Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conclusions, convolutions, revolutions and regurgitations

Submitted by poppavox

The answer to the question. What if deficit spending doesn`t work.
Baird; It`s better to do something than nothing.
Question, what if it doesn`t work?
Baird changed channels to the American situation which has to recover before ours does.
Conclusion, it`ll flop, better to do nothing than the wrong thing and government even knows what the right thing to do is.
economic conditions will force the changes required


  1. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 14, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    I went to read what sort of bull Baird has spewed out this time, and instead found yet another instance of his complete ignorance:
    OMG, Baird thinks "environmental assessments" are just red tape? What a moron.
    Baird's very existence is a threat to Canada's environment.
    Now he wants to go "green" by eliminating environmental assessments. What??!!!!!!???? HOW STUPID can he get? and How stupid does he think Canadians are? Baird's "concrete friends" will sure be happy about this bonehead suggestion, and I'm sure they'll share their happiness with him.
    Baird's saying, it doesn't matter what damage we do to the environment as long as we THINK we're doing something green. What an idiot. Baird is the 3rd biggest embarrassment to Canada right after Harper & Flaherty. They are doing their best to please their no-regulations, corporateass fiends and re-arrange Canada to their demented liking.
    Tell me, Mr. Baird, who's going to "judge" if it's green, or safe?
    Over and over we learned the lesson of history of fools such as these top Cons and their shill games, and yet they got into office again. No wonder the New Reform Party puppets lie so much, no one would listen to them if they told their truth.

  2. Barb the proofreaderJanuary 14, 2009 at 8:41 PM

    Lana said...
    "Thanks for the techy advice, Barb."
    "Did you catch Rick Mercer and This Hour last night? Political satire is alive and well in Canada."
    ~ Lana

    Hi Lana,
    Yes! I LOVED Mercer's Rant last night, one of his best. About time someone called the harpercrites out on their bull. Mercer tells it like it is, and I hope that drives the con artists crazy. I also enjoyed the Ignatieff piece. He should be interesting once he gets into his stride. That too, will drive the Con-victs crazy. It should be a good show seeing the Conservatives scrambling to conjure up imaginary ways to insult Ignatieff. This time, the public will smell it, and it will be fun watching Harperites once make such complete asses of themselves, this time knowing the public is uniting in their anger at the Conservative liars.

    I just saw the re-run of Jon Stewart. If you didn't see last night's.. Jon's monologue on Bush's parting words was a must see. It reruns on The Comedy Channel website, episode was Jan. 13th. The monologue was top notch, and also the next segment, each plays separately. But do watch the monologue on the web site.

    I see the liar showed up here. Expect nothing but crap and propaganda from her, eh, she's only here for one paid purpose, to make sure this blog gets destroyed, and any goodness gets discredited, on orders from heir harpo. She seems to have C.O.C.R.E.I.D. -- or AKA -- "Conservative-Obsessive-Compulsive-Reframe-Every-Issue-Disorder". LOL!

    As always Lana, great to read your posts. If you like, email me, Charles has my email. I've been a bit busy working on something I'm trying to finish for my Dad, which is taking longer than I thought it would. Argh.

  3. Barb @8:39 p.m.

    He says assessments should be done away with for waste water treatment plants? He never fails to amaze me. I know the Party is well known for controlling the message from it's people, so how does this guy get away with saying things that are this stunned?

  4. Deficit spending is a political gimmick to prop up the entire government, that`s why all the political Parties are pushing for it.

    Most likely and sop most of the announced programs won`t get funded leaving the cash on the revenue side creating a much smaller but false deficit.

    Deficit spending is not a plan, it`s a political gimmick.

    As Garth said, "that`s the way Parliament works".

  5. 'He says assessments should be done away with for waste water treatment plants?'

    Didn't Harris do that? Walkerton comes to mind.....

    I agree Poppa. Hope they just don't throw money around and see if it sticks. And if some should stick, I hope it's too me.;)