Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little Canadiana. Lest we forget. Part One

Thought I would do something a little different this morning. Some clips and songs that help me to remember.

1. Northwest Passage Stan Rogers
2. Working Man Rita McNeil
3. Bluenose Stan Rogers
4. Don Quixote Gordon Lightfoot
5. Til I am myself again Blue Rodeo
6. Rain down on me Blue Rodeo



Rita McNeil's Working Man makes me think of the Westray and Springhill N.S. coal miners among others.





I want my Canada back too. To begin, we might start by finding the Heart we left on the altar of greed.

Just call me Preacher.


  1. I want my Canada back too but I think those days are gone comrade.

    Story on the home page of g&m about Cons spending on environment. They're doing that ethanol thing. Wasn't a good idea last year, not a good idea this year.

    This song is profound. The Bing Crosby version is my favourite.


  2. Yes Dee, those days are gone. But should the spirit and lessons go too? I grew up with people who had a different mindset, and I don't believe they intended our country to be controlled by demagoguery, and for peoples lives to be controlled by those who create and sell a lifestyle based on built in obsolescence, consumerism and refined feudalism.

    Once upon a time they used religion and control of information to influence people. Now they use mortgages, marketing and orchestrated crises. Liberal amounts of Propaganda as well. These are crafty buggers and it's time people woke up and realized how easily they are manipulated.

    Your video is a glimpse into the life of those without recourse. And that is at the heart of the point I have been making.

    Anyway, there is method in my madness. Part 1 leads into Part 2.

  3. 'Once upon a time they used religion and control of information to influence people.'

    But they're still doing that aren't they? Look at the population control 'debate' going on in this country. What better way to increase your future workforce? It doesn't matter what happens after, whether the child can be fed, clothed and schooled just so long as the numbers go up or down depending on which country you live in. Too many people trying to tell men and women what to do and how to do it.

    I have the Canadian spirit brother. Others may call me a fool but I was raised to never take advantage at the expense of the less fortunate. My richness is the way my dh and I choose to live our lives. We don't have much but we don't want for much. I'd make a lousy politician or business person wouldn't I? ;)

  4. http://www.globalethics.org/newsline/2009/01/19/obamas-landscape/



    Bang on!

  5. Dee, you might make a lousy politician, but some of the best and most successful longterm business people are not greedy. They take a slower approach and build a network of faithful clientèle, and treat employees well who treat them well. They don't make as much each year, but build a solid foundation that will last as long as there are no outside forces that come into play. As example, an honest and skilled mechanic will never want for business.

    No doubt religion still plays a factor in Canada, but nothing like it once did. In my youth the Church often had more power than the Law. People would ignore the law at times, but the Church was always with them, because the Minister or Priest said so. This was particularly strong in the Catholic religion.

    But ask yourself this, what has society traded that belief system for?

  6. Correcion... because the Minister or Priest said so, and when they ignored it there was guilt and fear etc.

    Am tired tonight.

  7. Was It Not Ravel's Bolero Who Said Two Heads Are Better Than None? . . .
    A man who died is delivered to a local mortuary wearing an expensive, expertly tailored black suit.

    The female blonde mortician asks the deceased's wife how she would like the body dressed. She points out that the man does look good in the black suit he is already wearing.

    The widow, however, says that she always thought her husband looked his best in blue, and that she wants him in a blue suit. She gives the mortician a blank check and says,

    'I don't care what it costs, but please have my husband in a blue suit for the viewing.'

    The woman returns the next day for the wake. To her delight, she finds her husband dressed in a gorgeous blue suit with a subtle chalk stripe; the suit fits him perfectly.

    She says to the mortician, 'Whatever this cost, I'm very satisfied. You did an excellent job and I'm very grateful. How much did you spend?'

    To her astonishment, the mortician presents her with the blank check.

    'There's no charge,' she says.

    'No, really, I must compensate you for the cost of that exquisite blue suit!' she says.

