Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Feud.

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From the Preacher.

The Feud; a story in itself.

"A man like Wales lives by the feud."

"Whooped 'em again, didn't we Josey?"

Some more imagery of sorts.

Josey- You'll be Ten Bears?

Ten Bears- I am Ten Bears

J- I'm Josey Wales.

TB- I have heard. You're the Grey Rider. You would not make peace with the Blue Coats; You may go in peace.

J- I reckon not. 'have no where to go.

TB- Then you will die.

J- I came here to die with you... or to live with you. Dying ain't so hard for men like you an' me, it's livin' that's hard. When all you've ever cared about's been butchered and raped... Governments don't live together; people live together... Governments don't always give you a fair word or a fair fight. Well, I've come to give you either one. Or get either one from ya. I came here like this so you know my word of death is true; and my word of life is then true... The bear lives here, the wolf, the antelope, the Comanche, and so will we. We'll only hunt what we need to live on, same as the Comanche does. Now every Spring when the grass turns green and the Comanche moves north, we can rest here in peace. Butcher some of our cattle and jerk beef for the journey. The sign of the Comanche, that will be on our lodge. That's my word of life.

TB- And your word of death?

J- Here in my pistols, there in your rifles, I'm here for either one.

TB- These things you say we will have, we already have.

J- This is true. I ain't promisin' you nothin' extra. You're just givin' me life and I'm givin' you life. And I'm sayin' men can live together without butcherin' one another.

TB- It's sad that governments are cheaped by the double tongue. And there is iron in your word of death for all Comanche to see. And so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that two warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life... or death. It shall be life.

The Outlaw Josey Wales.


  1. The "Joke du Jour" is an ideal way to start. It's good to be a white trash honky, confident of my own sexuality. Wot Eye R? Nevermind.

    Really interesting to read lead story, then posters' responses / rebuttals, checking out links from others sites then putting them together from my own POV.

    For instance, yesterday's BoC link submitted by Poppavox . . .

    "This means big inflation is coming, . . .", but very few speak of hidden inflation, which is hitting food prices now. Trucking and fuel costs, storage and rising energy costs all add to the burden of shoppers thruout the world.

    Take into account the "official" govt. figures, add on 15% or so and -- PRESTO! -- those are the "unofficial" official figures, which the msm will never speak of.

    ". . . hence don't even know what the word "deflation" really means, Wall Street hasn't realized the real threat is inflation yet. But when it does, capital should rapidly flood into investments that thrive in inflationary times."

    Now, at what point does hyperinflation kick in? At some point, and fairly soon (possibly after the 2010 Olympics are over), the entire house of cards is gonna fall, and it is the speed of events that will catch most off guard so, to paraphrase C.One, "Big Inflation is Coming / Already Here and About to Race Ahead".

    Further, ". . . No mention of effects of growing unemployment and shrinking money supply in the hands of consumers. No comments on the effects of shrinking cash in hand to those falling off of income supports such as EI and lowering of benefits . . ."

    -- and -- ". . . why politicians won`t talk about the consequences of failure, the results are not yet crystal clear."

    From my vantage point, the consequences will be a repeat of 1931 - '32 and on, thus leading to WW3. This particular cycle will run it's course, and may end around 2021.

    Economic Pearl Harbor (catches sheeple off guard) -- ; US and China involved in a war of words over foreign exchange, only three days of Obama's inaug. --

    Iraq was invaded based on lies. Now, Iran's turn except Russia, then China get involved. --

  2. You know Charles, those who should know best are the ones who have been there. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Me speak riddles I think.

    So many human factors at play, so many who hang on every word and seek meaning. Sometimes there is no real meaning. Not in contemporary terms anyway. More riddles.

    Will there be War? When was there no War? Will there be apathy? When was there a period without apathy? Will there be hatred and intolerance? So it would seem.

    Will the Great Satan destroy the Land? The Great Satan has to live somewhere to. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every act of kindness, there is an act of selfishness. That doesn't mean we should give up or cease trying to maintain balance. Some are not beyond reach. Some should dwell within the house of their own making. With time, some do.

    Some really need to get over themselves. And so it goes.

    If ever there were to come a time when old men had to fight their own battles, and the never ending cycle of allowing them to use Children and the brave of heart, ignorant of truth as their instruments of greed, power, domination and revenge, then Jesus would weep far less often for his Father's less than perfect creations.

    Insert God and teachings of choice above.

    I once heard a story about a Nazi General named Kurt Meyer, and a man who knew the reality of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend. I was fascinated by the fact that these two old foes spent the better part of 10 years sharing space after the War, and grew to be able to talk to each other, person to person. I have no idea what they talked about, as Meyer returned to Germany after his time in Canada was done, and the old Canadian Soldier passed into the night. So I never had the opportunity to hear what they said to each other over all those years. A curious relationship, as one sat on one side of the bars, and one on the other. I was told that they developed an intellectual relationship. Both were intellectuals. Both had suffered in their own way. How I wish I knew what they talked about.

    What I do know is that governments treated them poorly. Used their courage and their personal situations. I also know that one government treated their old Soldier very poorly and the long term effects of that were fodder for future manipulators and minstrels who played similar music for the ears of the young, the angry and the innocent.

    Sometimes, the anger is still there. Sometimes it reminds the once innocent, of what people do when they are angry. All too often the once innocent have to work very hard not be give in to the anger again. It never goes away, but sometimes it brings clarity. Riddles and more riddles I suppose.

    I understand the Taliban. I understand the Few, and the Proud. I understand the Redneck, the intellectual and the seekers.

    What I don't know, is how to go about sharing what I understand and conveying that to enough people to contribute to the greater sum of knowledge.

    "I ain't promisin' you nothin' extra. You're just givin' me life and I'm givin' you life. And I'm sayin' men can live together without butcherin' one another. "

    The Outlaw?

    Josey Wales.

  3. Comrade One, you are (to me) a Teacher and a Preacher. Good Day! ~Linda.

  4. Maybe a little too preachy sometimes. Heh.

    Thanks Linda, and glad to hear from ya.

  5. No, we could use a bit more Comrade. And a lot less hurtful and harmful dialogue in this world... it's refreshing here. Take care. Linda.

  6. Hey never know, it just might catch on.

    Glad you like it Linda, keep coming and ask for some help with the computer issues if you need some, ok?

  7. Thanks Comrade, I will. I'm doing alot of listening and learning right now. It's reassuring to come here. I do get scared, my faith isn't 'perfect'...I feel priviledged to hear all of the viewpoints here. It's your 'understanding' of what you've all seen that I look to. PS- have you seen Gran Torino? ~L

  8. Hey Linda. Figuring it all out is a challenge. I don't think anyone ever really does.

    I haven't seen Gran Torino. My Son did though, and he thought it was very good.

  9. I like that you explore and discuss things in depth. That's challenging and helpful. See you soon, Comrade. Linda.