Monday, January 26, 2009

Budget could offer more than $2B for social housing

But this one would be a good thing;

"The Harper government is expected to use Tuesday's federal budget to pump more than $2 billion into social housing across the country, a move that would help seniors, the disabled and aboriginal people, according to a report."

That's a lot of Igloos.


  1. If they follow through with the spending. This is a yeah, yeah, whatever. I'm only half paying attention to the darn thing because I know they won't follow through.

    As to the breaker thingy in the passage? They cancelled that last year some time and were going to buy drones to patrol. Yeah, yeah, whatever.

    Snitched this from the Bruce Web:

    Even creepier is what has been going on in England. I'll see if I can find the articles again and post.

    Why don't some people see where all this crap is going??

  2. I l-l-o-o-o-v-v-v-v-e-e-e the smell of daftyhairy in the morning! Well, maybe not THA-A-A-T-T much, but he's good for a pillow fight!

    Today's Wise Words from the KDC: "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient for living." -- Dr. Seuss.

    So true. Nonsense is part of life, and most don't even know what brain cells are -- jail cells yes, the other NON!
    Haven't seen one post, on this or Garth's blog. On page A4 today, a CP report (which means it's all but a done deal, as we're always the last to know), which reads:

    "New pension plan on the horizon for B.C., maybe others"

    BC, Alta., Ont. and NS are 'studying' this idea for individuals to take control of their futures, with other provinces having an option to join now or later.

    With layoffs increasing country- and world-wide -- witness the riots in Asia and Europe -- how are people supposed to fund their own pension plans when there is no reliable source of income coming in?

    If sheeple are in foreclosure situations, their CC debt is unpaid, laid off from good paying jobs, non-existent property taxes then self-reliancy on a fully-funded pension plan is not going to be #1 on their list of priorities.

    A similar plan exists in New Zealand, and this one is not supposed to replace CPP, OAS and GIS, but with the federal deficit reaching higher numbers, plus the continued cost of the war in Af'stan what if the feds. decided to cancel OAS and GIS?

    Unless already having lost their jobs, boomers start retiring in droves in 2015 -- remember Garth's book, so where will the good times be then?

    Most of us already know we're in an outhouse now, and the stench is becoming a lot worse.
    U.S. mega-banks may bite the bullet (Cdn. banks could follow as well -- para. follows) --

    "There is no question now but Bank of America and Citigroup are broke. Plus banks in Canada and Europe. You can add JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. . . . You all know what will happen when the Dow falls from 8,000 to 4,000, they’ll be out of business and you will lose lots of money. . . . 2009 will be a dangerous year for life insurers and 2010 will be worse." -- I still hold the view that the Dow / TSX will settle at 2500.

    Remember The Cycle of Nines, including 1929 - 2009? The Stock Market crash then and now, with GD1 beginning in '31-'32. GD2? Quote -- The auto parts sector needs a bailout too…gold got a boost on Friday… -- Why was gold spooked so much on Friday?

    Always remember that for each down there is an up! --

  3. " what if the feds. decided to cancel OAS and GIS?"

    We would find out if old people can still shoot straight.

  4. " what if the feds. decided to cancel OAS and GIS?"

    That's exactly what the IMF will want as well as health care. They're still pushing their 'agenda'. They did it to Iceland and Latvia.

    Couldn't find anything about the CP article you mentioned. Any links?

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    Nighty night.

  6. "... here's the $64-billion-dollar question. Is the deficit too big? Is it too small? Can we really spend it wisely and not waste it? Are tax cuts good or bad? Will all this money really make a difference, and how much difference will it make?

    I don't have a clue. No one else does either."
    - Margaret Wente,

  7. No clue?

    I expect that is exactly what is intended.

    What do you make of British PM's comments on new world order Herb?

  8. I don't have a clue. No one else does either."
    - Margaret Wente,
    She states nothing Canada does economically will make a difference then states Iggy will support it.
    Economically, failure, politically, successful. I agree, where`s the confusion coming from?

  9. C.O.,

    I would not relate Brown's statement to the conspiratorial "NWO". For a start, it would be too open. Then, it fits right in with the political pap voters are fed: we are in trouble, and cannot and will not carry on as before. And it projects the wishful thinking that a new global arrangement would be different than whatever led us into this mess.

    I look at the guiding and governing principle of "capitalism" (for lack of a better term, "possessive individualism" or "materialism" also might fit) as greed, and see it operating economically the same way that magnetism operates physically on compasses. One does not have to create or organize the force; it simply is there and aligns individual, corporate and national activity in the same direction/toward the same end, with regional variation and individual deviation existing as matters of fact.

    Profound, wot? But to my simple mind it fits the given circumstances better than a New World Order secretly brought about by a secret incipient world government. Occam's Razor, you know. Now all we need is a counter-pole, say cooperation. As I keep suggesting, that is what got the humanoids out of the trees and on the road to humanity.

  10. Herb
    Now all we need is a counter-pole, say cooperation.

    Would that mean the liberals would join the majority of Cdns that support the traditional definition of marriage or the majority would accept the liberal plan to replace family with day care.

