Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Beginnings

Hello all. It begins.

I have just completed setting up a simple blog, and I'm sure I will have a lot more work to do to bring it up to a standard close to what we were used to at Garth.ca. That said, I am hoping that all who are interested in an effort to provide a comfortable venue for those who used to post on Garth's political and current affairs blog, will drop a line and sign their offering with their old handles.

It will take a while to establish some guidelines, but one of the aims will be to temper flaming and eliminate cussing at each other. Some having been more guilty than others. Who me?

One objective I think worthy to work toward, is encouraging those who would like to submit their own entries/topics to be posted. If things work out somewhat similarly to past blog topics, there will be an open exchange of thoughts and concerns that are not always related to the topic of the day or the hour.

Let me know what you think Comrades. Everyone is welcome as long their purpose isn't to cultivate hatred toward others.


  1. Ok, time for a test to see if this thing works.

    In order to submit items to be posted, kindly use the email address posted at the top right of the blog. I will work on an entry or entries and post it later. A little patience may be required as I learn the necessary techniques. Ideas are welcome too.

  2. Good day Comrade.

    Thanks for the invite.

    If I may suggest we entertainers email you a topic with handle and header so that comments go directly to the thread.

    For instance if I compose a thread on the absurdity of deficit spending as a government prop only I`ll email it directly to you and you paste it into a new thread for comments.

    Just a thought.

    got rope?

  3. You are welcome Robert, and Comradely Greetings. Your suggestion sounds good and along the lines of what I was thinking. I am hoping this idea will appeal to many of the good writers and readers, who have participated on Garth's blog and perhaps it will develop a life of it's own from there. I think there are many people who would like to post their own work, but haven't time for a blog and others who feel they aren't sufficiently tech savvy.

    I have taken some interest in the styles of various blog operators and picked up an idea here and there. I am completely open to suggestions from participants and intend to rely on them to make this a blog worth visiting.

    In keeping with my Comradely style I guess.

  4. Hi: Thanks for the opportunity. I have been watching from the sunny south for the last 3 months with intermittent contributions.
    Looking forward to sharing, listening and opining.

    Judy, Ontario

  5. The sunny south eh Judy? A well deserved reward no doubt.

    Welcome to The Project Judy.

  6. Hi Comrade,
    Just testing this out. Thanks for giving it the "old college try". Good for you!


  7. Happy to see you taking the bull by the horns, Okie, and delighted to report for revolutionary duty. We cannot let digital democracy die with garth.ca.

    I will have to use "Anonymous" until I can figure out how to sign up properly.

    Comradely greetings to all, Herb.

  8. Good to hear from you Comrades Lana and Herb. Starting a blog seemed like the logical thing to do in light of our little internet community needing a spot to continue interests and sharing ideas, research, information, preponderance of evidence and conspiracy theories. A good bitch and an occasional rant is good for the soul too. Cleans the pipes so to speak.

    So off we go into the new and somewhat familiar, yet somewhat unknown. I will be educating myself on the tech aspects and formulating an overall plan for the daily structure over the next few weeks and as I mentioned earlier, all input/suggestions are welcome.

  9. AS an avid reader from Garth's, I've added you to my favs. Probably won't comment often but will check in to read what's new. Thanks for taking the bull by the horns.


  10. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 13, 2009 at 9:14 PM

    I'm in. Good for you Comrade. Much appreciated.

    Bonnie N is also going to give it a go, and she is looking for input from us all, per her comment today on Garth.ca #139

    Obviously we all care deeply about our country, we know we have to do something, we can perhaps help steer each other in the right directions. I've learned lots just from my short foray into this, I can almost converse in politics. Although I'm still not that good at it. Still learnin' though, it's the right thing to do. I want to try to be part of the solution. Baby steps, though.

  11. Welcome aboard Darlene. Garth has done so much to bring people together to share ideas, knowledge, concepts, concerns and so much more that it would be a shame to just see it end.

    I will do my best to bring all those who are interested, together to continue that, and to take an active role in creating their own topics for discussion.

    I like Ginger Cats too. I had two tabbies in years gone by.