    'Honestly, ma'am,' the blonde says, 'it cost nothing.

    'You see, a deceased gentleman of about your husband's size was brought in shortly after you left yesterday, and he was wearing an attractive blue suit. I asked his wife if she minded him going to his grave wearing a black suit instead, and she said it made no difference as long as he looked nice.

    'So I just switched the heads.'
    Whether we like it or not, and regardless of one's political persuasion, we sure do live in v-e-e-e-r-r-r-y-y-y interesting times.

    A while back, dubya said the (US) ". . . Constitution was just a goddammed piece of paper . . ."; then he publicly declared that "America will defend Israel at all costs, even if it (Israel) starts a war".

    After two stolen elections, along comes Obama. A fresh, new face but, guess what? "Meet the new boss . . . same as the old boss".

    The LPC and CPC here are the same as down there. The Republocrats. Different names, different places, different faces, but they all speak the same words.

    Talk is cheap. Actions and examples speak volumes louder than words. I couldn't help visualizing the children's story about the Pied Piper of Hamlin, where the supposed 'messiah' leads his flock of sheeple down the Yellow Brick Road To Nowhere.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same, hence "Meet the new boss . . .". You get my drift. See link.


  8. ""Meet the new boss . . . same as the old boss"

    It appears the speech writer on that bit has been out of work for 8 years and may not be up to date on global sentiment. If I knew how to use all the technology at my finger tips I`d hunt down some previous speeches by the same writer,,, just to compare times.

    On the shiny side of the coin Obama has printed up more hope currency world wide than any previous President, even JFK. Under current conditions spending it might prove much more difficult than printing it but I wouldn't bet against it.
    Interesting times indeed.

  9. Small link, two charts. First represents US borrowing up to 2007; second is beyond. Maybe now people will understand why any govt. doesn't stand a cat in hell's chance of being "good govt". -- http://tinyurl.com/876xdm
    Wasn't it convenient for Israel to take a few days off from bombing Gaza, so another zionist can hold court for a few more years? Now Israel is back bombing Gaza again.

    The new White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (zionist) gestures prior to the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama today. -- http://tinyurl.com/9udqhp

  10. Reading the links this a.m. and reflecting on a bit of Obama's inauguration speech. I only caught a bit of it as I was more focused on my role of the day. The Preacher. I figured I could brush up on Obama's speech later, as necessary. Political speeches come and go as does the indicated intent of such things. Here today, gone tomorrow.

    Dee's and Charlesius' links tie into the theme of this entry, as it is very much about ethics and being true to one's words. As I mentioned earlier, I grew up in a different time and the people who influenced my thinking were ordinary folks for the most part, but there were several intellectuals in there as well. They come in all shapes and sizes, and from all demographics. Is why I don't respect someone simply because of the position they hold. That can be obtained many different ways, and real world skills or vision is not always the key component. Take politics for example.

    On this statement "The goal is not just to get people to spend. It’s to get them to trust — a requirement for any market to function."

    How very true. Time will tell if Obama gets it, or if he will be able to act on it as people wish for him to do. Saying one thing one hour, then having a spokesperson twist that entirely differently the next, isn't what we is talkin' about. As was the case with the AIPAC speech. The part of his inauguration speech I caught pretty much threw that speech under da bus as they say. So which is it? It can't be both. America can't be everyones good buddy and still maintain support for the age old Religious quests driving Israels Jerusalem position.

    For certain, Obama has great strength as an orator, but an orator does not necessarily a leader make. Nor does it mean that he won't be strong in some areas, but questionable in others. I will use Winston Churchill as example. Different time I know, but still applicable. Someone posted a quote of Churchill recently and it has deeper meaning. It was;

    "Don't Talk to me about Naval Tradition! It's Nothing but Rum, Sodomy and the Lash." Now Churchill did know quite a lot about Military concerns and strategy. He had been studying it for a long time, was a war correspondent during the Boer War and head of the Admiralty early in WWI. He apprenticed during that time, and made some horrendous blunders. The Dardanelles specifically. I refer to him because other than those interested in history, most revere Churchill for his valiant efforts,negotiations, determination and great oratory skills during WW2. And rightly so. What few do know is that he was a lousy peace time Prime Minister and that he was very much Old Guard and complicit with maintaining the power and wealth of the Feudal Lords. Why wouldn't he be? He came from that fold. Such is why I mentioned to Garth once about being careful when using Churchill words as examples.

