Monday, January 19, 2009

Measuring Success

Well Comrades, no ticker tape parade or cork popping events yet, but 409 hits and refreshes in a little over 24 hrs isn't too bad in my way of thinking. Especially given the fact that we have just begun!

It is possible that people may have an appreciation for a place to read the thoughts and views of a cross section of society, not just how things appear from one side only and to participate if they wish. Besides that, I think it is important to be serious as necessary, but not to forget there are many facets to the human entity. There is nothing more universal than a smile.

I am thinking about how important it is to analyze information, and to share viewpoints. A regular pointed to how leaks from the Liberal party seem to have ended recently as example. Something I read recently on American Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan is an example as well. Article stated 30 to 40% of returning Vets were being diagnosed as having mental illnesses. From the strict view being presented, that appears very severe, but from the perspective of someone with experience, they realize a significant amount of those represented by these figures already suffered from mental irregularities before they ever went overseas. So all is not as it appears in all cases, and sharing knowledge helps to expand our understanding.

So onward and upward fellow Troopers, if we build it, they will come.

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