  12. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 13, 2009 at 9:22 PM

    I don't have the accounts that are listed, so in the "Commet as: drop down menu I chose "Select Profile" of "Name/URL".

    It seems okay to leave the URL line blank. I had to sign in twice, the 2nd time I clicked "Preview" and changed my settings to accept Cookies, and I also unchecked my Pop-up Blocker.

    Then it worked fine.

  13. Thank you Barb for your support. I agree with and associate with what you wrote.

    I read something earlier today that applies to one area of what you said. I will have to rely on memory as I read so much and didn't save it.

    It went something like this; at the age of 70, Solomon (I believe that's who it referred to) achieved a plateau of wisdom as he realized how little he knew.

    I thought, gee..I must be wise. I realized that some time ago and I'm not 70.

    As I endeavour to understand the political machine, I have come to consider that they have the advantage of employing what they have been taught in regards to governing. That doesn't necessarily make them superior thinkers or necessarily having a greater understanding of how to formulate a plan and implement it. It merely prepares them to continue with a structure that has been taught to them.Usually at great expense. As example, George W Bush.

    Something else I read yesterday on Liblogs was an item about Mulroney attending a high profile function in the US recently and his guests were none other than the infamous Demarais couple that the Conservatives love to hold out as examples of Liberal corruption.

    I guess we all need to learn a thing or two, and that is why I want to continue what Garth has accomplished. Creating a venue for light to be cast on our world.

  14. Greetings Comrade Okie. Thanks for doing this. Salut`. linda.

  15. Thank you Comrade Linda. What I appreciate most about what you write, is your sincerity.

    The real work is yet to come.

    We who are old, and supposedly wise, have a responsibility to speak softly, and make best efforts to assist younger minds to understand that all that glitters, is not gold.

  16. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 14, 2009 at 2:50 AM

    Comrade, what you said reminded me politics makes strange bedfellows. A friend's dad was a top Tory -- at the top of the heap. Yet his daughter married a top Liberal.

    And right here at home in Calgary all our friends are Tories. Guess what, we don't talk politics.

    Desmarais' kids married or dated partners in both parties.

    To me, circles of friends are okay, as long as there's arm's length dealings.

    However, Desmarais' on the advisory board of Carlyle Group.. talk about bad company & bedfellows:


  17. When you are big in the corporate world, you have money, influence and power. You exercise those in the pursuit of your corporate and personal interests. Anyone who can or could help you is your friend and cultivated as such. The only foes you recognize and treat accordingly are your competitors, your real ones, not the ones you are happy to share the market with.

    As I keep saying, regardless of which political party is in government, the Power Corporation is in power. All corporations are. Corporations need a certain legal, economic and human resources environment to function, and politicians need the approval, influence and money of corporate employees and shareholders to prosper. Corporate donations may have been limited, but not creativity in circumvention, nor the importance of public approval. And the bottom line has no conscience and no principle beyond itself.

    It will be a long time before the common good replaces the corporte good, and power devolves to the people.

  18. Thanks for the techy advice, Barb. I couldn't figure it out--tried creating a new gmail account but it insisted on using my last name. Who knows who lurks in the blogs and tracks us down. (paranoid, not me).

    Did you catch Rick Mercer and This Hour last night? Political satire is alive and well in Canada. It ain't Jon Stewart, but its still good. Lana

  19. Barb @ 2:50 a.m.

    Thanks for the input. I will try to post from a different computer later and check out the options for posting under ones name. When I go to the URL, it just automatically signs me in. Probably because I'm the CREATOR...LOL Time will tell what I have created.

  20. Did you catch Rick Mercer and This Hour last night? Political satire is alive and well in Canada. It ain't Jon Stewart, but its still good. Lana

    January 14, 2009 8:46 AM

    Mercer quit being funny when he sold out his "rant" to shill for the Libs One Ton Challenge.
    Ignatieff showed his true colours- a haughty, humourless,elitist,professorial lecturer.
    He makes Harper look like a warm and cuddly kitten.
    Bob Rae in a suit moving?
    What a trio of goofs.
    What a waste of time.