    Having said that, the big differences between Churchill the orator and Obama the orator are Obama does not come from privilege and I believe that is why the world is now in the economic mess it is in. I believe the money people puckered up their sphincters when the numbers told them Obama was going to come to pass. More on that some other time. I'm not an economic genius, but I know money doesn't just disappear and those who set about withdrawing the fortunes they made based on speculation and marketing skills early on,are the ones who knew what the game was about and likely participated in orchestrating it.

    One doesn't have to be a genius to understand that he who has the cash will be the winner at the end of all this shrinkage. The little people be damned.

    That is of course if they don't blow us all up first as a result of some fake Holy War. I don't think that will happen. I think that there is honor among thieves, mutual understanding and above all else, a mutual sense of self preservation. Famine, drought, pestilence, that's all fine so long as the property remains. The supply of peasants is never ending.

    In Mein Kampf, Hitler said that swift brutality is the kindest alternative.

  11. I want my Canada back too, and it's not the neo-Republican sandbox CRAP has turned us into.

    Well, the Shrub is gone, but it has not been torn out "root and branch." The "narrow interests" referred to by the new POTUS may be narrow, but they run deep.

    Yesterday's rhetoric and hoopla have left me with a bitter taste. The preacherman lauding American "justice for all" surely knew that there is no justice for those who do not matter, nor for those who matter enough not to have to worry about justice. Like so much in politics, words devoid of substance intended to pacify the clueless. Or did I miss Bush doing the perp walk?

    Obama's speech disturbed me. Hopeful phrases that he might want to implement but couldn't even if he were dictator. I give him credit for having been there and having tried to do that as a community organizer, but he should have kept it short and simple until he had tested the limits of presidential power against real power.

    He certainly has paid his dues to the Jewish lobby. I found his choice of a Chief of Staff flabbergasting. Was Rahm Emanuel the only man in America capable of doing this job? He appointed an American who had voluntarily gone to Israel to serve in the Israeli Defence Forces. Just imagine the uproar if he had appointed any Palestinian, Arab or Mohammedan to that post! The optics are bad, but the message that in this case the optics don't matter is far worse.

    I can’t pull a Rip van Winkle, but disengaging and cacooning for a couple of years sure looks attractive.

  12. Well said Comrade Herb. Looks like we are of similar mind on this. The appointment of Emanuel has made a lot of people uncomfortable, and I remember the glee on Israels defense minister Baraks face and in his words when he quoted Obama on the rockets and my children statement. They raised the hair on the back of this old Comrades neck.

    In keeping with what I wrote earlier, it is understood that Obama has to accommodate the status quo to a degree. Questions are how far will he go, and maybe more to the point, how far will he have to go?

    Without getting too involved in the subject, certainly some very pertinent questions are arising. We have all read about influence in the US government and who is most powerful overall, but there remained a great deal of uncertainty in my mind at least. Not so much anymore methinks.

    That is the main reason I did the post on Olmert's claim that he read the riot act to Bush and Rice. Money is power, who got da money?

    Big picture says, it hasn't changed a great deal over the years. It may shift countries, but those who had it, still do. Differing degrees perhaps, as such things as $147 barrel of oil changes things somewhat.

    The fact remains, the Feudal Lords, those who rule by manipulation of Religion and Tin pot dictators of varying scope of influence continue to have the reins. Sometimes they compete, sometimes they patch together unholy alliances. Never trusting each other, always looking to gain advantage, but if it works for them to focus together, or in combination with a part of the whole for the time being, I believe they do. At least for some things.

