Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Last Twerp Standing

So it's a fait d'accompli...

And the forces of the wimpy wight, wait for their time in sun. Wow! Gee! Golly gee whiz! How is it I'm not surprised?

The Liberals have no money, no leader and no sense of what it was that once attracted so many to their party. They've lost that on the alter of politicking. Ya ok.

Mr. Smug is licking his paws some, as that nasty little collection of me firsts that he has been cultivating for some time, are making noise about his almost costing them power, and the trough along with it.

Iggs has ditched the NDP, and isn't even putting on a brave face to make proper excuses. Why should he, they are only Bolsheviks after all. And we know how White Russians feel about the Bolsheviks. Right?

I expect Mr. Duceppe need only mutter, Anglo's, what do you expect? That should do it.

So picture this in your mind; out there in right field, hugging the foul line, is the Iggs and his main man, the guy who sues and gets sued a lot, with their fielders mitts. Waiting their chance at that big fat juicy foul ball.

Come to Papa baby!

Moeofthesame, Moeofthesame, good God Almighty, Moeofthesame!


  1. Well, whaddya know. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Canada would have been affected fiscally even if Dion were the Top Gun, but at least there would have been a person in charge who would keep a steady hand on the tiller.

    Everything happens for a reason. I said before and I say again -- this country is much better off having Garth out of the HoC, telling Cdns. who will listen how bad it's gonna be, and it is bad. We ain't seen nuthin' yet.

    Dion, along with Michael Chong, Bill Casey and others of the same ilk, who will always represent their constituents first are worthy of the title Honourable.
    I realize that if the idea is still kicking around then the possibility exists that it may happen. After all, just about everything else is failing! --
    Will it or won't it? My guess is that it will, especially as The Cycle Of Nines is progressing ominously; the TSX / Dow will freefall until 2500 - 3000! --
    Recently, Zimbabwe introduced a $100 Trillion note (slight case of hyperinflation). Now, elephant poop is their currency! --
    In keeping with Garth's latest posting, along with Zimbabwe above now come the US banks! --
    Shipping via tankers has virtually ceased to exist (remember their were a whole bunch of ships clogging up The Straits of Hormuz?), now the airlines start falling.

    Comment courtesy --

    "The airline industry reported on Thursday an “unprecedented and shocking” plunge in global air cargo traffic.

    "Also passenger travel is way down. Today's headline is that Hawaii's tourism industry has cratered. Americans cannot afford to come here and the rest of the world despises the US for Afghanistan, Iraq, Torture, Gaza, talking everyone into a global economy then driving it off the cliff, etc. etc. etc."
    This gives a very clear view as to who controls (or tries to manipulate) Canada's media. One reason why newspapers have declining circulation. Para. follows. --

    ". . . in Canada – one willing to stand up to the Zionist-controlled media and the assorted Zionist Jewish lobby groups that hold way too much influence over Canada’s Judiciaries and governments, both federally and provincially.

    'The means being employed by B’nai Brith Canada is the infamous anti-hate law contained in the Canadian Human Rights Act and known as Sec. 13(1)."

  2. I think people are just happy they aren't fighting anymore. Something else will happen.
    Having a leader of a country who is 'antagonistic' something else is bound to happen.
    Not going to pop popcorn waiting for it to happen. I'm quite sick of the whole lot of them.

  3. Wouldn't this complicate matters if the Alaskan volcano(es) erupt first, trigger Yellowstone and it leads to various shenanigans down the west coast? --
    First is Russia, second China, third is China / Russia together, and both right. --
    A middle eastern look at the west's fiasco. --
    For those that remember all too well, Jesuit priests are still exorcists. Check out the additions on the right. --
    Freebies from Money Morning . . .

    Aftershock #1: New government regulations. We're about to witness the biggest changes we'll see in our lifetime when it comes to making money. Wall Street's about to turn topsy-turvy as the Obama administration takes control of this mess. Gone are the days of paid-off regulators... millions from lobbyists... and secret insider deals that have made billionaires of scoundrels like Bernard Madoff. In fact, below you'll see right now how the U.S. Treasury is creating an event that's about to hand you and easy double -- and in all likelihood a bonanza 4X score in the next six months...

    Aftershock #2: The collapse of investment banks... Bad news right? For the investment banks it's a catastrophe. For others it's going to be a windfall. That's because "Two Big Money Shops" are about to takeover that business and become the next Goldman Sachs. Know how to play this mega "takeover" and steady gains of 222% and 160% are likely to come rolling in.

    Aftershock #3: The next shoe to drop in the credit crisis is a big one. $600 billion in loans is about to come due on these overlooked "mortgages." And right now the next wave of "foreclosures" is imminent. When this explodes in the next 30 days, you'll discover ways to play this event for consistent gains of 30% to 200%, week in and week out.

    Aftershock # 4: If you think insurance giant AIG is the main event in crisis, think again. Seven other giants are about to get hit with a "triple-whammy." Some will survive; others will thrive. We'll give you the opportunity to score 50% to 75% on the way down - and a massive 379% on the way up.

    Aftershock # 5: No doubt, the crisis is global. So what is the International Monetary Fund doing to help? Few know this yet, but they're about to pump a heartwarming $100 billion into a select few economies. When the money hits, you could be looking at a string of 100%-plus winners.

    Events like these are all too real. And they're coming at us with the force of a 50-car freight train hauling down the tracks.

    Let's face it, this crisis is handing out opportunities like we'll never see again -- maybe the biggest since 1933, when smart investors increased their overall wealth by 53.97% in one year...

  4. Good morning Charles. I'm just getting around to reading the links and such and wanted to pass a comment or two on the Russia/China links above.

    I thought Putin's comments were straight forward as usual, and once again show his value as a leader. He seems to be a very practical fellow, along with his other strengths.

    Mr. Wen on the other hand, brought a wry smile as he went about criticizing the very system his government has been most happy to belly up to, and use as the basis of it's growth. I note his comments were still very much focused on growth as well. I think he is a hypocrite. Besides that, although everyone knows that china is manipulating the yuan, he doesn't want anyone to talk about it.

    I guess they either don't care or think they have become bigger than the game itself. Everyone who plays ball, gets a kick at the can. Like Canada and Nafta. That earned us a 60 something cent dollar and an inherent advantage in the market place for a long time. Now our time is basically up. And so is China's, but Wen and company don't want to give it up. They aren't finished hoarding cash reserves yet, or maybe more specifically haven't had sufficient time to convert USD.

    Whichever, the fact that China is having to close multiple facilities because the world's financial system that gave them the opportunity to have them in first place, is now correcting itself, is just the way it is. No time to be whining about it now.

    Besides, so much of what they produced in those factories was absolute junk anyway. They can keep it for their own enjoyment in my view.

  5. One more thing for now. About then Money Morning guys. With their extraordinary understanding of markets and vision of the future, I can't help but ask myself why would they bother trying to work the investment sales world? Given the amounts of money they say following their advice will bring, why don't they just busy themselves following their own advice?

    Some wise person once said, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."