  21. Herb said...
    7:34 AM

    It will be a long time before the common good replaces the corporte good
    It almost sounds like you`re blaming corporations when it`s government that controls the rules, regulations and oversight and courts that are the final applicator.
    When government operates above the law corporations follow suit. When law is as corrupt as government who is left to take them to task and enforce the rule of law.
    We know the problems Herb and you`ve rejected my idea of eliminating most avenues of government corruption with grassroots democracy through a provincially nominated federal government.
    Now that you`ve stated our common goal, "It will be a long time before the common good replaces the corporte good, and power devolves to the people." What is your suggestion on how to make it happen?

  22. Anon @2:28 pm.

    One has to remember that this is Canada, and if you go too far into reality there will be a big Iron door that will come crashing down to shut you out. Mercers efforts and approach aren't those of say a Mary Walsh, who really got some licks in at times. It was heart warming to see her bring the red to the cheeks of the likes of Mike Harris and she could hold her own even with slippery Jean.

    Still, if you listen carefully to Mercer, he gets some licks in. There were one or two in that Ignatieff piece.

    I think things are changing quite rapidly and open dialogue is one of the losers.

  23. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 14, 2009 at 8:13 PM

    Lana said...
    "Thanks for the techy advice, Barb."
    "Did you catch Rick Mercer and This Hour last night? Political satire is alive and well in Canada."
    ~ Lana

    Hi Lana,
    Yes! I LOVED Mercer's Rant last night, one of his best. About time someone called the harpercrites out on their bull. Mercer tells it like it is, and I hope that drives the con artists crazy. I also enjoyed the Ignatieff piece. He should be interesting once he gets into his stride. That too, will drive the Con-victs crazy. It should be a good show seeing the Conservatives scrambling to conjure up imaginary ways to insult Ignatieff. This time, the public will smell it, and it will be fun watching Harperites once make such complete asses of themselves, this time knowing the public is uniting in their anger at the Conservative liars.

    I just saw the re-run of Jon Stewart. If you didn't see last night's.. Jon's monologue on Bush's parting words was a must see. It reruns on The Comedy Channel website, episode was Jan. 13th. The monologue was top notch, and also the next segment, each plays separately. But do watch the monologue on the web site.

    I see the liar showed up here. Expect nothing but crap and propaganda from her, eh, she's only here for one paid purpose, to make sure this blog gets destroyed, and any goodness gets discredited, on orders from heir harpo. She seems to have C.O.C.R.E.I.D. -- or AKA -- "Conservative-Obsessive-Compulsive-Reframe-Every-Issue-Disorder". LOL!

    As always Lana, great to read your posts. If you like, email me, Charles has my email. I've been a bit busy working on something I'm trying to finish for my Dad, which is taking longer than I thought it would. Argh.

  24. Which liar would that be Barb?And where's your proof?
    Or is it just another one of your many delusions?

  25. Which liar would that be is a good question...since there wee at least 2 in Garth's blog. Let's see if either of them have the guts to put their name on their posts, and not post under Anonymous (now that you've pointed out how you can post under your name).

    Barb, I "PVR" all Jon Stewart and Colbert's shows in case I can't stay awake past 11 pm at night. I never miss a show. Corner Gas and Bill Maher are the other two I tape. Can't get enough humour these days!

    I saw Grand Torino last night at the movies. It's a "must see" for "progressives" (as opposed to "regressives").

    I'm off to Disney World next week with 3 of my grandchildren--13, 10 and 8. It was a Christmas present from their parents, who needed me to babysit anyway because they WON a trip for 2 to Hawaii. I never could have afforded the trip myself. I'm hoping hubby has a job when I get back, but pickings are slim in Southern Ontario.

    I guess I'll miss the opening of Parliament, so keep me posted!

    RE: "I see the liar showed up here. Expect nothing but crap and propaganda from her, eh, she's only here for one paid purpose, to make sure this blog gets destroyed, and any goodness gets discredited, on orders from heir harpo. She seems to have C.O.C.R.E.I.D. -- or AKA -- "Conservative-Obsessive-Compulsive-Reframe-Every-Issue-Disorder". LOL!"