    Here in little old Canuckville, we have a mix of that. The Cons are trying to present a balance of the above plus maintaining enough social concern to stay in office. The New White Russians are following in step with indicated shades of difference. But we only have their word on that so far. For what that's worth.

    An aside, I read a comment on a Liberal blog recently that claimed the Green Shift concept was promoted by Ignatieff and he convinced Dion to go with it. Now, this was only a comment but no one confirmed or disputed it. I would love to know if that has any foundation. I read yesterday that Iggs has now ditched it.

    Et tu Brute??

  13. And I forgot to mention that after coming to have some extensive understanding, I came to the conclusion that if it weren't for my Children, I would most definitely have taken up residence in a cabin in woods and proceeded to shit with the Bears.

    Chief Dan George said, "White man been sneaking up on me all my life."

  14. Just reading Mound of Sound blog and came across another reference to Iggnatieff being the one who put forward the Green shift.

    "Did Ignatieff "scrub[] the notion of a carbon tax from the Liberal Party policy book?" I guess so. He did what Rae and Leblanc both argued was necessary in jettisoning an issue we were recently defeated on. Is it not worth noting he was the one who put it there in the first place? Dion took the hit, but Iggy was the one who introduced the notion."

    This is from the libsonline site.

    Ignatieff Backer Calls Chretien "Right-Wing Neo-Con Wingnut



    posted at 9:54 p.m.

  15. Comrade One,

    let me reconcile fiction and fact in the American motto: "In God we trust, but money we actually worship." And it is not money in itself, but what it can buy, including unlimited power.

    Since you mention Ignatieff and the Liberals, let me also share an awful thought:

    If the notorious leaks from the LPC have stopped, is it because they came from the Ignatieff Camp that now is in power?

    Colour me grouchy to-day.

  16. Which poses more questions and doubts. If Igg was the force behind the Green shift, was his political judgment flawed or was it that he and his set Dion up with a ringer?

    If it was the latter, thus my comment. Et tu Brute?

    If the former, there be more troubles ahead. It's not like he hasn't already proven to have serious problems with judgment and vision of the real world as seen through the eyes of a Progressive mind.

    Remember your comment about Power Corp never being out of the loop? I am thinking along the same lines here, as it appears the real Harper backers are playing both sides of the spectrum.

    There was a discussion recently among some of the Libonline bloggers about the definition of Neo con, and the opinion of a political definitions buff was that it means someone not totally committed to the right, but rather a soft con or a centrist. Consensus was that this description better fits Ignatieff than it does the ultra right Conservatives. Except that in their opinion, he is a right leaning neo con Liberal.

    That topic would be better tackled by CB Innes who enjoyed that sort of thing.

  17. Better question, C.O.: Why would someone with Ignatieff's academic credentials, "public intellectual" standing, and long and successful out-of-county career suddenly descend into the cockpit/pigsty of Canadian partisan politics?

    Was he tempted to leave the professing of theory to show how politics should be done in practice? Did he think that he could save Canada from whatever threat? Was he recruited by the real powers of the Liberal Party with expectations of inevitable success and 24 Sussex? Confidence based on fact or delusion? Patriotism or hubris?

    Don't know any of the answers, but I wish I did to silence my mental reservations.

    Yes, I wish C.B. Innes were here, since he/she knew more about political theory and economics than the rest of us. Has anyone run across C.B.I. on another blog?

  18. Herb?

    'Yesterday's rhetoric and hoopla have left me with a bitter taste.'

    Have you listened to any Rev Wright's? (hope I got the name right) sermons on youtube? After 20 years I would think some of it had sunk in. The appointment he made is also a concern but I also read he's a real 'prick'. Obama is going to need a gatekeeper. That's why I'm not going to say anything until I see some definitive direction.

    You're right about Churchill and Hitler. A lot of people, including some historians, don't look too closely at what Hitler did for Germany's economy before the insanity. If they had, they would have seen a parallel between him and shrub.

