Monday, January 26, 2009

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on "a new global order."

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown insisted that the crisis, which has forced his government to intervene to shore up banks, should give rise to "a new global order."

"As some want, we could close our markets -- for capital, financial services, trade and for labour -- and therefore reduce the risks of globalisation," he said, according to the text of a speech issued by his office.

"Or we could view the threats and challenges we face today as the difficult birth-pangs of a new global order -- and our task now as nothing less than making the transition through a new internationalism to the benefits of an expanding global society."

Benefits you say Gord? Hail Britannia.


  1. Can you hear my head thumping repeatedly?

    Wonder where they're going to get the dosh?

  2. Ha!

    Gold bugs should like.

  3. Here is an article about the privacy thing in the U.K.:

    They've been doing a lot of big brother lately. Shudder.

  4. Last post and it's nighty nite.

    " do we move to attain something from China?”

    Guess the IMF doesn't get the fact that China doesn't owe them anything? Or do they?


  5. Dee,

    Your link to the story on the use of tankers to store oil is one of the mechanisms used to artificially influence the price of oil. It makes clear the intent of that particular scheme and speaks to such manipulations.

    Some of our posters have offered articles on Garth's site about tankers full of oil sitting offshore in the Persian Gulf, and most interpreted that as a means of increasing reserve oil stocks in cases of uncertainty in that region. And well it might work to satisfy that, but your article clearly explains other motives.

    All interventions in and manipulations of the Oil market impact the final cost to users, and the majority of people would be astounded by the numerous means that are employed to do just that and how this can extend to other industries as well.

    The article spurred me to write about some aspects of this, but I find when I start I end up going deeper into the background than I probably should, so I will have to review and decide if I should go with it.

    Not meaning to speak riddles again, but I know that writing about certain things isn't wise. Especially if they are true.

    I touched on corporate control a bit with the Grocery entry, but that one is relatively easy as the number of players and market percentage says a great deal all by itself. Oil is in keeping relative to monopoly, but not nearly as easy to convey.

    Where it all really hits home, is factoring in the role of governments in all of this, as without them, most of these things could not have began nor continue to exist. There are two possible explanations. Stupidity or complicity. They are not all stupid.

    Is why I believe this economic crisis was engineered, and to taxpayers, bailouts only represent buying time for themselves and fellow citizens. Long term gain goes to those who brought it about.

    Which brings me full circle to my thoughts on Democracy, and the changes that are needed to begin inching these people out of power.

  6. Here`s the link to the entire speech on a new global order.
    Note the date, it seems even back in November Brown had little faith individual countries can get the global economy back on track.
    Our example will be presented today in the budget we already know deficits will not save the Cdn economy, only save the political system.

    Government of Iceland fails, many more to come including Canada for more than economic reasons.


    Monday 10 November 2008
    Speech to the Lord Mayor’s Banquet

    I believe that we in the west should approach these great challenges of our time with some humility. The west certainly does not have all the answers to them. We need more than the G8 – for the time when just a few powers could sit around the table and set the global agenda is over.

  7. Wayup

    There are more than 2 things that can create economic expansion.

    At one time the top of the list was conquest. Gun powder furthered that aspect while harnessing steam increased that ability until it was used to expand commerce. WW1 and WW2 certainly played a part but not as positive as the most notable, the industrial revolution, and the pinnacle, the assembly line. The boomers of the 50`s needed infrastructure to match the introduction of air travel expansion. The tech boom of the 90`s and more recently the global financial expansion from 2001 to 2005.

    Todays budget in saving the political system will not further any expansion of commerce, only make things worse by increasing debt and sadly after increasing our financial woes our political system will still collapse.

    How many hundreds of billions will you ok to support our broken system?

  8. Speech;

    I read as far as the thoughts on co-operation. Don't have time to finish but I see little beef. So long as the disproportionate percentage of wealth lies with approx. 5% of the World population, I am dubious.

    Was he preaching to the right choir?

  9. So long as the disproportionate percentage of wealth lies with approx. 5% of the World population, I am dubious.

    Was he preaching to the right choir?

