Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old World, meet New World. And Vice versa.

I haven't much time to blog right now, am occupied with dealing with some aspects of New and Old today. Doing some usual things, balancing New World realities and trying to help out with some New World meets Old, Old World meets New.

Besides trying to cater to, and help those of the New stay on track and instill in them that changes are coming, and their material world isn't going to be quite the same, I had a call this morning. It was from friends and I learned that one of my old American buddies is in trouble. Big trouble. Cops and guns and jail and courts, old anger and stuff like that. Never mind he once stood for his Country.

The good news is, he is still alive. For now.

The last time we spent time time together, we discussed the decimation of his 401k and I sensed all wasn't well, but I couldn't quite see the bomb coming.

Nothing much left to do now but try to pick up a few pieces.

All the Kings Horses, and all the Kings Men, can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


  1. Comrade, sorry to hear what your friend is experiencing. We all have a breaking point, no? And Bono, back in the day, sung about a time when men would be willing to take up arms against their oppressors. Comrade, could we please have a discussion on true 'Liberation Theology' sometime? I think Dee mentioned Rev. Wright's sermons, do you think he was very much off the mark? I haven't had time to listen to it all, but agree with some of it.

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for your sentiments. I will pass it along to my friend if I get a chance to. I mentioned this more to touch on the overall effects we should expect from the impact upon many, who have put their trust in those who said they could be trusted.

    Now we hear about who agreed with this economist or that, but I wonder who hears the street people? Especially when there isn't an imminent election.

    Not much point in my talking to the system, they don't have money to stand up for my friend, like he stood up for them.

    I am not familiar with Rev. Wright Linda. You would have to take the lead on that. Liberation Theology would be an interesting discussion. One that has been pondered by many, and has had some success. The fact remains, given the realities of human nature, it's goals are a struggle of immense proportion.

    Collect your thoughts, send me an email and I will open a thread on it.

  3. I will do that, Comrade. Thanks. Dee- did you speak of Rev. Wright's sermons? Some bloggers at Garth's have quite a take on what the impact will be on those who've misplaced their trust...bitter. I hope your friend will be alright, Okie.

  4. I would be pleased if you would like to forward a topic for discussion Linda.

    As to my friend, if I am afforded the opportunity, I will stand with him again. We owe each other our lives, and bonds like that aren't easily broken. Not in my world anyway. I wish someone had called me earlier, but the sad reality is his anger drove everyone he ever cared about away. Except me.

    In times of prosperity, or in times of need...Comrades forever.

  5. "they don't have money to stand up for my friend, like he stood up for them"

    I`ve been standing up for children who not only have no money but few that stand up for them when the system stands against them.

    I found that even though I`m standing for something I find just standing eliminates the possibility of kneeling. There is much truth to die standing preferable to living on ones knees.

    Stand with your friend CO, we will not be far.

  6. Robert, I've always heard you about the Children. I believe that some do hear, try and care. Some very much. I have known some who have the necessary acumen, and they are a light in the darkness.

    Conversely, many don't have the acumen necessary to help, and for some it is just another career or paycheck. Many in society are bamboozled by big words or authoritative speakers, and still more are fine with letting others (the system)deal with it.

    If ever we regain a sense of community, I think this will begin to find it's way back to a time where people interacted and cared about what how they were viewed in the real community.

    Big cities, mega corporations and new age politicos have little concept of what that is.

  7. 'If ever we regain a sense of community'

    Big if. Sorry about your friend. Don't feel too sad about it,'k?. Some things are beyond anyone's control.

    That was me that mentioned the Reverend Wright. When I heard his sermons I couldn't believe the dude was an American. Some of the preaching sounded like something a European would be thinking and saying. I found some of his sermons to be refreshing.
    Liberation theology it's called? Didn't know that. I'll have to go and see if I can find the thread.

    U.K. is heading for the toliet aren't they?

    I really don't blame the U.S. for being protectionist. A lot of people are going to be suffering. Hugley sp? on CNN said something like "Black people are used to doing without, it's the white folks that are going to have problems." Something like that, I probably mangled it. Hugley's right.

