Monday, January 19, 2009

Speaking of saying nothing

"Insiders concede Ignatieff would prefer more time to rebuild the party and prepare for an election. Moreover, Liberal strategists see little upside to Ignatieff taking the reins of government at the start of what is promising to be a deep, severe recession. They'd rather let Harper take the blame for the economic pain."

I wonder who the Liberal strategists are?

It is really beginning to appear the strategy, if that's what one wishes to call it, is to wait for another Coronation. Like the Chretien deal, where victory comes by default, and all that's important is being in the right place at the right time.

What about a moral duty to the Country? What about all that depth of talent they keep telling us about? Platitudes is depth?.

With Liberal bloggers and a significant amount of commenter's to their blogs, stating displeasure in the choice of and direction of this new regime, many of which seem to be saying au revoir, been nice to know you; one would think the strategists might take notice.

This upcoming budget is going to provide a lot of answers. Such things as who does want the reins? If Harper comes out spending like mad, then he wants to continue. He will back off the Liberals, and likely end the chances of a coalition ever coming to pass. If he puts poison pills in along with big spending, Ignatieff, will be between a rock and a hard place. Similar to Dion, but minus the leaks. If he comes in with a budget void of significant assistance for the most needy, then he retains his ultra conservative base, forces Ignatieff's hand, leaving him the choice of voting against it, or losing face.

Much will depend on whether the Harperite egos can consider risking power, after having supped from the Holy Chalice.

We shall see.


  1. psa @ Canadian Cynic pretty much voices how I feel. You have to scroll down a bit.

    We have to remember that Harper will Never win Quebec. Il est brule.

    Ignatieff, despite what the self appointed party deities think, will have problems. Rae may have had a better shot in Quebec but the leaks would have continued. Leblanc? Don't know too much about him so can't comment.

    A coalition with Dion would have been grand. Peace with the Bloc for 18 months. And Layton? I think with all the public grandstanding Layton does people can reason with him if the argument is strong and sound. I really like some of the MPs in the NDP. But the leaks would have continued.

  2. Just saw this article and all I can say is "Fuck".

    What a mess they've gotten taxpayers into.

  3. Dee, your globe and mail link doesn't seem to work. You might have to split it and post it on 2 lines.

    Canadian Cynic certainly opened a can of whoop ass on Iggs.

  4. CC is a hoot. The more Iggs opens his mouth the more attractive NDP look to me. NDP MPs don't have to wear Depends unlike the Libs because of their many leaks. And then I think about Jack, Jack and groan.

    Brother, if you copy the whole line and paste in a new window it should work. I really should use my brain cells to learn HTML.

    The one above is cut in two.

    If you look at the G&M cover page there is an article about Martha Hall Findlay entitled "After The Green Shift". Blessings to her.

  5. Off topic, sorry.

    Here is the pacbi (Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) link about the ;

    What CUPE is doing is Not anti-semitic as was suggested by some. Take a peruse around and you'll see the boycott has been around for a while.

    If you google you will get a lot of hits about the boycott. Be warned a lot of those sites are pro Israeli sites. Some sites state the boycott is equivalent to what the nazis did, anti-semitic etc....

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Shakespeare

    I've never been so ashamed to be part of the human race. Dime bombs? Chemical weapons? Was nothing learned of the past? The civilians were used as an experiment. A massive experiment.

    There would have been more public outcry had it been a dog beaten or kicked.

  6. Our banks are just fine. Yup. You betcha!


    This is a double 'F' type story. I don't get those Conservatives at all...What happened to the 'our banks are sound' mantra?

  7. Speaking of saying nothing, I tried to find a link showing a conspiracy theory and hairy side by side, but there were too many to choose from. So . . .

    Text messaging is not an art I will master during my lifecycle, mainly because I have no interest but, more to the point, I am partially blind in both eyes.

    To a large extent, that is a good thing, as the older I get, the less material clutter I have in my life, the better off I am.

    However, the following is a short and true report. Another reason to avoid text messaging!
    Thirteen year-old's father wasn't "LOL" when he read last month's AT&T cell phone bill.

    The 440-page statement listed an incredible 14,528 text messages sent in one month.

    Ummm, that works out to be about 484 text messages a day, on average. Yes, a day.

    Fortunately, the family has a $30/month unlimited texting plan or else this AT&T bill would have been nearly $3,000.

    According to a U.S.-based Nielsen study, the average number of monthly texts for a 13- to 17-year-old teen is about 1,742.
    Think the fiscal meltdown will be over once Obama takes the reins? Think again -- it's only just started! --
    A new trojan horse virus linked to Obama's speech. --

    "Before the end of the year, an economic bloc of England, Russia, France and the U.S.A will be formed to bring the German and Italian economic systems to their knees." -- Paul Dreyfus, "La Vie de Tanger", May 15, 1938.