Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Future

A submission by Dee.

I put a title to it, hope you don't mind Dee.

Now if you still don't 'get' what the Libs were trying to sell then I suggest you pray that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren don't hold it against you for what is about to happen and what type of life or legacy you will be leaving behind for them.

We are living in a day and age where speed of things 'happening' are hitting us so fast, so fast. The U.S. economy is a perfect example. And as time progresses it will get faster.

Dion, a handful of Libs and the economists understood.

This is the last time I will ever mention the Green Shift. But I hope it explains to those of you who never 'got it' why I supported the plan. Needed tweaking, I won't argue with you there.

We needed to give ourselves and future generations the tools to keep up for what is to come.


  1. Dee

    As another big supporter of the green shift I think that in the future it will become known as the best piece of legislation Canada never enacted. It is exactly what we need now in a slowing economy as it moved a lot of money into the hands of those who need it most. With tweeking it would have been even better of course. Watching Harper agonize over next weeks budget trying not to change any of the failed fundimentals of our economic system is amusing when we had a ready made package he trashed and can't go to now. even worse our territorial leaders on instructions from their master Harper rejected it sight unseen the day it was announced.

    Last summer Yukoners were saying the green shift was a "tax on everything" because they heard it on the radio so it must be true. I managed to covert many people after I explained that for the first time in 27 years since the introduction of the northern living allowence it would be increased as well as a rural deduction. For the half of our population who don't earn enough to pay tax there were equivalent payouts to equal the deductions. If you add the fact that more than half the houses in Northern ridings use wood or wood pellets as their main heating source we would at worst come out even with many gaining on the deal. Many of those same people are really upset with everything since the election and are mad at how so many were duped.

    It is ironic how the world is now admitting that the only way to deal with CO2 is through a world wide carbon tax. All other systems have been failures. If Obama is as smart as I hope then he will listen to his advisers and implement a hefty carbon tax on all goods sold in the U.S. This would quickly become the basis of an international tax which would be supported eagerly by Europe and the rest of us dragged along reluctantly. Unless we trash the free trade agreements this is one of the few ways of leveling the economic playing field so that it is no longer so much cheaper to produce in one country and sell in another. My guess is that the world will set into the E.U. model of regional trading groups based on geography especially if we are smart and hit transportation hard so we make producing locally the better option.

    Two things are driving the world right now. First all excess wealth in North America and Europe has been sucked into corporate paws as well as the last three years of mostly borrowed money. Second uncontrolled population growth in Afrca, Asia and the muslim countries has reached a point where their land cannot support them any longer. These two forces are driving the rapid changes we are seeing now and if we don't find a way to stop the one way flow of money or stop immigration from countries that won't control their population increases and use the rest of the world as a relief valve there is no way of fixing any problem we are dealng with from day to day.

    Hopefully we build a system of fair trade where countries with high populations continue doing much of the labour intensive jobs but at a fair wage while countries with lower populations do more specialized types of industry. Each country and region should produce its own food and only selling or trading excess production over and above its own needs to others rather than a system based on lowest cost. After all fantacizng about an ideal world where everone gets what they deserve based on their beliefs and willingness to change to new circumstances is what the green shift was all about. Todays world couldn't be further away from that fantacy if we tred.

  2. If you don't have high speed then read about 'The Shift' here,

    Kids in the U.S are taught The Shift and encouraged to take part in discussions. There is also a movie.

    Did you know a lot of European households have fibre optic cable? They are 4G ready. What do we have in N.A.? A mishmash of infrastructure and businesses who don't want anything or anyone encroaching their 'free market' enterprises unless it's at taxpayers expense.

    The Yukon and the North in general would have been far better off. Better technology, better education and better access to everything if fibre optics could be dragged way up there.

    I know it would have taken years for things to evolve 'to the vision' but baby steps is better than No steps.

    I think that's what Obama means by 'Change'. The Shift has been out for a couple of years. His kids were probably exposed to it. He's going to facing a lot of 'politics'. Let's see if the carrot he's waving is going to be enough.

  3. "I think that's what Obama means by 'Change'."

    I'm hoping that's what he means by change.