    I agree that the Cons will look ridiculous if they try to personally insult Ignatieff. We know some of the propaganda they'll use already, thanks to the "liars" you refer to...the mouthpieces that spout their crap on blogs like this. I will not respond to them--they don't deserve our attention.

  26. Labelling folks who disagree with you as liars is a sign of delusional behaviour.

  27. Labelling folks as delusional when they label liars as liars is labouring under a misapprehension.

    Posting anonymously, unless you can't figure out how not to, seems to me to be a cowardly act. But, hey, I've been wrong before.

    I missed Don Newmann tonight. I was taking an online course. Did I miss anything of note?

  28. You might be taken seriously when you and your delusional buddy post your real full names, until then your whines about anonymity are typical do as I say not as I do hypocritical squawkings.

  29. James Anonymous said...

    If that comment was meant for me, and you are the James from Garth's blog, then I am disappointed. But I don't think it is--doesn't sound like you.

    No, I didn't post my last name, but people know me by Lana in Garth's post, which was like a community. People knew where others were coming from when they used their names or pseudonyms consistently.

    So this time I'll post with my last name (or IS it really my last name?) See, it doesn't matter. People can make up names, but if they are consistent with that name, people can make their own judgements about the comments, and respond appropriately.

  30. Garth's blog was indeed like a community,similar to the Mason family community where brainwashing was commonplace and any dissenting opinions were dealt with harshly.Females in Mason's family were the most susceptible to Mason's delusions quite like the females at Garth's website.
    I suppose there will always be a few skanks who will believe a scruffy little egomaniac's views but that doesn't mean they're right.

    "So this time I'll post with my last name (or IS it really my last name?) See, it doesn't matter"

    So you're not only a coward but also a hypocrite,or maybe not.

  31. Jim Anonymous? Good Lord, we've been noticed. Can Hairy be far behind?

  32. Herb! So glad to see another friendly face on this blog. I'm beginning to wonder if this is new blog is going to work. If I don't get some intelligent conversation soon, I'm going to give up. Obviously this Jim or James anonymous wants that to happen though. I'm not taking the bait.

    Barb oh Barb, where are you? Help!!!

  33. Hi Lana

    Remember everyone can submit items that are of interest to them and have them posted. All reasonable posts at least. You know what I mean.

    Jim above seems to have a thing for garth's approach, but for you Jim, most of the people who followed garth's blog were big people and could pick and choose what to accept and what to reject. The very nature of blogging promotes the expression of opinion, both of the operator and those who participate.

    You know Jim, you could submit a blog topic too. I am not restricting this blog to one sided views. But, if it was just to bash garth, I would suggest you go over to his blog and do it there. The direct approach so to speak.

  34. Intelligent conversation from Barb?
    Thanks for the best laugh I've had to-day.

  35. Well Anon,you know the saying, different strokes for different folks.

    I expect that Barb would debate any thoughts you might have that aren't in agreement with something she writes. You might want to take that approach rather than the one above.

  36. Hieronymus AnonymousJanuary 16, 2009 at 11:58 PM

    Barb's sharing of views consists of calling folks liars when there's no http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX6XMIldkRU they've even been here.

  37. "Still, if you listen carefully to Mercer, he gets some licks in. There were one or two in that Ignatieff piece."

    "Coalition,Cohabitation" was brilliant.

  38. Heh Heh..Old Jean eh?

    In answer to a reporters questions on an attack in the press, he said;

    "wa'll, sometime de're not very nice to us....you know?"

    At least he was good at stand up. Harper could use some of that.

  39. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 19, 2009 at 3:26 AM

    Re: "Anonymous" JANUARY 16, 2009 7:30 PM
    And: "Hieronymus Anonymous" JANUARY 17, 2009 12:00 AM

    I see the Conservatives have sent their paid, cowardly, "Insult & Attack" trolls here, to dump on and insult the bloggers here for no reason other than to try and make people feel bad. That is about the lowest form of human being there is, so here they are, the Conservative SS Squad, for us to witness their mean spirited words and lowest of human behaviour. Pathetic.

