators seized three banks and placed two large corporate credit unions into conservatorship, citing a need to 'stabilize the corporate credit union system'."
    The US Fed is printing money like there is no tomorrow, adding trillions electronically and yet here is a country who takes the opposite view. --
    Garth has opined there won't be a major bank collapse in Canada. Maybe, maybe not. Here's a different version. --
    This would sure put the cat amongst the pigeons! --

  11. BEWARE! Trollers wet dream?? Whatever that

    Sorry Dee, no can do. This el cheapo blog format doesn't allow me to remove or edit individual posts. If that is something really nasty, let me know and I will pull the whole thing.

  12. I had a quick look see Dee, and all I found was something about the governor of Missouri and Ron Paul etc. If that's what you meant, that's nothing. There have always been a bunch of cranks in the U.S. who leave no stone unturned in search of the next boogie man. Same bunch that gave the world McCarthyism.

  13. Sorry Comrade, it was late. If you look at the link title you'll see a word that the miners (software programs) go after. Labels like the blog entry talks about.

    Charles? I'm still not comfortable about the Canadian banks but Gart could be right. The BoC has been buying up corporate bonds to ease the liquidity. I'm not thrilled about all the money that's been printed. The Yanks are trying to deflate their dollar. The other countries had been buying up the dollars in order to deflate their respective countries currency because they all rely on export. Going to be hard on Canadians if our dollar is up because the peg with oil. Oil goes up and so does everything else with the exception of our export manufactured goods. Don't know what will happen to the price of gold in the short run, long term it should do well because of the higher expected inflation in the U.S. All this might go out the window if they do something else wonky.

  14. Oh that, ok Dee it hadn't occured to me that was on the fave list. I don't think of that sort of thing very much but I suppose I should. When I was living in Southern Ont. I had a really odd experience. I had read several times that people could find info on the net to tell them how to make bombs. That was all do with terrorism and whatnot and if my memory serves me, about the time they busted the would be bombers in Toronto. So out of curiosity, I typed in a few keywords to do a search and one was Jihad. Nothing of interest came up so I just forgot about it. I believe it was the next evening I noticed two people sitting in a vehicle across from my house in a small parking area off of the little day Park. I didn't pay much attention at first but as it grew late they were still there. They didn't leave until the next morning. I thought little of it at first, as there is always some odd thing going on in Cities. But it got more weird as that evening the same pair showed up again, and I noticed later they even ate McDonalds while sitting out there. Long story short, after 3 or 4 nights of this, I started doing drive bys with my car to get a look at them, and that was kind of funny as they were watching me, watching them.. lol

    On about the 6th day I had enough of them and got my canes and drove across the street and confronted them. They rolled up their windows and wouldn't answer when I repeatedly asked why they were there? So I resorted to some universal hand gestures to exhibit my displeasure and to make suggestions as to where they might go. I guess they understood this, as they departed shortly afterward and never came back.

    I'll never know exactly why they were there, but it was at least an odd coincidence.

  15. Thanks for your good words and information, Comrade. I'm always looking for the truth in this world. Obama calls on his supporters; they organize. linda.