    About the Iggs and Comrade's post about 'Green Shift'? I can't see Iggs and May having confabs can you? May's was almost the same as Dion's except it would have cost too much. I think the spinning is more about the left accepting Iggs. I'm a left leaning center and I cannot vote for the man. Iraq, all the leaks and Israel have added up. We need stability within the political party as well as in Canada. I don't see Iggs and his minions being able to offer that.

    As for Iggs reasons? Power? He comes across as being a pompous and arrogant. Guess the minions thought that was leadership qualities Canada needed.

    Reading 'No Logo' by Naomi Klein. Liberal/Cons behaviour remind me of what she wrote. About brand names and products of those brands. Advertising and marketing.

    I think we will be undergoing a product and political consumer revolt by X & Y gens.

  19. Hello Dee

    "I think we will be undergoing a product and political consumer revolt by X & Y gens."

    Generation X + Generation Y = Generation ME

    "I'm not going to say anything until I see some definitive direction"

    As evidenced by the markets Obama is singing the right tune and hitting the notes.

    Perhaps Ottawa might take the hint and govern government with the rule of law, lol, sry, as funny/ridiculous/impossible as that sounds it really isn`t a joke but the current odds on revolt vs reform is 10,000 to 1


    Obama Implements Ethics Rules, Freezes Salaries
    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    "For a long time now, there's been too much secrecy in this city," Obama said.
    He said the orders he was issuing Wednesday will not "make government as honest and transparent as it needs to be" nor go as far as he would like.

  20. Many have repeated a story about Igg having intentions/ambitions to return to Canada for some number of years. His intent being to return and assume the responsibilities for which he was put on this earth. To be Prime Minister.

    Whether that is true, or merely Con spin I can't say. I'm not in the loop. I take just about everything with a grain of salt, and adhere to a simple approach.

    Don't tell me, show me. And one more; Trust no one, until they prove they can be trusted.

    The last one can take a while.

    About C.B., hopefully we can bring good minds and good people together.

  21. greeting comrade

    "About C.B., hopefully we can bring good minds and good people together."

    From the communist viewpoint CB was a good source of information. Unfortunately she couldn`t get past the fact the feudal lords have only one allegiance and that`s to the throne in Ottawa and not ideology.
    If we set can aside the shallow partisan viewpoints it would be nice to see wjp here on the economy.

    The new number on bailing out financial institutions is now estimated at $8T.
    Cdn deficit now estimated at $100B and counting up rapidly.
    Still have not heard a long term plan or the consequences of failure.
    Ottawa still not talking about losing international investor confidence under Chretein with the final exodus under Martin and not a dimes worth returning under Harper.

    Comrade Igor

  22. 'poppavox'

    'Generation X + Generation Y = Generation ME'

    I can't agree. Some of them are like that but where did they learn to behave that way? I belong to one of those generations and have friends who needed the immediate gratification of having a large home with all the toys. They're paying for it now.
    'Do as I do not as I say.'
    Younger generations don't know the meaning of a full time job or job loyalty. How can one have company loyalty when the contract is only for 3 months? Paid for loyalty and time to move on to the next loyalty if the pay is better. That's how wages were pushed up in some industries imho. An engineer designs a fitting for a car, contract/job done and moves on to the next. All of a sudden there's a problem with the fitting and the engineer is no where to be found. Companies trim the 'fat' of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Young folks see that and learn from it.

    Society as whole will be paying for it.

  23. Dee

    "Society as whole will be paying for it.'

    It`s already started and we already are and as I`ve said many times before, the next 5 years will be beyond imagination.

    Government still silent on the highest number of parent denied children in Cdn history.

    Odds of revolt vs reform, 10,000 to 1

  24. "But these historic measures do mark the beginning of a new era of openness in our country," Obama said. "And I will, I hope, do something to make government trustworthy in the eyes of the American people, in the days and weeks, months and years to come."