  40. Barb Da Proof Reader,
    I see that you're still the same hypocritical skank that you were on that scruffy egomaniacs blog.
    Your hysterical hate for anyone that disagrees with you has so clouded your myopic opinions that you can't be taken seriously.
    I hope your hubby has a sense of humour,he needs it.

  41. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 19, 2009 at 9:57 PM

    Anonymous abuser at 12:31 PM, what is your obsession with me, or are you just a bully by nature, abusing innocent people on the internet, simply because you have no actual people you can get attention from such as your husband, as it seems saying that about me was your very telling slip up, a Freudian slip up, that you made in referencing a family member. I asked a doctor friend of mine, and some other friends. The friends all condemn abusers such as you. My good friend who is a doctor, and her hubby who is a psychiatrist, both agree that individuals such as you have some fairly deep emotional deficits. They relate it to the school yard bully who is acting out the abuse they get from their loved one.
    So what is your beef and why are you stalking my words. Why do you anonymously abuse people as you have done above, and call them names for no reason? It was suggested that you need to seek out some professional help for your obsession with stomping on my every word and attacking me.

  42. Barb Da Proof Reader,
    Do you really believe you can prance around the internet tossing around insults and inneudos without getting some blowback?
    The scruffy weasel over at digital democracy headquarters loved to censor comments that challenged the tender sensibilities of his followers.The free rein his cult like devotees had in insulting others hasn't carried over to this blog, thanks goodness.
    Your femme fatale routine won't cut it here so I suggest that you cut the rude rhetoric you've been practising.
    Payback is a bitch.

  43. Anonymous of JANUARY 19, 2009 9:57 PM,

    To "Anonymous",
    You're not fooling anyone with your continual, vicious campaign of attacks on blogs, news sites, people's ideas, and Commenters who are trying to share hope and ideas.
    People are fed up with Harper's cruel, insincere and divisive politics and the way people such as you help him with your petty assigned tasks.
    Canadians want to get back to a trusted, prosperous, civil and respected Canada without your array of misinformation campaigns, your denial of science, your slandering of innocent people and your smear campaigns. So Leasa Janssen you failed, as did your alter egos such as Hairy. You cannot close the door on democracy, truth and hope by calling people names.
    You spent three years on your mandate to insult and demoralize Garth Turner, and to try to ruin his attempt to bring fairness and democracy to the internet.
    Mr. Turner allowed your insults and lies and smears on his blog to a point, to show other citizens how Harper's Reform Party Insiders operate. Those archives are there to show everyone the thousands of times you showed up to bully him and to spread your Harper lies. And here you are, still attempting your disgraceful misdeeds.
    Fed up Canadians have taken notice of your sort, and will no longer put up with it. The more you and other paid Harper trolls slander and hurt innocent people, the more Canadians take notice and push you aside.

  44. Truthful Canadian,
    You owe Leasa an apology,she's not been posting here,I have.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  45. Anon, I assume you read the blog entry and particularly the part that says;

    "Everyone is welcome as long their purpose isn't to cultivate hatred toward others."

    Let me expand on that a bit. This blog was created to be a positive place for people to come. You and I and the next person are not going to agree with everything others post, but if you wish to disagree, kindly present a position of worth.


    The grudge match is over. Comrade says.

  46. Give up your charade Leasa. You don't fool anyone. Herb spotted you immediately and addressed you about it under the section "Silencing the voices of dissent" where we all saw your comment signed "L" JANUARY 14, 2009 4:08 PM.
    We all know about your three years of placing the letter "L" to your post so you could keep track of them all under the dozen names you said that you use on Garth Turner's old blog.
    So, too late Leasa, you already made your remark here, signed it with your "L" so everyone knows it was you who did your "attacking the messenger" as per your usual habit. You have been busted, so don't try your mean-spirited character assassinations on anyone again.
    People are not as stupid as you like to think Leasa, and if you think you're going to lurk and stomp on people here, you had better have another think.
    If you think that just because there's lots of postings here that your comment was lost, forget it. You have posted here, and your signature "L" gave your presence away.

