Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Government, what is it good for

Our first submission. From Got Rope;

Comrade One said...
We who are old, and supposedly wise, have a responsibility to speak softly, and make best efforts to assist younger minds to understand that all that glitters, is not gold.
Government, what is it good for
Sung to the music of War.
By got rope?
We are leaving the younger generation a mountain of problems. How the government will justify starting them out on the climb from a collapsing hole from deficit spending will be a challenge not even the huge government propaganda machine will not nullify.
We know massive deficit spending will have no influence on our situation, or globally, it will only deepen the hole while propping up a failed system.
Yet the government, with incredible arrogance will continue to push ahead with an even bigger mistake than ignoring the 1998 report `For the Sake of the Children`. I was in on the team that exhibited the data and studies and warned them youth problems would increase exponentially. Their response was to tell the police to stop arresting our youths and they pushed forward until we now have a generation outnumbered by seniors and increasing `real` crime rates, possible hyper-inflation with new massive deficit spending collapsing the hole and much more.
I suspect my experience with this broken system should garner a little consideration so I`ll repeat, deficit spending has one purpose, to prop up a failed system that has failed for decades.
The government will stop at nothing to protect themselves, from cooking the crime rate stats to massive deficit spending and more, including leaving nothing but bills and problems to future generations.


  1. Considering the very nature of our system, the deficit financing approach is in keeping with this. Given that we haven't seen any indication that the current members of Parliament have a desire to move away from this, I ask you this question. What do you think should be done in the "immediate" future that can have a significant impact on reducing job losses and reducing fear factor among consumers?

  2. And thanks for the submission Robert. The above comment was for you. I forgot to include that.

  3. Good morning C1

    "What do you think should be done in the "immediate" future"

    Last spring I started an economy plan, the first an immediate priority at that time was to slash small self employed small business to 0 on the first $50,000. Garth noted that strategy wouldn`t work on the planet he was on and government is pushing ahead with massive deficit spending.

    The question now is what can we do with this broken system ungoverned by the rule of law.
    Internationally, to turn consumer spending power positive and avert WW3 a global transportation makeover.

    Further news to the post.


    I`m a regular reader of the CB of C. They don`t apply the sugar coating at anywhere near the rate of government and only slightly less than the BoC but sugar coated none the less.
    They have 0 data to back up their first article conclusion, be worried about that.

    On the second article note a year ago I said our commodity based economy was on thin ice with `the melt is on` early last July.

    btw I sent the original post to C1 for post @ 14/01/-8 10.20 PM, before these news releases.

    Recession to deepen until mid-2009
    January 14, 2009 8:02 AM

    Conference Board of Canada
    And as U.S. export markets recover, Canada’s economy will rebound with 3.6 per cent growth next year, it predicted.

    Fiscal stimulus won't avert recession, three negative quarters forecast: report
    Wed Jan 14, 10:03 AM
    OTTAWA - Not even massive amounts of government spending and tax cuts will keep the country out of recession this year, says the Conference Board of Canada.
    The worse news is the negative impact falling commodity prices will have on Canadians' income growth, the report adds.

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