    That was very JFK. I hope he means it, and if so, I really really hope they don't kill him.

    On the upside of all that is dark, Americans have elected a man not only of mixed race, but a man who is perceived to be Black.

    I have faith in America. She is resilient, and although I grieve that she has slept through much of the worlds agony, pandered to old wealth from past millenniums, I have stood with her finest, and they will not go quietly into the night. You can take my word on that.

    I listened to Obama's inauguration speech this afternoon, and was very impressed that he read this blog. After all, I did post the theme of remembrance and respect before he delivered his speech. At least I think so. For sure I did not listen to his words before I posted this theme.

    What it entails basically is this, common sense must prevail. And we just can't lay down and take it. Our voices are important, whether those who went to Colludge think so or not.

    They are the masters of cyclical disasters. Which of course provides ample opportunity for the vipers to prey upon the less astute.

  25. "That was very JFK. I hope he means it, and if so, I really really hope they don't kill him.

    On the upside of all that is dark, Americans have elected a man not only of mixed race, but a man who is perceived to be Black."

    Nice to note it`s more than me that sees the American people as playing the majority part in electing Obama. I`ll be more than pleased to see the discontented ones stop accusing Americans of racism and bigotry.

    Obama faces little danger in assassination although the radical feminists on his staff might steamroll him if he fails to support replacing family with daycare.
    If Biden and Clinton last longer than 6 months the whole world will be in the same trouble Canada is in with the next generation.

  26. A month ago I said any indications of forward direction would make the short sellers more cautious taking some of the volatility out of the market.

    Obama cleans up politics =A bit of short-covering helped fuel a relief rally among stocks Wednesday.

    The world is still turning

    To clarify another point I spoke of a global transportation makeover as the only solution both near term in the area of hope and long term economics. What I keep seeing is hundreds of billions for patches and potholes. Even this amount of money spent is not a makeover, it`s bandaids and patches giving temporary employment with no long term benefits until boom times return. lol, ok I`ll take a deep breath.

    btw I`ll be online for another month, seems a little premature to consider a reprieve, probably just slow paper work,,, whoohoo.

  27. "Cdn deficit now estimated at $100B and counting up rapidly.
    Still have not heard a long term plan or the consequences of failure."

    The long term plan is the same old, same old. Only this time they have the 11 disciples. I have said for years, that when government chooses Ministers, they need to pick someone with real time experience in that portfolio, or at least as close as possible. Certainly finance shouldn't be handled by a lawyer, and especially a personal injury lawyer. Dealing with insurance companies, procuring clients and dealing with the odd court proceeding doesn't a finance minister make. I suppose it's good enough for the Group of One though. Wouldn't want the poor fellow to get confused by facts.

  28. "I suppose it's good enough for the Group of One though. Wouldn't want the poor fellow to get confused by facts."

    Garth`s partisan blog didn`t get him elected so why would you take a shot at the Cons when the others have the same plan, none or stupid?
    Remember the GreenST used old numbers from last springs Con budget and now the Libs demand a magical budget that will make the global downturn go away.
    The situation goes way beyond partisan politics.

  29. As I'm not a candidate in an election I don't see the point of your comparison.

    Did I miss your protests when I took shots at the Liberals?

  30. "Did I miss your protests when I took shots at the Liberals?"

    The point I believe is why bother, the problem is the system has failed regardless of the people.
    Lets not forget the Cons were goaded into deficits by the coalition threats and their demand for$32B in deficit stimulus spending. The Cons failed because they responded while the NDP/Lib failed by demanding deficit stimulus spending, not to mention the last dozen elections failed as we`re still going downhill. It`s politics as usual for the political Parties because everything else they have done over the decades has failed. The list includes the Charter, taxes, the rule of law, the next generation and the peripheral such as honour, integrity, honestly and most moral values.

  31. What I read says there was going to be a $13 billion deficit anyway. The stimulus will come after that.

    No one can force the Cons to run bigger deficits. Only the thirst for power can do that.