    Herb the only thing you did on GT was bash Conservatives and out anyone that didn`t have that sole focus. No you suggest we need cooperation. Like most you took a dislike to me because I bash them all with equal and warranted enthusiasm and so never heard a word I said. If you listened to what was said outside the C bashfest you would have heard `cash is good` back in the fall of 07 that was good advice right till July 08. Had you listened and allowed others to listen they would have invested in US government guaranteed bonds etc and been 50% ahead instead of behind.
    Not only did you blind yourself to reality you attempted to blind everyone else with bashing anyone that didn`t bash the C`s.

    The political game of indenturing our children to save our political system leading to the collapse of our federal government is still ongoing, so I really have to ask.
    What light shineth on you that you offer reconciliation and cooperation?

  11. Herb,

    The omnipresent force, broken only by the intervening hand.

    I'm not so sure that Brown's words didn't have a broader meaning. One World Government? Not yet. Too many Hillbilly's still. New World Order is another matter. Look around, what do you see?

    Remember the brief discussions on fair trade and equal pay scales? The sands of time shift, and Property is Godlike.

  12. By some accounts the $2B won`t be spent on new low cost but mostly to upgrade existing facilities.

    While applauding the $64B in miscellaneous bandaids, the reality that government cannot replace globally depleted consumer spending is probably still a few hundred billion away.
    As noted by msm, the budget hangs on the economy turning around before the end of the year as forecasted by the BoC. hail mary pass to save a broken system for a few more months.
    The hole is collapsing and our multi-party governments response, digger faster.

  13. Robert,

    what I said and the reasons I gave are there in the archives of The only "outing" I did was of trolls, roaches and pure partisans. When I disagreed with you it was not because I, “like most,” had taken a "dislike" to you, but because you lacked evidence for a sweeping conclusion. Or when you deliberately twisted what I had said.

    Frankly, I am floored by your allegation that had I "allowed others to listen they would have invested in US government guaranteed bonds etc and been 50% ahead instead of behind." Did not know I had the power to stop ears, nor that I had ever given investment advice, nor even that I had offered "reconciliation and cooperation."

    Same pony, same trick, different circus/blog. End of "feud".

  14. "Frankly, I am floored by your allegation that had I "allowed others to listen they would have invested in"

    lol, I can`t believe you`d actually deny being one of the cheerleaders bashing anyone that didn`t share your view, you even tried to carry it over to this blog.

    As fort evidence Herb I supplied lots. You didn`t bother to respond to any because you couldn`t prove it wrong.
    In this thread you posted on cooperation.
    I`ve explained why I would have doubts anything say is credible and not part of the feud and I`m sure I`m not alone.
    It`s a fair question Herb so leave the feud out of it, why cooperation now and why did you post it?

  15. "why cooperation now and why did you post it?"

    Maybe he is recruiting co-operative Trunk Monkeys. oooh?

  16. Comrade, does the 'new' CPC have the experience, skill or ability to manage and dispense the biggest investment in our Country since WW2? Linda.

  17. Linda said...
    Comrade, does the 'new' CPC have the experience, skill or ability to manage and dispense the biggest investment in our Country since WW2? Linda.

    I`m quite sure you`ll find a unanimous no and even if they did it will not stimulate the economy causing a recovery in the time set forth by the BoC that the budget hangs on. In the fall we`ll be getting an economic update that will likely double the current forecasted deficit. The next bit of news in 2010 won`t be near as cheerful as they acknowledge a recovery is many years away.
    You`d think after denying deficits are a possibility only just recently and now for sure, when we`ve been blogging on the reasons we predict years for over a year, they would have learned the truth will surface.
    Cdns will bite on this deficit unwillingly and when it goes sour 30m po`d Cdns will be looking for fresh meat. Harper thinks he can hang Iggy on the failure of this `Liberal` budget but in fact it won`t be just the Liberals. Not the first time I`ve said that.

    distract, dismiss, deny won`t save this broken system

  18. "In the fall we`ll be getting an economic update that will likely double the current forecasted deficit."

    Before anyone goes off on me making broad sweeping statements with nothing to support them first I invite them to look at the success rate of deficit spending out of a slowdown or even stimulating economic expansion.
    This situation is not the norm so you might want to refer to what I said on GT blog on the first US stimulus. I said it was a parachute only and not even a big one. I was even optimistic enough to estimate the benefit at more than it came back at which is about 20%, 10% went back into the economy, 10% on imported goods.
    This budget is exactly what I said it would be, a political gimmick that at best will only prop up a broken system for months, not years.

    Obama is going to run the Bush 2.0 program and double up on the first rescue package. This was made clear before the election and Obama was given a mandate on that deficit figure.

    Cdns on the other hand voted down deficit spending strongly in 1993 and no one voted for this even though we knew this was coming before our last federal election. The consequences of triggering massive deficit spending without a mandate will come back with an equal amount of outrage as the reality that Ottawa can`t spend Canada out of this becomes clear. 30m po`d Cdns

    Defict spending is a political gimmick to prop up a failed system using our childrens future.

    `That`s the way Parliament works`.

