Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cats and Rats and Elephants

I came across some noise this morning concerning Cats, some potential Rats and an Elephant in the room. A mini furor seems to have evolved over some comments made by a main member of the Ignatieff team, and I thought it worthy of a little reflection. I also came across a blog site of a bright young fellow and thought I would give him a nod as well .

Apparently the dust up concerns some remarks made by said Ignatieff man on his blog and in a video that refer to Chinese cuisine and Cats. You can see how some might be offended, wot?

Canadian Spades also has an interesting take on Ignatieff's reaction to the budget and his, er...strategy. It is written in a blog entry on his site entitled, Ignatieff: We get the government we deserve.

It is an opposing view to the one I have about all of that, but I am always up for an opposing view and if nothing else, I thought it is at least a concise excuse.

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