  47. Truthful Canadian,
    You have made a mistake.
    All Anonymous,Jim Anonymous and Hieronymus Anonymous posts on this thread except for January 13, 2009 6:01 PM
    January 13, 2009 7:47 PM
    January 13, 2009 10:03 PM
    have been posted my myself
    You posted her full name here,presumably "outing" her as punishment
    for not agreeing with you POV.
    I find it sad that you've managed to transfer the mean spirited tone towards dissenting opinions that was predominant at Garth's blog over to here.
    Anyone can call themselves truthful ,it takes real character to admit to one's mistakes.
    Do the right thing.

  48. Anon, I'm not going to take time to go over the posts and identify which Anons are yours, but let me say this. Calling someone a skank is pretty strong language, and not in keeping with an intellectual exchange of thoughts and ideas.

    Besides that, not everyone is as evolved as others in given areas nor is everyone as impatient as some others.

    I said the grudge match is over. What part of that didn't ya'll understand?

    Another thought is it takes two to tango.

    My options are simple. Either enable moderation in order to control the flow, delete the entire blog entry or get all mean girl.

    Which option is preferable?

    If I may make a suggestion, let's build something together. Something that goes beyond partisanship, and speaks to real and concrete issues.

  49. So-called "Anonymous",
    You came to this blog to rudely insult a fellow blogger, which has been your pattern over the years at Garth Turner's blog, your alter egos and brethren war-room types never far, always attacking people who comment if you think they have made points that you're afraid of. If you went after people's ideas, that would be fine, but instead, you simply insult. The fact is, that's all you do, to the point where it became obvious to all readers, that was your job. It's well-known. You can't hide the fact.
    You proceeded to insult a Commenter and attack their person, as had been your constant pattern, doing so for no reason and out-of-the blue, calling them such things as 'skank' and then you proceeded to further demean them, again, for no reason. Your attacks on Commenters are unfounded, and your pattern is well-known to everyone who has encountered you. I for one, won't fall for your insincere tricks and attacks, few would, and bringing the light of day to your insincere games is our best defense for democracy and truth.

  50. Comrade One said...
    January 21, 2009 4:52 PM

    Hi Comrade One,
    Let's review the actual sequence of events:
    I posted a comment about my views on Rick Mercer and Lib leader Ignatieff.
    Immediately 2 posters assumed that a Leasa made the comment.
    They called Leasa a liar for the comment I made.
    They called Leasa"nothing but crap and propaganda"they called Leasa an employee of the Conservative party interested only in destroying "goodness",they said Leasa had C.O.C.R.E.I.D. all without a shred of evidence.

    They had no proof and yet they collectively jumped on a familiar convienient name like a pack of starving jackals fighting over a rotting corpse.
    Comparing these people to Charlie Manson's skanks might have been inappropriate but it was certainly no worse than what these people initiated.They only have themselves to blame for any blowback.
    I will withdraw that remark if these people apologize for their erroneous comments about Leasa.
    However,posting Leasa's alleged full name on a public blog as someone's idea of punishment is beyond reprehensible.It's truly the mark of a bona fide wacko.
    Comrade One ,you might want to delete that part,it might have repercussions.

  51. Truthful Canadian said...
    January 21, 2009 5:15 PM

    Your allegations about Leasa are false,I know because I'm the poster.
    Your claim about being truthful rings false,please post one shred of da proof and I'll apologize for calling you a bona fide wacko.

  52. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 23, 2009 at 1:17 PM

    To Anonymous on January 21, 4:52 PM

    Your statement is inaccurate. No person was named as having C.O.C.R.E.I.D. Re-read what I wrote to straighten that out.

    If you think of some particular person as having been the topic of that conversation, that's not my fault. You incorrectly reframed what I actually wrote.

  53. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 23, 2009 at 5:07 PM

    Above reference should read 7:44 PM not 4:52 but you get the drift.

    Comrade, loved the musical posts, I forget which thread.

    Interesting fact: The Funk Brothers played on more number-one records than The Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys combined. Their Motown music buoyed an entire generation. We watched their DVD documentary last night. Sometimes it plays on PBS if you get a chance to see it. We ordered it and it took 4 months to arrive.