Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moderation (Sigh)

Well folks it looks like I am going to have to enable moderation. (We don't need no steenking moderation PTBD)

I was going to do that at the beginning, thinking that some of the winged monkeys might follow from the old place, but decided to try to make a go of it without doing that unless it became necessary.

Looks like it will be necessary. I'm not going to engage or encourage people who won't listen to reason, so moderation seems the best option for the time being.

It appears some would like to hamper our efforts to have free flowing discussions, and have a little fun sometimes too. I'm not sure if the problem is just a carry over of petty grudges from the old place, or if that's just smoke. No matter.

So please be patient if a post takes a little time to get up. I don't have a mobile device so I need to be at a computer to moderate.


  1. Other than the foolish partisan talking points I see no posts that should have been deleted.

    The fact is the Parties can parachute in the best, get them elected and it won`t change this broken system. We all know that which is why carting the partisanship over from Garths blog isn`t productive but hardly worth deleting as it`s these very asses that need to listen to the facts and face reality, a system broken by corruption will not fix itself under any of the Parties or leaders.

    Let them post Comrade, it will only convince more to join none of the above.

  2. Last evening I noticed Muskoka Bill has joined our group.

    I just wanted to say welcome Bill, and I hope you will send some entries to be posted. I know you like to write, and your participation would add to our discussions.

  3. poppavox,

    I made a clear statement on grudges, and apparently it wasn't taken seriously. I'm not interested in the bile from Garth's old blog spilling over here. It's just that simple. Let those who have an issue take it back there and Garth can deal with it.

  4. One more thing. I won't approve any comments related to the feud. It's over here. Find another place to continue if you wish, but not here. No more licks, no champ to be declared, no winnah! Kapeesh?

  5. Beginning to look more like the old Garth's weblog everyday.
    Oh well.