    Traditionally the wealth of the world has enjoyed protected status with government intervention. Investment in railways, creation and transmission of power and other infrastructure spending to benefit big money.
    The latest global intervention with rescue, bailout, stimulus and handouts is no different other than risk, not something big money is fond of.
    What he was saying to this choir was individual government action or even global government action has a high risk factor. Big money must take part, get on board to ease the downside risks. The same concept in my prospectus on the trillions in cash accounts but with a suggestion that has no down side risk, maglev.

  10. Having the status of an escaped convict I can understand how the government could look the other way on my offer to deliver a certified prospectus on a global university competition and flowing benefits for $500,000 but for goodness sake, someone do it....

    "Our example will be presented today in the budget we already know deficits will not save the Cdn economy, only save the political system."

    I`ll repost an older note on how the pieces will fall into place on todays budget tomorrow.

  11. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 27, 2009 at 7:07 PM

    Dee, I see a new movie is coming out in February, "The International".. "They control your money. They control your government. They control your life. And everybody pays."
    I might have to help save the economy by paying to see that one!

  12. Barb the proofreader said...
    Dee, I see a new movie is coming out in February, "The International"..

    I went to see The Constant Gardner and commented to a friend it could have been a documentary which promptly elicited the response, "the world in not that corrupt". Six months later a news story broke almost line for line of the movie.
    Moral, lol, be carful what you pay attention to, reality might be lurking near.

  13. Speech,

    Finished the whole thing. As political speeches go, it was a bit different. I liked the Sermon, reminded me of some my own. Didn't care for his words on Afghanistan. Kind of contradicted the intent of some of his other words.

    Didn't do well on the Middle East part either. Contrasts his later statements on co-operation.

    I didn't care for the Big Brother overtones either, but I suppose given Britain's position, it would be better to send a message of being willing to go along to get along.

    His praise for co-operation to date was a bit shallow given what has actually been accomplished so far. Mostly agreeing to borrow against the future, hamburger today type thing. Makes one a little uneasy that he seems to put so much emphasis on the dream of future co-operation given the history of such things. Not much that was tangible really, other than statements of intent and hope.

    A lot could be read into his words, and maybe he should have chosen others to address the new world order. I suppose we should remember they were intended for a British audience, not we Colonials.

  14. "His praise for co-operation to date was a bit shallow given what has actually been accomplished so far."

    So far I believe there has been little incentive. Although I have little doubt the current economic situation was a well defined possibility in November the new predictions of where this could go has to be adding a lot more incentive.
    He ended with old solutions are no longer viable which in itself is clear enough now further on that time is getting shorter as deficit spending increases. I think it`s possible to receive to much incentive, I`m beginning to wonder if we`ve past that point.

  15. Comradettes and Comrades -- set the controls for the heart of the sun. Mr. Data, maximum warp -- not a moment to lose.

    Maxine, Little Johnny, Bodicea, Al Capone, Lillie Langtry, Rasputin and the gang are already there, waiting for us. Instead of going to hell in a handbasket, we're going to heaven in a ferry boat!
    History repeat. Like playing the same record over and over again, it never changes.

    Deflation / Depression = , combined with parts of Garth's current column . . .

    ". . . the odds of this getting worse? Of a depression, however brief? . . . This does not mean a deflationary spiral is going to happen, just that one’s no longer improbable or impossible. . . ."

    Put the story in the link and Garth's sentence side by side -- he is being nice to us -- and there lies the realization of what is taking place now, gaining speed until it is beyond control.

    Not even the elite, ultra-wealthy and the like will understand what is going on, so the wars happen, just as 1939. 'Twas a good time, but now it's nitty-gritty time!
    California is now out of money. Buddy, can you spare a dime (Robert!)? --
    A brief reminder of how Israel uses it's zionist-controlled msm to propagate their lies. This is from 2006. Check the headline and notice what is happening today. --

    Honda is cutting back production in Japan and the US, possibly moving to China (wages are a lot cheaper). The Big Three are almost dead, GM and Ford already have new plants in Brazil and Russia, people being laid off worldwide, who will they sell their cars / trucks to? --

    Unemployment was up in every state in Dec.; how long before the same happens here? --

  16. Hello Charles

    "California is now out of money. Buddy, can you spare a dime (Robert!)?"

    Shhhhh, they all are