  19. Comrades, so how does the CPC get away with not following the (Westminster) rules of Parliament? Or the laws and traditions of our land? In D. Newmans' interview with Mr. Baird, Don said that while CPC may not like the idea of a Coalition Government, it was NOT a 'coup', and quite legal...and Baird's comment about 'going over the heads of the GG, MPs and Parliament- to the people' DID meet the definition of a 'coup'...we have an illusion of Democracy, I think. Nothing surprises me anymore. Charles, where is the best place to go to learn about the Cycle of Nines? Thanks. Linda.

  20. Linda said...

    A HoC coalition and a coalition to assume power are 2 different things. The 3 Party coalition Dion organized is legal for a HoC coalition but not to assume power. To assume power they must have a majority, they don`t, the power sharing coalition has only the 2 Parties. They would need BQ MP`s in at least one cabinet post and all the MP`s in government caucus. Without the BQ sharing power the GG would be turning government over to fewer MP`s than government has now.
    As much as Cdns don`t want to hear the E word I doubt if either an illegal power sharing coalition or one that put the BQ in power would be even more distasteful to most. Besides jobs and investors started leaving in 2002 under Chretien while investors finished their exodus under Martin. If any of the coalition Parties had any more ability or even a clue than the C`s they would have run on it in the last election instead of the environment. We`ve been blogging about global economic conditions on GT for over a year, none of them have a clue.

  21. Thanks for helping my understanding, Poppavox. I see that we now have a Con-Lib Coalition. Great. No clue, no justice. Big investment though.

  22. I think I agree with Ms. May, Danny Williams, Mr. Layton and Mr. Duceppe in that there are many trouble spots in this budget. Even Mr. McCallum said 'so far the Cons have only been ABLE to spend 20 cents on the dollar of money they've announced in the past.' They are presenting a 'Liberal budget' with their history? Whatever. PS. Poppa- I thought the Libs did have a budget prepared, to govern with?

  23. PS. Poppa- I thought the Libs did have a budget prepared, to govern with?

    Yes they do but the gov budget is so close Iggy isn`t asking for any amendments that pertain to spending, only accountability which the C`s will pass. They know deficit spending will not turn around the Cdn economy and certainly not this year so they will be more than pleased to shovel out the cash the coalition demanded including where it isn`t working through the demanded reports. Iggy will be wearing this Liberal budget for the rest of his career.
    I thought the Liberal plan with the GreenSt was goofy but forcing the government to expose the failings of this Liberal budget has to take the cake. Reminds me of how goofy Mulroney was in funding Trudeaus programs only this time there`s no doubt this is the Liberals red suit they will be wearing. Just go to show Harper is better at political games than Mulroney and Chretien was better than Igg.
    Meanwhile what about the Cdn economy?

  24. "I see that we now have a Con-Lib Coalition."

    Linda, don`t be taken in by the political rehtoric. As much as CB tried to promote idiology, in a dark room you wouldn`t know which Party was saying what. The reform Party got a less than warm reception by the current system because they were elected on reform or else. That`s all gone with the new Cons, they fit right in with what`s in the best intersts of Ottawa.
    Adding to previous governments `bad habits` the Cons like the previous Libs used the increased commodity revenue to create public service jobs to make the employment numbers look good in the hopes it might resore international investor confidense, didn`t work. The 40/0 is even more criminal than adscam and now a Liberal budget that gives Igg the choice of wearing it later or bringing down the government.

    The system is broken and it won`t fix itself

  25. 'The system is broken and it won't fix itself' I agree. In my uneducated, humble opinion, I feel that you are right. What remains to be seen is how it all comes down.

  26. Also, my concern with Harper et al not upholding rules and laws- is the effect on the people of this country. Especially the children. It sickens me that they lead in this way. It teaches that lying, cheating and stealing does pay-at the top. When others try it-they just build more prisons. BTW, is that included in this budget? (ps-why is ther a 'delete icon' after my comments? just curious, are they that bad?;)

  27. Linda said...
    Also, my concern with Harper et al not upholding rules and laws- is the effect on the people of this country. Especially the children.

    Not just et al but all Parties. The outrageous lie that the most important thing to a child is child support is still the basis for the federal final report on children.
    There comes a tipping point when lies make up the bulk of governance, governance fails. We passed that point decades ago. While the global economic downturn will have a large impact on our way of life this country was in serious trouble before that. This generation is the farthest in debt with the least saved and the highest debt to asset ratio ever while the next generation already had the deepest hole to climb out of not seen the great depression. With economic conditions plus further massive deficits, the hole is collapsing on them, all a result of decades of failed federal policy.
    But hey the political games are the best money can buy, should make for some interesting history lessons.

  28. I agree Poppavox- all Parties. And the tipping point being passed decades ago. Yes, interesting times now.

  29. The Republicans all voted against the Obama stimulus plan. The media has thrown out the label partisan lines. Wrong, besides the very different economic structure between the Republican plan and the Democrats plan there is the what it doesn`t work if factor. If any partisanship was involved it was by the Democrats passing a bill regardless of the opposition to it.

    Harper isn`t worried about the what if because it`s a Liberal budget. Sad day for Cdn politics when the conservative approach to the economy is tossed out the window in favor of a political feather.