Monday, March 30, 2009

Talk all they want to, but a proof is a proof...

Longevity of financial rally undermined by data

"Financial exchange-traded funds have seen outflows since March 6, when the current rally in the broader market got going. Short interest positions in financials are running high this month. And hedge funds tracked by one large investment bank are selling their financial stocks.

These signposts belie heady advances made by the largest banks after deep losses during the first two months of this year, though bank shares gave up some of those advances Monday."{B89863EC-C5DC-4224-BE11-D3C0F9DB3F03}

It's a proof. A proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven . JC.



    Can you hear the thudding? That's my head repeatedly hitting the desk.

    China doesn't have a right to defend itself eh?

    Ahhhh....arrogance and hypocrisy in our politicians and country makes us even better targets.


    Does it mean the Libs support the JDL leader's 'Kill all Arabs' mantra?

  3. I see you are just catching up on Side Show Bob's antics Dee. I've been watching that carnival for a while. It would be almost laughable, if they weren't now beginning to cross the line into tyranny. The contest between the Cons and the Libs, which I refer to as "kissing butt for bucks", is one thing but this is quickly losing it's comedic value.

  4. I hear the thudding.

    The only thing wrong with the global economy is flat broke consumers not the banks. The only thing wrong with the banks, the fat cats have lost a ton of money and want government to refill their pockets with taxes borrowed from the next generation.

    Speaking of greedy bankers. I missed an automatic withdrawal by one day. The nsf charge was 42 bucks. While at the teller I noted that the charge for a bank employee pushing 2 button was 21 bucks a pop. I told her I completely understood as the news was full of greedy bankers. She said there was more than that involved as it was completely automated so the fee was mostly for computerization. Chuckling all the time I said computerization increased productivity decreasing costs but it`s ok if you don`t want to admit its pure greed. With a friendly smile she acknowledged that I had a point.
    Being my usual chatty self I asked her if she knew our province was heading into deficit spending and our city couldn`t borrow, it had to raise taxes to raise more money. Just about finishing the paper work I suggested if she sees her property tax go up by 42 bucks a month remember, it`s not greed, it`s computerization.

    At that moment she scanned my account and noted the activity. Yes I said, 42 bucks is what I have to spend on a weeks food. Personally I think it was the humour I translated with government taxes and not my budget that changed her mind but whichever, she reversed the charge. This bank has employees on the right track.
    In case you`re not already dealing with them it`s the TD, I`d recommend you save yourself some future problems with the bank you`re now dealing with and switch.

  5. Don? It's not the teller's fault, I imagine she gets a lot of grief and she doesn't make a lot of money. I'm glad she reversed the charges for you.;)

    I'm sick of the lot of them comrade.

    Dudes? Make sure you upgrade your security patches. Conficker 3 is supposed to kick in on April 1. Microsoft offered a bounty and hacks everywhere are trying to track. Don't know if the patches will work. If it does kick then the traffic should be brutal. And don't think you're safe with Mac, lulled into a false sense are MacKees.