    Night folks. I'm going over to see if I can find the thread.

  8. "I really don't blame the U.S. for being protectionist."

    Dee I don`t think it`s a question of blame. Certainly some measures to protect as much of the population might be considered protectionist and are supported by most. The division comes in how much is too much without consideration of failure, which increases as deficits increase.

    As this is a global problem I`ll over simplify using the US as an example without expanding on global consumer vs export economies and center on the goal, economic expansion.

    Stimulus spending
    Obama has taken the liberal road to recovery in creating jobs with public money to stimulate the economy in turn leading to private sector expansion.
    The conservative influences planned on creating jobs using public money to influence the private sector to create jobs.
    The first kicks into gear in a much shorter time than the second. The big question going forward is the time line. Obviously the first is financially limited so the length to recovery is critical. The second won`t produce economic expansion till demand increases so as the clock ticks the first becomes a liability while the second benefits with more time.
    I`m a fair poker player but knowing the state of global consumer debt I`m not sure I`d gamble on either unless the probable outcome of failure was already decided WW3.
    Then again I`d bet on either US economic plan before I`d bet on our political budget.

  9. "I really don't blame the U.S. for being protectionist."

    The Obama stimulus package contains a clause that is being critiqued as protectionist. Only US steel can be used for infrastructure projects funded by tax payers.
    This is not the international trade barrier msm makes it out to be. Trade barriers are specific as they are an integral part of free trade of goods and services in the private sector, not government stimulus spending.
    If BC decided to fund affordable housing, bids for material and construction should only be accepted from BC companies. This does not interfere with international interests funded and profiting privately so is not protectionism under protection clauses of trade agreements.

  10. For those who may be interested, my friend appears to have succumbed to the depressive state of mind accompanying the current financial downturn. A dump truck load more than he could handle along with the weight of the past.

    No one was hurt, and I can only hope that the system keeps it's eye on the ball.

    This is going to be a little reality blogging. I'm not going to name names, etc., but I will report on this as it unfolds, as it is relevant to the lives of many in these times.

    We, the blogging minds of the world so often focus on the grand plan, thinking that we can find a way, but at the same time, ignore the day to day reality of the impact of the new world order and the old world order, and how these things fit together.

    We rally around someone stricken with an incurable disease, as we should, but we so often ignore the majority of suffering, which is far less definable.

    That is just someone else's story.

  11. 'Only US steel can be used for infrastructure projects funded by tax payers.'

    What I find so interesting about the squawking is that all the countries with their hands out for contracts know the U.S. is in the shitter and doesn't want or need to be burdened with further debt.

    From what I read the U.S. companies cannot exceed greater than 25% of 'outside' bids. What's even more interesting is some of the companies complaining are ones that are American but have factories overseas. America is a Banana Republic that has been sucked dry and there's still vultures trying to get their two bits. Incredible. I don't feel sorry for Wall street but I really feel bad for those who played by the rules.

    Couldn't find the discussion about Rev. Wright. Someone please post the date of the discussion? Perhaps I was too tired.....

  12. Good morning, yes Comrade-thanks for the update on your friend-and for keepin' it real here. And Charles, you reminded me that there are some honourable people in politics and business, working for change. There was an interesting history of comedy on PBS last night, from W.C.Fields to Jon Stewart. It showed the funniest comics to be those most uncomfortable with the status quo. Hey Dee~ I first heard the term 'Liberation Theology' last year, and hope we can have a discussion here someday on that. Herb, I hope we can talk about the Revolution sometime, too. And when we talk of co-operation or solidarity, or try to help the brother or sister who is down . . . they say, well, Rush Limbaugh puts it well, and McCain/Palin calling Obama a Socialist? Stephen Harper told many lies the night of the debate, when he wanted extra time to discuss economy, then denied there was much of a problem and accused an honourable man of panicking-because Mr. Dion had an immediate plan to talk to the Premiers, etc and ACT. So Harper RUNS away and then does what he should have in the first place. Which he doesn't even believe in anyway. My head hurts.